July 4, 2022

Teachers’ union head Randi Weingarten caught maskless at crowded conference

The rank hypocrisy of liberals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been well-chronicled, and a most egregious new example was exposed last week when American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten – herself a champion of school mask mandates – was caught maskless among a crowd of attendees at a conference in Puerto Rico, as Fox News reports.

Weingarten joined other prominent figures at the annual meeting of SOMOS, Inc., a nonprofit organization that bills itself as “committed to addressing the needs of the Hispanic population of New York State,” serving as a panelist with several of them.

Controversy erupted, however, when a parent named Adriana Aviles tweeted images of Weingarten, sans mask, sitting in close proximity to other meeting attendees.

Soon after, Weingarten attempted to explain her conduct, saying on social media, “You could not be #SOMOS or the hotel or panel w/o proof of vaccination. I had also just done a rapid Covid test & was negative.”

The AFT chief did, however, inject a bit of contrition into her response as well, adding, “Frankly, I think you are right. If kids are wearing masks in schools to protect themselves & others, educators must wear masks inside as well. I’m sorry,” later adding that she removed her face covering because others were having trouble hearing her.

Weingarten’s apology was not sufficient for Daniel Jampel, an anti-mask mandate, open schools advocate, who fired back at the union leader on Twitter. “You enjoyed not having to wear a mask, right? While students in the city you live in – many of whom are vaccinated – have to wear their masks for 6+ hours a day, even outdoors, while they’re in school.”

Jampel subsequently urged Weingarten to “use her own experience to lead in calling for all schoolchildren to have the option to attend school unmasked as soon as possible,” suggesting that the union head’s realization that masks are an impediment to speaking, hearing, and learning, and are therefore a hindrance to the educational process for students of all ages.

A parent from California put things plainly, saying to Fox News, “Parents have been begging for the same consideration that teacher union and education leaders extended to themselves,” and fortunately, more and more parents are finding the courage to speak out and demand an end to the arbitrary, groundless burdens placed on kids for far too long.

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