May 24, 2022

Ted Cruz says Biden’s comments wishing for ‘right’ verdict are grounds for ‘mistrial’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s public comments on the trial of Derek Chauvin could provide grounds for a mistrial or a possible basis on appeal.

“Joe Biden decides that Maxine Waters shouldn’t be the only politician foolishly providing grounds for a mistrial or a possible basis on appeal to challenge any guilty conviction,” Cruz tweeted Tuesday.

Biden had commented early Tuesday, ““I’m praying the verdict is the right verdict.” He added, “I think it is overwhelming in my view.”

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) attended a rally in Minnesota on Saturday. She stated “we’ve got to get more confrontational,” a claim many believe incites violence.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said he would take action against Waters if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) does not.

Pelosi refused to oppose the statements made by Waters. Republicans then moved to censure Waters, with the censure blocked by House Democrats.

Despite the ongoing conflict among House members, Cruz has a point. The interference by Democrat politicians may be used as the basis for a future appeal that would lead to another trial of Derek Chauvin.

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1219687)
1 year ago

Maxine Mouth Waters did worse on scene alone
Ammo for Chauvin U fools U lose we dont
Keep Maxine mouth quiet

Gary (@guest_1219722)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

The old race baiter should shut her big mouth but she won’t because wants a race war

doodles (@guest_1219754)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

Waters and Pelosi, ugly and uglier, old shriveled up has been, both of them. They are both terrifying, stuff nightmares are made of and Biden is beginning to look like an emaciated Freddy Krueger.

Concerned (@guest_1219790)
Reply to  doodles
1 year ago

Excellent way to put it.

Cmac (@guest_1219799)
Reply to  doodles
1 year ago

You want to see a Biden look alike, watch Jeff Dunham and Walter. Walter is smarter then Biden.

Maria Melendez (@guest_1219771)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

She’s about to get one I feel it coming and the good will win

Maria Melendez (@guest_1219773)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

I feel it coming and the good will win

robert w sanders (@guest_1219936)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

may get a down right civil war if she keeps this bs up.

John john (@guest_1220719)
Reply to  robert w sanders
1 year ago

i would knot be surprised.

MANDAGUEVOS (@guest_1220019)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago


Thoma Deconcini (@guest_1220178)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

SHE will push until she gets it BUT she wont like how it ends !!!

John john (@guest_1220720)
Reply to  Thoma Deconcini
1 year ago


Jim Jordan (@guest_1219797)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

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Dorothy c Nelson-Suter (@guest_1219908)
Reply to  Jim Jordan
1 year ago

STOP the advertising on here,

Byron (@guest_1219689)
1 year ago

Liberal Democrats just have a hard time keeping their mouths shut.

Gary A. Barton (@guest_1219690)
1 year ago

Biden you have lost all common sense you ever had, you need to keep your thoughts to your self and not say a word about an ongoing murder trial.

Buff (@guest_1219691)
1 year ago

They both need to go, two people who don’t know when to shut up. Neither are doing anything to make America a better place.

Charlie (@guest_1219707)
Reply to  Buff
1 year ago

How about adding nancy pelosi to that list of not doing there jobs? Why hasn’t she sensored maxine waters?

Mike Douglas (@guest_1219933)
Reply to  Charlie
1 year ago

If Pelosi did that she’d loose her drinking buddy,

Michael (@guest_1219708)
Reply to  Buff
1 year ago

Biden is a very bad option, but is Harris better?

JS (@guest_1219740)
Reply to  Buff
1 year ago

Amen. Both of them are a disgrace

Mike Daniel (@guest_1220493)
Reply to  JS
1 year ago

Old Joe and the hoe have sold out the United States.

Lin (@guest_1219746)
Reply to  Buff
1 year ago

Absolutely they both need to keep there mouth shuts! But this should be a mistrial!

Cougar (@guest_1219816)
Reply to  Lin
1 year ago

AGREE 100%

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1219758)
Reply to  Buff
1 year ago

IF Biden and Waters cause a mis-trial, THEN WE will have grounds for a big trial to
remove both from office. However, WE would only be replacing the MOUTHS OF THE DEMOCRATIC Party, and still have to worry about Pelosi and Harris.

Maria Melendez (@guest_1219775)
Reply to  Roy Fredrichsen
1 year ago

True they should go as well

mikemm (@guest_1219833)
Reply to  Maria Melendez
1 year ago

Waters needs to be expelled from Congress and sleepy joe needs to be impeached,put on trial for treason. Both are a disgrace to America and the officer charged with and found guilty the trial and verdict should be set aside.

Matilda Crawford (@guest_1220302)
Reply to  Maria Melendez
1 year ago

This trail would have never taken place n if George didn’t resist arrest he would be alive today!Our overworked policemen n women are under so much stress n so are their families n that certainly includes the children n time n time again the certain public peoples end putting many of these criminals to be Angelic!George gave a whole crew of police a terrible time trying to arrest him ,take a complete look at the video n states the facts,they ,many police did get him in the arrest patty wagon on one side n he got his way out on the other side ,when they are on drugs n more they get very combative so yes Chauvin was wrong in how a lot was handled but 40 years is total an injustice! This was most definitely unfortunate outcome ! And we must take a strong look at what is happening across the Country when it comes to our Police offices just trying to protect the people n the Country n they are being considered the bad guys especially when something goes wrong meanwhile criminals are getting away with burning our towns down n stealing n even attacking many innocent Americans n they are getting away with it time after time ,I wouldn’t want to be a police officer or married to one,you live in constant fear !God help all policemen n women that are trying to do their jobs every day after day ,Lord I pray to en gulf them with the blood of Jesus n protect them always!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

C. Kozera (@guest_1220341)
Reply to  Matilda Crawford
1 year ago

Agree! Sad sad America.😢

C (@guest_1220647)
Reply to  Buff
1 year ago

I agree. Both pelosi and waters need to keep their mouths shut. Quit using the race card. BLM and antifa are nothing more than a joke. I hope mr chauvin appeals the verdict and used what these idiots said

Kevin (@guest_1219693)
1 year ago

And these people are still in office why?

Jeff (@guest_1220016)
Reply to  Kevin
1 year ago

They’re excellent pawns for their Chinese handlers. I think by now everyone understands that Democrats are too dumb to make prudent decisions on behalf of their constituents.

Phyllis Welch (@guest_1219695)
1 year ago

Maxine waters. Needs to be brought up on charges for hate crimes, inciting possible riots and many other charges and crazy Nancy should be brought up on charges also George Floyd would be alive today if he had made better choices in his life.

Cougar (@guest_1219818)
Reply to  Phyllis Welch
1 year ago

That’s for sure.

Jim (@guest_1219696)
1 year ago

Senile China Joe and Mad Maxine are two of the dumbest people to ever open their mouths. Poor Joe just read what some low level Commie writes and Waters just is a pitiful racist. They both need to resign, now.

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1219762)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

And THEY call us racist?

Jeff (@guest_1220143)
Reply to  Jim
1 year ago

Their stupidity is what makes them so valuable to their Chinese handlers. There’s no way they’d ever resign, as they know they’d never be able to make a living based on any other skill than selling access to power. They simply don’t know how to do anything else that’s marketable.

Ralph Richardson (@guest_1219698)
1 year ago

These people just stole a Presidential election. They will not be held accountable for anything.

Patty (@guest_1219738)
Reply to  Ralph Richardson
1 year ago

Too true, not in THIS life anyway!

graceythecat (@guest_1219706)
1 year ago

There isn’t a brain the size of a BB if you scooped ALL their heads out and piled it on a sticky note, but still they are supported by the communist Chinese and soros.

Maverick (@guest_1219710)
1 year ago

We are witnessing the MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES For the RECORD….the Democrats will wear this badge of CORRUPTNESS into the next FIVE (5) FEDERAL ELECTIONS.

AMERICANS STAND UP AND VOTE GOP IN 2022, 2024, 2026, 2028 AND 2030. We Conservatives have had enough of this corrutpness. President Richard Nixon looks like a Saint in comparison to what is happening today. It is also happening in many states: New York, Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, California. WAKE UP AMERICA THIS OUR COUNTRY LETS TAKE IT BACK….REMEMBER THESE POLITICIANS WORK FOR YOU NOT VIC A VERSA.

Sandy (@guest_1219766)
Reply to  Maverick
1 year ago

Elected officials need to keep their mouths glued shut. A President should never make his opinion public, especially if his comments aren’t warranted and belie his corrupt character. All he’s doing is trying to make himself look good as his job as President is disgraceful. I’m proud to say I didn’t vote for him.

Susan (@guest_1220111)
Reply to  Sandy
1 year ago

I totally agree with you, how do we as Americans get them out of office NOW???

Raymond Manuel De Mello (@guest_1219711)
1 year ago

Pelosi needs to go as well, she helped purvey the lies about President Trump while having no facts that he did incite violence…now she is endorsing Waters atrocious mob justice violence…you know what that is correct? “Abuse of power”.

Rongraf (@guest_1219712)
1 year ago

There should be a re-trial and declared , maxine you you need to stay out of this because you are a very bold racist mines Joe Biden is also a racist and he should be removed. Derricks attorneys should appeal to the Supreme Court and declared a miss trial and released immediately also send a guardian and shoot anybody who gets rioting or violent.

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1219785)
Reply to  Rongraf
1 year ago

Maxine Waters has been stirring the pot of hatred ever since Trump announced he was going to run for President. That witch has NO BUSINESS in her present position. I am
willing to bet that with the next election, California will replace her and she can stand on a street and complain all she wants and nobody will pay any attention to her,

Jeff (@guest_1220152)
Reply to  Roy Fredrichsen
1 year ago

I doubt that Maxine (or Pelosi, or Schumer, or AOC, or…) will ever get voted out. I’m now convinced that these complete idiots remain in office because of pervasive election fraud. They’re not there because their constituents want them there. They’ve been placed there as part of the big plan to cut America off at the knees. The 2020 election was the next logical giant step and they succeeded in robbing that. Now it’s on to corrupting the Supreme Court and there won’t be anything that can stop them with such momentum.

Antogeny (@guest_1219713)
1 year ago

I’d like to know why our elected officials think they are judge, jury, and hangman. They are fools, as are the people who elected them.

Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops. Ret? Not PC. nor woke, so if I offend you, cancel my account! (@guest_1219899)
Reply to  Antogeny
1 year ago

People didn’t elect them, they stole the election, with the help of a few countries all of which is highly illegal and unconstitutional. That’s why Biden was never my president and heels up was nothing more than an overpaid hooker.

Jane E Gutherie (@guest_1219993)

Lt. Rob, no offense taken, you are 110% correct on both counts. I am so angry at our fake judicial system that is so obviously running scared of all the blacks threating our very existence with their BS. Officer Chauvin has my support as I do not believe he used “excessive force” on the huge neck of this huge black man…get a real defense attorney Officer Chauvin. Also, your “over paid hooker” comment is so, so true. Thx Lt. for true words spoken.

Susan (@guest_1220115)

Some of those votes were not fake, but most of them were, some Democrats voted the party no matter who was running. Plain and simple!!

Kenn Honadle (@guest_1219719)
1 year ago

It should be a closed trial, no outsiders permitted, no reporters but the cameras can be permitted.

GunnerO6 (@guest_1219720)
1 year ago

Unfortunately, Biden is just a empty suit. Some others are calling the shots for him. Biden has been a crook all his life; he only cares about Biden and enriching himself whilst in office. Why must the American people put up with an incompetent president who is not all there? Impeach him and the Laughing Hyena, Kamala.

Maria Melendez (@guest_1219769)
Reply to  GunnerO6
1 year ago


Susan (@guest_1220118)
Reply to  GunnerO6
1 year ago

I knew he would open his mouth, after says that he wouldn’t he does the opposite of what the says most of the time, it just depends on who is talking in his ear piece!!!!
He is NOT the JUDICAL BRANCH, that is his personal opinion which he should have kept to himself!!!

Tim (@guest_1219721)
1 year ago

When Waters said that “We’ve got to get more confrontational”,. What is more confrontational than riots, looting, violence, murders and crime???

Susan (@guest_1220120)
Reply to  Tim
1 year ago

You don’t think they murdered anyone, 274 policemen dies in Minneapolis alone!!

L.C. (@guest_1219727)
1 year ago

These radical corrupt Democrats can not continue these brainless actions against the American people.

Amnon Vaserman (@guest_1219729)
1 year ago

Why complain they all do what the boss tells them to say.And the boss is Barack Hussein Obama

Standad (@guest_1219730)
1 year ago

China Joe and Mad Maxine are two of a kind. Put them in a paper sack, shake it up you never know who or what will fall out. They both need to be removed from office.

Stephen Repko (@guest_1219732)
1 year ago

Can anyone tell me how does this help heal a nation ? How would any of you deal with the arrest of a career criminal and drug addict with the expectations of going home safely to your own family ?

tradingview platform (@guest_1219736)
1 year ago

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BC (@guest_1219751)
1 year ago

Biden and Waters are by far the two BIGGEST IDIOTS EVER!! Get these FUC*** FOOLS out of our government NOW before they cause More DISASTERS!!!

Leticia (@guest_1219755)
1 year ago

I’m in favor of a mistrial considering Maxine’s trying to incite violence & the jury’s being intimidated by threats; an appeal is in the works

Susan (@guest_1220134)
Reply to  Leticia
1 year ago

Works for me! Thanks Maxine!!

June Garris (@guest_1219756)
1 year ago

If Trump or me would do what Waters done they would put us under the jail. For her to say she will leave her postion when she gets ready shows you how she thinks because she is an angry black woman that no one would DARE REMOVE HER.
She is despicable angry woman threatening the courts for a quilty verdict weither he was innocent or not. Floyd was a druggie criminal and they just want to make him a martyr. If the blacks would act like they had some sense and follow rules like everyone else things like this would not happen. Blacks shoot up their own neighborhoods and kill more blacks than anyone. Put the blame where it belongs. All lives matter. Just because you are black does not make you special.BLM even scammed their own race.

STEPHEN FERKO (@guest_1220147)
Reply to  June Garris
1 year ago

I concur being that I am from thieveland ohio east side!!!!

Marie (@guest_1219763)
1 year ago

US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
Write to them tell the cowards we want them to look in to the voter fraud.
The KKK was started and ran by the Democrats as a way to control the people, isn’t this cancel culture the same thing. Read your history.
If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we will be led like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington

Maria Melendez (@guest_1219764)
1 year ago

America died yesterday! We witness a case that was base on political power from the left! It would not surprise me if all this was replanned by the Democraps and had paid off GF and his family to be used has victims! That’s why Harris kept saying the riots had to continue because this was a movement. Now I see the movement is to attack white ppl, police officers out military our schools and our constitution! All this will only bring a revolution! America died yesterday we are entering a third world country!

Rodney (@guest_1219765)
1 year ago

Politicians used to settle arguments with a duel, now they just shoot off their mouths. Thank you comic strip Shoe and senator Belfry. How I wish we could go back to that time.

Patricia G Arnold (@guest_1219776)
1 year ago

I am sorry that the police officers felt they had to do what they did to restrain a man under the influence of heavier doses than he should have in his system!! It might have made him act irrationally, not like himself while under the influence of the illegal drugs.

Also, He had a heart problem, and other issues, as well as the level of drugs in his system that contributed to his death. If that is true, you CANNOT be 100% sure that what the officer, or officers did directly caused his death.

I am so very saddened that this happened to any family. I know they will mourn the loss of their loved one for a long time. But, you know for a fact, that if he did not have these 2 illegal drugs in his system, then maybe the Police would not have been called, he would still be around today.
May we no.longer perpetrate the vv CD d$

Eileen Conley (@guest_1219788)
1 year ago


Deplorable Lanie (@guest_1219803)
1 year ago

Can you imagine the outrage by the msm and the liberal left wing nut bags if President Trump had made a public comment about an ongoing murder trial? No matter what the verdict, the msm and demorats would have been crowing non stop about how he is interfering in things that don’t concern him and as President he needs to stay out of trials. But Biden and Waters? Nope, not a peep against anything they said by either group. Oh wait, they are the same group, once single group designed to screw conservatives.

Ros Fe (@guest_1219809)
1 year ago

Wonderful how Floyd has gone from an out and out criminal to an angel!! Isn’t it amazing?

PattyAnn (@guest_1219866)
Reply to  Ros Fe
1 year ago

It truly is amazing, especially today when the drunken hag piglosi looked up to heaven and thanked George Floyd for sacrificing his life so justice can be served… what the F***, is she mentally deranged?? That hag needs to go and take big mouth maxine and pervert joe with her….Oh!! and don’t forget obama too.

Daniel J. Carroll Jr. (@guest_1219828)
1 year ago

With the Democrats, especially Maxine Waters making threats, and President Biden, making outcome statements about the trial ! Derek Chauvin could be granted a mistrial, and could be granted a new trial where he could plea to lesser charges, and if the courts agree, Derek Chauvin could get less jail time, or go free, do to all of the political interference ! The Democrats speaking out, may have influenced the verdict, prior to the jury deliberating, and finding him guilty on all charges, but those same Democrats will also be totally responsible if Derek Chauvins’ case is overturned ! The angry mobs may take to the streets again rioting, burning, looting, terrorizing, and destroying their cities, but this time the mobs must blame the Democrats for their political rhetoric !

ted (@guest_1220079)
Reply to  Daniel J. Carroll Jr.
1 year ago

Daniel, The mob actually wanted him found not guilty so they would have a good excuse to riot. they were so disappointed.

Paul Flint (@guest_1219840)
1 year ago

While the cops up north do their jobs at a very high risk for losing their life. Demorats calling for violence in the streets if they don’t get the right verdict. Justice for that cop are u kidding me nobody gets Justice in these demorats court rooms ever laws for thee but not for me. Yea lam going though it to in a demorat courthouse. But guess what they made it where l don’t haft to plead guilty l plea to its in my best interest an take probation because they don’t have any evidence to convict me of a crime l did not do but if l don’t take that plea an go to trial my attorney says their gonna convict me anyway. An long prison term Justice. Yea an these cops in North Carolina on the east coast are so corrupt an the whole justice system here they stay under the radar they know how their demorats.

Billy (@guest_1219984)
1 year ago

Both should be removed. The tried to influence the trial seems like a good reason to reverse.

John (@guest_1220007)
1 year ago

What a bunch of mentally challenged retrumplicans in this room. For the good of our country please follow through on your threats of not getting vaccinated.

ted (@guest_1220069)
1 year ago

Chauvin did not get a fair trial. He was pronounced guilty before his trial started. Besides Floyd died from a self inflicted over doze from drugs. The fact that Maxine Waters and the mob made it impossible for the jurors to make an honest decision with out putting their life s in danger left them only the worst verdict possible with out getting killed. This was the worst mistrial of a person in my life time. It makes feel like puking.

Matilda Crawford (@guest_1220463)
Reply to  ted
1 year ago

As I stated if George Floyed didn’t resist arrest he would alive today,n when your on many illegal drugs n your mind is definitely doped up your body get this is extremely aggressive to anything n Floyed was not only a danger to himself but to everyone around him n that includes the police !

Rev4God (@guest_1220085)
1 year ago

I cannot believe that the right would stand by and let a sitting president make comments without introducing articles of impeachment. What a bunch of cowards.

Jörn Boost (@guest_1220107)
1 year ago

Floyd, chokehold, Chauvin, and “Justice”

There are claims of a “Victory for Justice” – but only on one side – and that is bad. And why is that so?

Let us say, first, what the Judge said, very correctly: Unlawful pressure and threats from outside, up to the top of the country, may well lead to a declaration of a Mis-Trial. And true: No Court of Law can work out ad deliver Justice under threat and in fear of revenge!

And there was plenty of it: A city around that seemed almost in flames – like Portland and other places packed with riots and arson – not to mention more that 20 murders. But the worst, then, adding petrol to the fire, coming from irresponsible Congress voices, directly inciting “More” of the evil that has already spread fear all over the country? Such deliberate Inciting Violence in a community fulfills the name of Sedition.


And it goes to the heart of Justice, if a witness tells the truth – but that is not correct – “politically correct”, I should say. If an Expert Police Witness from far away (Plume County) testifies that ‘Chokeholds’ as used by officer Chauvin are generally used in Minneapolis police, but the Police Chiefs from the place all swear that they abhor and ban it – someone is committing Perjury.

And if Minneapolis Police have used Chokehold, in the past 5 years, 237 times, and that it results, in 44 cases in the choked person being unconscious, we know who is lying. And we know that officer Chauvin DID NOT ACT OUTSIDE ORDERS! – And when that Police Expert comes home to find his home broken in, ransacked and smeared with blood and pig’s heads, IMAGINE HOW MUCH EACH JUROR WOULD HAVE TO FEAR FOR HIS LIFE AND FAMILY!


But, let us ask: Id Chauvin acted according to Minneapolis Police Rules, and Attorney General Garland really wants to give these practices a good and thorough check –as he says- and he finds that Chauvin was only a SECONDARY CULPRIT – what then?

We can only say: This Judge was right: These Proceedings were naught but a Mis-Trial!

But we might even go higher up in the RESPONSIBILITY and ask: Who brought that in – that infamous “CHOKEHOLD”? Is it legal? And if so, through which Law?

Now, the earliest case I found was the one of Anthony Ramos Baez, 29 years, NY, who died under Officer Livoti’s chokehold on 22 Dec. 1994. That means, right in the year when the Police Law designed under the Head of the Congress Justice Commission, Mr. Biden, had been installed (only 3 years after the draft of the Law excusing the beating of Rodney King by L.A. police), followed by the second helping in 1998.

Seeing this, I cannot help getting the bad feeling that we have seen here the slaughter of a proverbial (or Biblical) “SCAPE GOAT”, and that the ones who shouted “Victory” (and worse, before) were and still are the real Killers, Racists, and I won’t go further.

Ken (@guest_1220538)
1 year ago

Democrats break the law with impunity. They can pretty much say or do anything and they will not be held accountable. They are above the law. From Hillary on down the line there have been many who broke the law and were never charged, including our president and his son.

Looking for America (@guest_1221238)
1 year ago

Those Democratic Idiots just could’nt keep their stupid mouth
shut and let the Criminal justice system work the way it was intended
too.The very foundation of “Innocence before Guilt”means nothing to
those moron’s.!They are all guilty of treason and should be put in
prison for their actions.
Yet they are all entitled to due process under the law and a jury of
their peers unlike what they afforded Officer Chauvin and in turn
are never brought to task over it.This Nation is heading for Civil
War and it’s those such as Waters and Biden are the cause.



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