July 3, 2022

Terry McAuliffe mysteriously skips two campaign stops, no explanation given as race tightens

It is just days before the Virginia gubernatorial election. Why is it that Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe is nowhere to be found?

McAuliffe has skipped two northern Virginia campaign stops with no explanation, the Daily Caller reported. This comes as GOP challenger Glenn Youngkin continues to close in on the Democrat’s lead in the polls.

The two stops were part of a bus tour sold as an opportunity to “join Terry McAuliffe as he takes a bus tour across the commonwealth to get out the vote!” However, McAuliffe skipped out on an appearance Thursday in Woodbridge and a Friday afternoon stop in Alexandria at the Port City Brewing Co.

The candidate for Lt. Gov, Hala Ayala, tweeted from Woodbridge that she was “surrounded by friends, mentors & fellow activists” with no mention of McAuliffe. Similarly, Axios reporter Cuneyt Dil tweeted “No Terry McAuliffe in Northern Virginia today due to rainstorms, instead in Virginia Beach.”

Rain or shine, the reason for McAuliffe’s ghosting is likely due to his recent trouble in the polls. Youngkin has campaigned hard in that region of the state on his platform of pushing back against the radicalization of school curriculum.

So far, it’s caused McAullife’s lead to all but evaporate. Youngkin has centered his message on abolishing Critical Race Theory in schools while McAuliffe is on record saying he doesn’t “think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

The GOP candidate has also been outspoken against the Loudoun County School Board and its mishandling of rape allegations, according to Fox News. While the school board was pushing to allow gender-confused boys to choose their own bathrooms, it ignored an assault by a boy in a skirt against a female student in the girls’ bathroom.

At a time when candidates should be front and center, McAuliffe is skipping out on events. His absence could indicate that he feels he’s already lost those regions — and will spell trouble for him come Election Day Tuesday.

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