July 4, 2022

Terry McAuliffe admits that Donald Trump should be back on Twitter, Democrats suffering from hiding Trump

The week following Election Day will be filled with postmortems from the losers. One theme that’s sure to recur is how Democrats focused too heavily on the wrong things.

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe pined to resurrect former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account on the eve of the election, Breitbart reported. He apparently had grown tired of shadow boxing the former president who has no public platform and holds no office but still lives rent-free in Democrats’ heads.

Though McAuliffe said “people have been exhausted from the last four years of Trump,” but he thought having the former president back on Twitter would be a boon for his struggling campaign. “But, for the sake of the county, it is time to move on,” he said despite the obsession with Trump during his own campaign.

In one of his last-ditch effort tweets, McAuliffe thought he had a winning strategy by invoking the former president’s name and, of course, charging racism against him and Youngkin. “Today Trump said that he and Glenn ‘get along very well together and believe in many of the same policies,'” McAuliffe tweeted Monday. “We have rejected the racism, the hate, the division, and the lies of Donald Trump twice. And tomorrow, we will do it again.”

Though McAuliffe tried to yoke GOP opponent Glenn Youngkin with the former president, it didn’t seem to deter voters away from him. McAuliffe was forced to concede to Youngkin Wednesday moring after he became the first Republican in 12 years to hold the governor’s seat, Fox News reported.

McAuliffe may have thought he had a winning strategy with the anti-Trump sentiment, but the real issue voters turned out for was clearly the Democrat’s own fault. In a state that was at the heart of the battle for the soul of public schools, McAuliffe was dismissive and arrogant in the face of those concerns.

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” McAuliffe said during a debate, according to the Washington Examiner. This came up as Loudoun County, Virginia, parents were having their own reckoning with its school board’s embrace of Critical Race Theory and other problematic lefitst ideas.

Though the reason for Youngkin’s victory is there for anyone with eyes to see, Democrats will likely miss the point entirely and blame racism or Trump once again. However, the people of Virginia have clearly spoken — their kids’ future belongs to them, not the school boards and certainly not the Democratic Party.

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