April 17, 2021

Tenney blasts Pelosi for blocking son from attending swearing in

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was just accused by Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) — who was finally declared the winner of a highly contested House race this week — of blocking Tenny’s active-duty marine son from attending her swearing-in ceremony.

Tenny’s narrow win of New York’s 22nd Congressional district took 94 days to be sorted out after election day. Despite Democrats’ best efforts, she was certified the winner of the race and set to be sworn in on Thursday.

Tenny explained that she had requested that her son — whom she said she raised as a single parent — be allowed to attend the ceremony, but Pelosi wouldn’t allow him to enter the House.

“I just would have loved to have my son with me. I raised him as a single parent,” Tenney told on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “We’ve been with each other, nothing greater day than his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy, it was such an honor and now he is serving our country.”

The newly-minted Congresswoman continued: “We’ve asked repeatedly, can I just have my son in the gallery,” adding that she didn’t request him to be on the House floor. “There was no reason indicated.”

Tenney said there was “no discussion” of COVID-19 in the denial of her request. “It was nice of him to take time out of his busy job serving our country to come and support me as I got sworn into the House,” Tenney said, adding the refusal to allow his physical presence at the ceremony was “very disappointing and we got no real answers as to why this was denied.”

Pelosi herself did not address the accusations, but spokesperson Drew Hammill told Fox News that the House Sargeant at Arms and the attending physician were the ones that made the call, not Pelosi.

The decision “has nothing to do with politics,” Hammill said, adding that “the same thing would happen to a Democratic member.”

Family members of newly-elected House members were allowed to attend the swearing-in of their loved ones on January 3rd due to an administrative decision to lift COVID-19 protocols because they knew a large number of those to be sworn in were already there with their families.

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147 Responses

  1. Of course enemy of America – pelosi would block a military person – Chinese loving COMMUNISTS hate real Americans especially U.S. military !

    1. Pelosi is a liar. She made this decision and it was politically motivated. If she wanted her family there all of them would be. That woman needs governors to vote again.

      1. Her kids do t want to be there. Have you heard her daughter talk about how ruthless she is? Wow! What a great life she has lead! 💩

    2. There are no real American patriots in the Republican Party as January 6 th shows Any republican that supports trumps terrible actions is unpatriotic and treasonous. And those senators that acquit trump are only trying to protect their jobs and not the constitution of the United States of America COWARDS

      1. You sir, have no idea what you are talking about! I am a republican and have been all my life. Those that attacked the Capital were mostly idiots, and some BLM and antifa people(which is just saying more idiots). Call me a liar, but a BLM person from the left coast was there videoing the break in and telling people what to do and where to go. Being former military, if I wanted to make sure that the vote wasn’t checked, I would have had people storm the capital. What a better way to stop anyone from investigating or stopping the Republicans from maintaining the Presidency. Now look what we got, a delusional old pedophile in the white house, with his communist cabinet.

        1. I totally agree with you wayne BLM,ANTIFA Left-wing IDIOTS were there but you never hear about them VOTER FRAUD we were douped and it seems there’s not a dam thing we can do about it, the truth will come out but it will be to late this JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PLAGERISM ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT is in office destroying the country piece by piece AKA. EO’S

        2. Amen, he is so stupid and dumb and they all know who really won the election and it damn sure was not Biden. Bought and paid for and the idiot Vice-President, just hope she never sets in the presidential chair.
          It is so sad the shame that has been brought to America.

        3. Absolutely correct, Wayne. And not only those “groups” but the FBI has also determined there were other groups involved. They have also gotten proof that it was all pre-planned, in advance of Jan 6th. Those who want to believe that Trump was so anti-American, anti-Democracy, putting our national security in jeopardy have only listened to the mainstream news media, instead of getting the facts. I have watched clip after clip of these talking heads who continually attacked President Trump, with no merit. They are being controlled by the left and they are the one’s with no merit. Just goes to show how much influence the media has over public opinion. Just like countries who only have state run TV, so the population is controlled, which is what the Democrats want. I truly hope people like Bo do come to realize this.

        1. He’s another braindead Biden—And I bet if a f’n DumboRAT won that seat Pelosi would be all over that person and their family—She is a communist PIG

        2. Patrick, brain cells dying?? They have been dead almost as long as Slo Joes. Biden is only a puppet!! Oscuma is pulling the strings!!

          1. Vintriloquist dummy still sitting on Oblamea’s lap where
            he spent 8yrs wasting our Money and getting fat off
            what his son could put in his bank account.!

      2. You sir are not a very well educated individual if you can’t tell when the media is lying to you or not. Keep drinking the cool-aide. The of the biggest problems I see in America today is that people like you get too much attention and are allowed to vote. Until you can articulate your thoughts to where you are motivated by facts rather than feelings, please do not vote. We’ve seen your posts before and you would think that you didn’t have a brain except you did figure out how to post. To quote a phrase from Rush Limbaugh “you can take everything you know, stuff it up the butt of a gnat and it would roll around like a BB in a box car”.

      3. You really are a leftist zombie. You believe those arrogant elitists lies. Even when it’s proven they lie you are the fool who denies the truth. Well now you are going to find out, when your job is gone and the taxes you will still owe will reach 40%. Almost half of your money if you even have job will go to support Biden’s illegals.

      4. Ahh, Bo my bro’. Did you happen to watch any of the, har-har, “impeachment” proceedings today? Had you, you might just be changing your tune a bit right about now… Unless your all-consuming Trump hatred renders you incapable of simple, logical thought.

      5. So you are saying I am not a real AMERICAN PATRIOT because I am REPUBLICAN ? Hmm I seem to be more of a PATRIOT than the SENILE MENTALLY DEFECTIVE PUPPET THAT IS OCCUPYING THE WHITE HOUSE AS WE SPEAK ! His unity speech was about as PHONY as he and Kamal Toes are.

      6. Bo, review Trump’s complete speech. If anything, his words were meant to instruct those intend in to March to the Capital in protest to do so peacefully!! The FBI warned the House that there were anarchists, Antifa included, that were planning a siege on 1/6. Pelosi intentionally called off ALL security to allow it to happen!! Pro-Trump supporters didn’t come with gas masks, helmets, battering rams and scaling equipment in backpacks!!


      8. Your anti-American venom is unpatriotic and could be construed as being treasonous. PRESIDENT TRUMP has been one of the more honest Presidents we have had in some time; furthermore, he cares about the citizens of this country where certain other Presidents and politicians did not. Just because you hate our President is no reason for your nasty attitude towards the United States of America. And calling us cowards is really a reflection of what you are.

    3. You are absolutely correct. Pelousi did it because she could and wanted to punish any conservative. She is a vile hatefulled person.

        1. Shamoo, Pig Lousy with no common sense?? She would have to move up the scale on sense to be rated as having no common sense!!

    4. You nailed it! The Democrats have always been disrespectful and downright spiteful to our wonderful men and women who, serve this country. Pelosi thinks they are her servants.

    5. Can’t believe Pelosi blocked her son from attending but allow swelwel who employ and sleeps with a communist spy to continue in the committee. Tells me Pelosi herself have a stake in the chinese communist party. Biden and his son’s do so Pelosi is in it too.

      1. Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi is also in bed with the CCP. Lots of lucrative deals that Pelosi did a commercial for and with her son. Haven’t seen that commercial in awhile now.

    6. But she loves having a “wall” around the Capital Building, and a bunch of “puppet soldiers” marching around it, and sleeping in unheated garages.
      The thing stinks, and she needs to suck it up accept the wrongdoing on her part and apologize publically without blaming anyone but herself.
      She’s not capable!!


    7. As an ordained Bishop in the church, Nancy will burn in hell forever. Lies and corruption! Her only chance- RESIGN and keep her mouth shut!!! Burn Nancy burn burn!


    8. Added reason, of course, is that Tenney is a Republican while Pelosi is democratic and Pelosi appears to be very hate-filled toward anything Republican. So, then, why would she do something that might be construed as being friendly toward a republican?

    1. Remember she says sargeant of arms refused and that can’t be real after what she said to him last week when she would not go through new metal detecter “Don’t you know who I am” because she is in charge!!!! She is special and in charge. Govenors vote again please!!!


      1. Apparently you have not seen or heard about the autopsy on the body of the officer, (killed by being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher). The autopsy Doctor said THERE WAS NO SIGN OF A HEAD TRAUMA, and his death was not caused from being hit with any object that would have caused a head trauma.

      2. what a nut case who killed the other 5 people you have ben drinking to much of that donkey juice its bad for ones brain go home to bed and sleep it off ,you can think better tomorrow God bless ///////////,

      3. Well his family said he was texting them right after and said he was good except for the bear and pepper spray which Capitol Police were using -they said he never mentioned getting hit by anything and that he was actually a Trump supporter. He supposedly texted them during the time the media reported that he was dead. Would you have us believe he was texting from the beyond? Seemingly, all of those who died were Trump supporters. One was an unarmed veteran, shot by who knows as no evidence has been presented-the others of prior medical conditions. And with your reasoning Pelosi, Harris, Cori Bush, and most democrat leaders are co-conspirators of all the people murdered during the “Summer of love”, including police officers. Why too did the mayor of DC (and ultimately Pelosi since she is in charge of Capitol security) deny more security prior to the event? If you had truly listened with an open mind instead of a hateful heart you would have learned you have been duped by the democrats.

      4. You don’t know what your talking about, moron! You should keep quiet and let people think your a moron, instead opening it and proving you are!

    1. No doubt that the demons invited the hooligans.
      It is all spelled out in Hitler’s 10 rules to establish a Communist regime.

      1. It was Nancy. 1) to take heat from her. 2) because she told the Sargent at arm’s that She is in Charge about a week ago. Anything she says goes.
        It was her!!

      2. And WHO wrote the POST??? THE Arrogant one who thinks she is “Queen” of the jungle. But, looks like she might be Cheetah’s mother.

        Love the SECOND AMENDMENT.

  2. All I can say is….Welcome to the Swamp madam…Prepare yourself to be dealing with the devil because that is what you will be doing….No such thing as “normal” in that crowd.

      1. Funny thing about about that “murder” there was no blunt force trauma to his head the coroner said. The left doesn’t want you to know it was not murder but a stroke. You won’t hear about that from the democrat propaganda machine media. Notice they have stopped any mention of the officer’s death.

        1. What caused the stroke. Could it be being beaten by trumps supporters It really is time for people to get their heads out of their butts try it sometime

      2. Make sure you leave the door open to hell when you get there, for all the rest of your group; biden, harris,puglosi, shifty, skumer, nader, killary and the “Phony leader of the pact” Obummer.

    1. She’s too good to be guilty of anything. Don’t you know that?

      But, Jesus was quoted, “It is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle, than it is to get a rich man into Heaven.”

  3. And, I thought Hillary was the biggest witch (with a B). Pelosi is in a world by herself. The reason she’s lived so long is that not even the devil doesn’t’t want her.

  4. Pelosi denied Tenney the right to have her son there simply as payback since Tenney beat the Democrat opponent. It’s nothing more than pure malice aforethought. This is typical of that blithering idiot! I will be so glad when she hops on her broom and gets the hell out of politics AND Washington!

  5. What if it were her son? One person in the room! Serving his country. Hope she doesn’t need
    protection some day!

  6. just like china seek and destroy communism in the democant communist party for all to see and no love for the country or the people just themselves

  7. We’re not stupid! Of course Pelosi had everything to do with it… she could have ruled like she does everything else.
    He wasn’t coming for a Democrat. Nancy Pelosi is pure evil, meanness! You heard her on the presentation.
    They are also, perpetual LIARS!

  8. Pelosi’s husband was sitting on a church pew attending the service when all of a sudden the windows exploded, the church shook & satin appeared on the pulpit, and the church emptied except for Pelosi’s husband he was still sitting in the pew. Satin said to him, “Do know who I am?” He, said “Yes,” Satin said, “Are you not afraid of me?” He said, “No, I’ve married to your Fing sister for 40 years!”

  9. What a horrible person Nancy Pelosi is.
    She will do anything nasty to someone who does not support her ideas.
    This Son should have been at his Mothers swearing in and Pelosi should be disciplined for not allowing it.
    Let’s impeach Pelosi for all the hurt and nastiness she has delivered over the years.

  10. Pelosi is consumed with hate for any conservative. The Democrats dont want unity, they want control and division. And since Pelosi cant control over 74 million people, she will control what she can. She is a disgusting hypocrite

  11. The FBI and Pelosi knew in advance and would not allow any added help for the capital police. It did not need to happen . They could have stopped it. But they didn’t

    1. If you did, she would ex ppl lode and nothing left but a CINDER. And a teeny tiney one. The same size as her so called brain.

  12. when are all of these hypeocrit politicions going to be throw out of office for all the corruption they are pulling on the american people ? they are communist to the core!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Old cow? One story has Ms. P’s chauffeur driving a narrow country road when an aged cow wandered out. After striking the cow and killing it, he chose to offer his apology to the farmer. He returned nearly two hours later and explained what had happened. He had told the farmer “I was driving Ms. P and accidentally killed the old cow.” He was then treated to a fine family dinner, after which the daughter took him into her bedroom and locked the door before expressing her gratitude.

  13. See, this is how petty the Democrat’s are Biden swore in on what looked like a box not a BIBLE and besides that the VP swore in first what’s up with that??? She isn’t a VP until there is a President??? Pelosi and the Democratic Congress are Dictators not elected Representatives. How much more will it take before real Americans act on their Constitutional rights and remove the traitors

      1. Shmoo, I looked at the Video and it appears to be a catholic bible around 150 years old by those locks on it. from what little I know it looks like A Douay-Rheims English translating of a Latin Bible. a real keepsake though I am not catholic and almost 85 meaning I am getting rid of my keepsakes anymore, not keeping them. have given to local museums and one in Michigan. because the kids would no doubt toss everything I have in a dumpster to empty the house when I go. ha. I pray for two things, that the voting will be made fraud free within 2 years and I will live long enough to hepl put Trump back in office. he did 600 accomplishments in his 4 year term while being harrast and attacked constantly, and if you average Obama-Biden’ accomplishments it is hard to find numbers the same online but it looks like they averaged 277 accomplishments in 4 years or 554 in 8 years. I would like to know the total cost by the democrats doing their obstruction besides not doing their job in those 4 years plus this year.
        PS, like Ronald Reagon said, the Democrats left me with their changing years ago. years ago democrats were for the people. now the Republicans are for the people and the democrats are for themselves using any method to get it and legalizing anything to get more votes sad to say. when I vote I look at the accomplishments? who they were for? as well as campaign promises kept and not personality faults. after seeing 4 years of Democrat actions this last time I confirmed they are as fake as the media.

    1. Wilbert, I was wondering how Biden could be making changes before he was sworn in and it looks like Kerry was visiting countries before Biden was sworn in. do all the changes they made before he was sworn in become void? I saw no comments about that from anyone. I would think anything he did before the 20th would be void.

  14. OOH, the queen bee was challenged! Pelosi thinks she owns Congress, so being challenged is a blow to her psychic. But she earned it.

  15. I hate to tell you DemoRATS that there are more patriots in the republican party than you know. It is awful funny her son was not allowed, yet the others all had family there! One of these days the people who want socializam will have to answer to God who will send them to Hell! He will not have them in his Domaine. By the way George Floyd did not die because of the police, he died because of oding on fentyal stupids!

  16. Wilbert, please dont hold your breath waiting on them to be removed, especially by voting. You see how well the presidential election went, right??

  17. It doesn’t have to be political – It doesn’t need to be because of Covid – And not because he was military……..people like her can do crap like this …….” simply because she can.” (Pelosi………..her Communist equivalent name: Pelotski) She is what she is so I figure we need to accommodate her name change as well….!

  18. Republicans and democrats both need their own country in four years see what standing . Republican are what Kennedy democrats were democrats are heading to bankruptcy with the next generation as indentured zombies. At least they have social networks and legal weed to dull their non productive lives.

  19. That person who has been getting paid by our tax money is a nasty bully……the sooner she is removed from office the better..

  20. I certainly hope that the IDIOT DIM-o-wits that voted for HIDEN BIDEN, LYING HARRIS and the rest of the crowd into office are proud of themselves and I DAMN sure hope they are loving the FIFTY CENT .50 CENTS or more increase in gas prices in just 24 days that Biden and company have had control!!!!!

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