November 27, 2021

Poll: Swing state voters are worried about Biden’s health

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s handlers have successfully used the coronavirus crisis to deflect concerns about Biden’s cognitive health, but concerns about his ability to lead the nation are reaching crisis levels.

According to a bombshell new poll released late last week, only half of the voters in several critical battleground states believe that Biden can physically and mentally handle the pressure of being president.

Though the mainstream media is quick to highlight new polls that show Biden taking a commanding double-digit lead, this poll shows that many voters are still not confident about Biden actually assuming the role.

A Restoration PAC poll conducted from June 8-20 asked 600 likely voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania if they believed that Biden is “is fully up the task mentally and physically to handle the duties of president of the United States.”

The survey found that only half of voters in all three states agreed that Biden can handle the challenge, while over 40 percent in each state declared that he was not capable, while less than 10 percent in each state remained undecided.

Breitbart reported on Saturday:

Slightly over 50 percent of Michigan voters said “yes,” Biden is up to the task. However, 40.2 percent said “no,” and another 9.5 percent indicated that they were “undecided” on the matter. Similarly, 50 percent of respondents in Wisconsin expressed confidence in Biden, while 42.2 percent said “no” and 7.8 percent remained undecided.

Pennsylvania voters expressed similar sentiments. Only 48.7 percent said Biden was up to the task both mentally and physically, compared to 45 percent who said “no” and 6.3 percent who remained unsure.

Democrat strategists are doing their best to keep Biden quiet as the nation rages over coronavirus and police brutality, but that hasn’t stopped him from occasionally emerging to showcase his ability to produce a major gaffe in any situation.

Most recently, Biden said at a campaign event on Thursday — in an attempt to attack Donald Trump — that 120 million had died due to coronavirus:

Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID, I mean, 120,000 dead from COVID. And you have so many—now we’re past 2 million — I mean, and we’re talking about it like it’s over. I mean, it’s over. My God.

Do you think Joe Biden is capable of being president? Scroll down to the comment section to let us know what you think!

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Mary Jo (@guest_1015074)
1 year ago

Fake news – those polls are inflated – who in their right mind would vote for someone like Biden? Yes, Democrats the socialist/Communist party of the USA, will lie like all their comrades in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, etc.
President Donald Trump will win again, no matter what his opponents may do to stop him from winning. Almighty God has chosen him to be our President one more time! WE THE PEOPLE should be thanking Yahweh God for choosing him, and not a devil from the party of wicked evil people, who kill babies even after they are born, and is for all that is anti God!

russell d remmert (@guest_1015121)
Reply to  Mary Jo
1 year ago

I agree hillary is winning

Elayne stewart (@guest_1015475)
Reply to  russell d remmert
1 year ago

Hillary will NEVER WIN nothing any more,s he is a has been! Remember Benghazi ,well I do,all of obummer s people lied about where they were when the men was crying for help,where were they??

Margielee Odom (@guest_1016436)
Reply to  russell d remmert
1 year ago

Oh no Hillary is not winning ! Trump is for 2020-2024 !!

Xuyen (@guest_1015126)
Reply to  Mary Jo
1 year ago

Trump 2020…America is not destroyed…

George Elo (@guest_1015128)
Reply to  Xuyen
1 year ago

Right on trump 2020. Why would anyone vote for Biden. He can’t even think for himself.

Michael (@guest_1015133)
Reply to  Mary Jo
1 year ago


Kay (@guest_1015262)
Reply to  Mary Jo
1 year ago


frank roselli (@guest_1015413)
Reply to  Mary Jo
1 year ago

I completely agree with you Mary Jo! He is NOT in ANY position to mentally and physically BE THE President He did less than nothing when he worked for OBAMA ! and if Mrs Obama were his V.P. She would be doing all the work!

larry ossler (@guest_1015474)
Reply to  Mary Jo
1 year ago

Democratic party becoming more communistic…BEWARE

Byron Grover (@guest_1015075)
1 year ago

The democrats have a plan is to get Biden elected and they know that his noddle is cooked but I have a gut feeling that as soon as he may be elected God help us he is not ( the democrats pick for VP not Biden’s ) it might be like I said just a gut feeling it could be C Harris because she is very liberal and very radical and like everybody has stated as soon as God forbid Biden is elected the democrats will state that Biden is not stable to be President so their for C Harris becomes President and that’s when everything hits the fan and America will be headed down hill from their. Please vote Trump 11/03/2020 red all the way.

JB Marks (@guest_1015190)
Reply to  Byron Grover
1 year ago

We dont need C Harris either she is a socislist as well

Clarencie Campbell (@guest_1015204)
Reply to  Byron Grover
1 year ago

I totally agree with you. If Biden is elected, his Vice President will take over the Presidency. God please do not let this happen to us and our Great America.

William Almsteadt (@guest_1015285)
Reply to  Byron Grover
1 year ago

I think Hillary or Obama will be the visein our throats

NoName (@guest_1015369)
Reply to  Byron Grover
1 year ago

OR, Pelosi, Schumer and their “Inc.” of (can’t find a word to describe them), will be running the White House. God Help us!!!! They have proven they are out to destroy the America we’ve grown up in and love. Please everyone, vote Trump 2020!!! (The Democratic party is definitely NOT the Democratic party, I knew growing up. It flip flopped to Evil)!!!

FRANKJOWIN L. LUIS (@guest_1015558)
Reply to  Byron Grover
1 year ago


Robert W. Devlin II (@guest_1016115)
Reply to  Byron Grover
1 year ago

Your correct. It’s not Biden we should be concerned about. It’s who he picks as VP that we should be concerned about.

Avatar666 (@guest_1015076)
1 year ago

I read that this was their plan all along….to get Biden elected… Obama and David Axelrod could run the country behind the scenes. I would have laughed at that a few years ago, but seeing what the democrats are capable of, including Obama directing the surveillance on the Trump campaign, it’s a real possibility.

Leslie (@guest_1015308)
Reply to  Avatar666
1 year ago

I agree…Biden will be nothing but a puppet with Obama and Hillary pulling the strings. This is Obama’s way of getting back in office…officially or not.

P Hudson (@guest_1015079)
1 year ago

Hell no he’s not capable of running this country!!
Wake up and don’t be stupid.
This country is in bad enough shape now with everything else that’s going on.
Biden wouldn’t know where to start.
He needs to just stay right where he is now – in the basement!!!!!

William Paradice (@guest_1015240)
Reply to  P Hudson
1 year ago

Biden is unfit to be President. Not ready for prime time.

Gayle Lynn Cinnamon (@guest_1015080)
1 year ago

Biden is not of sound physical and mental state to be more than a puppet led by a puppet-master.

CARLA BESWICK (@guest_1015082)
1 year ago

Biden has dementia and is not mentally fit to be president. Were electing a Vice President this time around not a president.

James Paddock (@guest_1015083)
1 year ago

The Democrats don’t care about Biden, he is mentally unstable and unable to run the country, his wife should have him declare that he is not going to run. But if he does that then the Democrats can’t declare him incompetent and put his VP into the President set which will be a Female President because that’s who he said he was going to have to be his running mate.
Believe me I don’t care if we have a Female President but this way is that the Democrats are going to do it though the back door. SMH 🤬 very said days ahead if Trump doesn’t win!

Spencer (@guest_1015085)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is not capable of governing this nation and his handlers know that! They are using him! They will name a vice presidential candidate who will assume the presidency after Biden is sworn in! They will coach Jim for awhile then he will be declared unfit to serve and whoever is VP will “have to” take over! It’s a ploy! Let’s hope Hillary isn’t chosen as VP candidate!!

JB Marks (@guest_1015193)
Reply to  Spencer
1 year ago

God help us all. Harris, Hillary, any denorat would be disasterous. We need Trump 4 more yrs. Biden as always been a loser but Sanders would have been a disaster also

Steve (@guest_1015091)
1 year ago

I think that the closer we get to the election, Biden is going to faulted so bad that in the end he will be so broken we may never hear from him again.
In Washington Biden was known a the fall guy or joker !

Susan (@guest_1015095)
1 year ago

Biden is not capable of being president. He is physically weak and he has dementia… would be a terrible for us to have him as president.

George A. Melvin (@guest_1015096)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is not capable of being President of US. Feel sorry for his family. Joe did nothing while in the Senate or the State of Delaware!

Loyd (@guest_1015097)
1 year ago

I can’t add any fuel to the fire,every one on this page has said it very well.

Shirley Amaral (@guest_1015106)
1 year ago

Being a nurse for 25 tears, I clearly know a case of Dementia when I see it. He is not capable to running this country. He is being used as a puppet for the Demonrats!!

MaryAnna Moderhak (@guest_1015107)
1 year ago

Biden has not accomplished any thing while a Delaware senator nor while serving as VP. He was just a back up stooge for Obama who knew Joe could not dispute his reign of throwing America down the drain

Gayle waller (@guest_1015112)
1 year ago

He will be a puppet President at best. There is no way he could run this country for 4 years so whoever is VP will run it or else Obama and Hilary will run it

Carolyn & David Rogers (@guest_1015114)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is a nice man but, in my husband and my opinion, not capable of being President at this point in his life and with his health issues.

Gail (@guest_1015118)
1 year ago

No, he is not fit to be president of anything, he needs to go fishing

Gary Arnault (@guest_1015344)
Reply to  Gail
1 year ago

If he can find the water!

rick (@guest_1015120)
1 year ago

Are these LIBERAL waterheads nuts !!! Can you REALLY picture SLEEPY JOE standing toe to toe with NORTH KOREAS’ leader or better yet , Biden standing toe to toe with PUTIN ??? These guys would EAT BIDEN ALIVE , which means in time either one of those countries would end up OWNING this country !! Little Rocket Man or Putin , would be controlling ALL of us . WAKE UP FOOLS ,,,, these two guys are just waiting to see what happens in Nov. , to see if they are going to own the United States !!!

Janet Pruitt (@guest_1015122)
1 year ago

If I AM right Obamo can not run for president Because He has used 8 yrs . And by Law that is the Limit a President can run. We Dont want him in anyway. We need Trump to Run One more Term To Straiten out our Country From The Mess Obamo And Democrates Has us In. Donald Trump Has Been A Great President and Done AGreat Job. We Need Trump This Country Needs Trump. Please Vote For Trump.

Denise (@guest_1015386)
Reply to  Janet Pruitt
1 year ago

Yes, Obama can’t run again for president. But, he still has influence over the democrats in office. He is the ONLY PRESIDENT that has stayed close to the White House after completing his term. He has been very involved in the democrats attempting to get Trump out of office. So although he and Hillary aren’t president, they are still ruling in the left. God Forbid the democrats win this election.

Douglas M Small (@guest_1015129)
1 year ago

Joe Biden has lost his mind from all the years of lying and deceitful behavior. He does not have a sound mind, does not have the physical stamina, or the personality to be President.

Janet Pruitt (@guest_1015130)
1 year ago

Dementia Dont get better it gets worser day by day. I know Because i have cared For Several with it. IT is A Awful Disease. they cant remember their wife or Spouse death the next day. They cant remember Your name or theirs. They ask Silly things all day. It Gets Next to you To. I dont understand Badin family Letting him go through what he is going. He needs to be around his wife and Children and grand children that loves Him and Will Take care of him.

Good luck (@guest_1015164)
1 year ago

Joe Biden will not be able to handle the Presidents job. His mind is not able to make the decisions needed as President. Sorry but you can not vote for Biden.

Denise (@guest_1015388)
Reply to  Good luck
1 year ago

You are so right! But, what baffles me is people, the democrats, will still vote for him!

Spencer (@guest_1015165)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is physically and mentally unable to tolerate the pressures of the presidency! But, he is being played as a puppet and there are others who would pull the strings and tell him what to do! Who are these people? Don’t know, but do know they are dishonest, very liberal and most likely socialists with an agenda! B

Cacs (@guest_1015166)
1 year ago

I thought potential Presidents had to have a full medical check up to become President before the election??????
He needs a full physical to prove he is capable of running. Everyone knows this MAN is very ill. He has ALS OR DEMENTIA PERIOD. He has gone nuts and half crazy! He needs to RESIGN ASAP SO SOMEONE ELSE CAN RUN OR CALL IT LIKE IT IS THAT THE TRUMPET2020 automatically gets 4 more years!!!
TRUMPET2020🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺 is who my whole family will be voting for again!
Trump has been a great PRESIDENT! Let him finish with 4 more years of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
NONE OF THE PICKS FOR VP FROM Biden are going to be good for the USA!

Daniel Jewell (@guest_1015178)
1 year ago

I have a car with four flats and a blown engine, I have more faith in it, than I do in SLEEPY JOE as a person to run our country!!!

Denise (@guest_1015390)
Reply to  Daniel Jewell
1 year ago

😅😅😅😅 That’s hilarious but is true!

JB (@guest_1015199)
1 year ago

God help us all. Harris, Hillary, any demorat would be disasterous. We need Trump 4 more yrs. Biden as always been a loser but Sanders would have been a disaster also the democrats are using Biden as a pawn and IF he were to win the rats behind the scenes would run things…Obama, Pelosi and the like Trump has got to win 2020 to keep this country intact . We have too much with all this C19, BLM, protestors and rioting nonsence going on to lose

Maureen A Murphy (@guest_1015233)
1 year ago

Biden was not capable of handling the office of the President of the United States even when he was in his so called right mind.

Denise (@guest_1015391)
Reply to  Maureen A Murphy
1 year ago

No one can debate that one!

Maureen A Murphy (@guest_1015234)
1 year ago

Biden could not handle the office of the President of the United States even when he was suppose to be in his right mind.

Roy Olsen (@guest_1015236)
1 year ago

A vote for Creepy really means you’re voting for Barack and Kamalala.

Janice (@guest_1015237)
1 year ago

No he is not capable to be president !!! That is why he said who ever he nominated as his VP has to be able to take over from day one !!! The USA will be destroyed if he wins !! That is what protesters are trying to achieve !! A communist country

Clementine (@guest_1015241)
1 year ago

Let’s stop analyzing Joe Biden’s physical condition. It is obvious that the man is “definitely”, mentally incapacitated. Both the corona virus and the savage and barbaric nationwide destruction by the BLM mob, viciously spurred by the deranged, uncivil, corrupt self serving politicians, on both sides of the aisle, and the unhinged, evil leftists, were purposely created, to intimidate the voters from getting out and vote, and adopt their fraudulent vote by mail system. Forcibly, maintain Joe Biden in seclusion for as long as possible, hoping he gets elected. Should they succeed, no sooner he gets elected, declared him mentally incompetend and replace with Hillary Clinton, who will be anxiously awaiting in the wings. This is the second act of the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bidens, the Democrats and all those involved, evil plot against President Trump.
How could anyone in his right mind, expect, better so belief, that Joe Biden will be physically and mentally able to handle the pressures of being president of our great nation, when he is having problems getting out of the basement and publicly face the voters and is obviously running scared from participating in the debates. Please, stop trying to make fools out of us!

Clementine (@guest_1015244)
1 year ago

Take me off your list. You are not trustworthy.

Jan G (@guest_1015245)
1 year ago

Spencer you hit the nail on the head!

Linda Satterfield (@guest_1015252)
1 year ago

Biden has dementia and anyone who dont see that has a problem. I dont understand why a wife would allow him to be used by the democratic party this way. He is just a puppet for them. I am a independent and I would never vote for someone to run our country that doesnt have their head together any better than he does. My aunt had dementia and it is sad what happens to them. Be smart and vote for Trump if you love this country and care about your children and grandchildrens future. The democrats are destroying our country.

Kay (@guest_1015261)
1 year ago

Biden is completely incapable of being the U.S. President. As an RN, I’ve cared for many, many senile/dementia patients. Biden shows many signs & symptoms of dementia. I can’t believe the Democrats are pushing him along, thinking he’d win! What they REALLY want is a puppet they can control!

Ruby Brown (@guest_1015266)
1 year ago

Biden is not capable of being President. He surely needs to get a strong vice presidential candidate that could take his place on the outsized chance he does get elected.

Carolyn (@guest_1015290)
1 year ago

Are these people who wants Biden as President are wacked.. I can’t see what they see in Biden it’s really scary to think if he would have a chance to win. My vote is.on Trump. God bless America and our cou.

9MM (@guest_1015296)
1 year ago

Even GOD is sick of the Socialists as in JOE JOE so he starts a step in and we now have a True mental case trying to control America as the likes of China and Russia laugh and take what powers we have away as our Pres is a Loonie Tune they kick to the curb along with this country. God is giving us the time to eat her wise up or dry up it’s now all in our hands, do or die

Diana Fetrow (@guest_1015304)
1 year ago

Biden is definitely not fit for this job. He has dementia and I can tell by the way he talks and his responses to questions. I have worked in the medical field since 1969 and my mother had dementia and I can spot those symptoms pretty well. When he was on the View show, he couldn’t answer a question that was asked of him 3 times. He was confused and stumbled trying to answer it and still never gave them an answer. He needs put in a nursing home and his wife should be ashamed for letting them exploit him this way and make an ass out of him. I am voting for President Trump and Vice President Pence again because they are 2 Christian warriors sent to us by GOD to lead our country back to the greatness it was and can be.

Shann (@guest_1015310)
1 year ago

The Democratic Parties hope isn’t in Biden but whom they chose to be VP. They know Biden is incapable of being President. It is why they are searching so hard and diligently for who would be best as a running mate. His whole election will depend on it. Regardless I believe the Country is fed up with the underhanded dealings and actions of the Democratic Party. Their continuous gaffes in their own words and actions should have everyone thinking of voting for BLUE running away. If and it is a big IF they win our countries core values are lost. We will be destroyed by the Democrat Socialist+Communist+Fascists’ ideologies. They promise a life free of debt, of giving free money etc. They younger generations likes the idea. But what they don’t understand is that it will cost them the highest of free which is FREEDOM.



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