August 14, 2022

Taliban ends hopes of cooperation with US evacuation efforts

President Joe Biden had no plan for getting people out of Afghanistan. Now, things are about to get so much worse for those left behind because American troops must pull out.

The Taliban will no longer grant Afghan citizens access to the Kabul airport as time runs out on the evacuation effort, TheBlaze reported. This is especially troubling considering the Aug. 31 deadline will not be extended either.

“We are not in favor of allowing Afghans to leave,” Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesman, said during a Tuesday news conference Tuesday. “They [the Americans] have the opportunity, they have all the resources, they can take all the people that belong to them but we are not going to allow Afghans to leave and we will not extend the deadline,” he stated.

The deadline is fast approaching while the scene in the Kabul airport is chaotic. As American forces and other nations work to extricate their citizens from Afghanistan, the Taliban is increasingly throwing its weight around.

“The way to the airport has been closed now,” Mujahid later said. “Afghans are not allowed to go there now. Foreigners are allowed to go, but we have stopped Afghan nationals to go because the crowd is more, there is danger that people will lose their lives, there might be a stampede,” he claimed.

Although world leaders have pressed for more time, the Taliban has shut down any discussion about moving the deadline. Biden’s swift drawdown has left the U.S. with little leverage that is about to disappear completely once the American military makes its final exit at the end of the month.

Officials in the U.S. are still not forthcoming with the number of people waiting for rescue, the New York Times reported. While over 70,000 have been safely evacuated, there may be many more Americans in danger of being left behind, and some estimate there may be 300,000 Afghans who cooperated with U.S. forces now in peril.

Biden has put Americans and Afghans at great peril because of his eagerness to simply exit the country at all costs. There will be people left behind who will have only the goodwill of the Taliban to rely on — and that is a frightening prospect.

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Everything Biden and the Democrats touch turns to MANURE!



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