December 1, 2021

Poll: Swing state voters are worried about Biden’s health

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s handlers have successfully used the coronavirus crisis to deflect concerns about Biden’s cognitive health, but concerns about his ability to lead the nation are reaching crisis levels.

According to a bombshell new poll released late last week, only half of the voters in several critical battleground states believe that Biden can physically and mentally handle the pressure of being president.

Though the mainstream media is quick to highlight new polls that show Biden taking a commanding double-digit lead, this poll shows that many voters are still not confident about Biden actually assuming the role.

A Restoration PAC poll conducted from June 8-20 asked 600 likely voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania if they believed that Biden is “is fully up the task mentally and physically to handle the duties of president of the United States.”

The survey found that only half of voters in all three states agreed that Biden can handle the challenge, while over 40 percent in each state declared that he was not capable, while less than 10 percent in each state remained undecided.

Breitbart reported on Saturday:

Slightly over 50 percent of Michigan voters said “yes,” Biden is up to the task. However, 40.2 percent said “no,” and another 9.5 percent indicated that they were “undecided” on the matter. Similarly, 50 percent of respondents in Wisconsin expressed confidence in Biden, while 42.2 percent said “no” and 7.8 percent remained undecided.

Pennsylvania voters expressed similar sentiments. Only 48.7 percent said Biden was up to the task both mentally and physically, compared to 45 percent who said “no” and 6.3 percent who remained unsure.

Democrat strategists are doing their best to keep Biden quiet as the nation rages over coronavirus and police brutality, but that hasn’t stopped him from occasionally emerging to showcase his ability to produce a major gaffe in any situation.

Most recently, Biden said at a campaign event on Thursday — in an attempt to attack Donald Trump — that 120 million had died due to coronavirus:

Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID, I mean, 120,000 dead from COVID. And you have so many—now we’re past 2 million — I mean, and we’re talking about it like it’s over. I mean, it’s over. My God.

Do you think Joe Biden is capable of being president? Scroll down to the comment section to let us know what you think!

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Teresa (@guest_1014982)
1 year ago

Biden is cognitively GONE. Can you see him talking to Korea about missiles or division with Putin…OMG, he can’t be President! My Grandma couldn’t be anymore President than Bide! Send him out to Pasteur!!!!

Celia Dunahee (@guest_1014983)
1 year ago

Biden couldn’t find his way out of a phone booth let alone run this country. If elected, he will step down almost immediately and his VP will take over. That is the person to watch out for!

Clementine (@guest_1015243)
Reply to  Celia Dunahee
1 year ago

This social network is not trustworthy. It is deleting my comments and I am sure many of the participants opinions.

BB. (@guest_1014985)
1 year ago

…there are a lot of voters who would vote for him just because he is a Democrat or that he might have a woman running mate…that is just sad to see that there are people that would do that…I have them in my family…wish they would use their brains!!!

Howard (@guest_1014991)
Reply to  BB.
1 year ago

BB, about some in your family, what brains? I have some family members like that!

Howard (@guest_1014987)
1 year ago

Anyone actually considering voting for Biden is in worse shape than he is!!! Ignorance can be fixed, stupidity is beyond help!!

Sleepycat (@guest_1014990)
1 year ago

He will Be Barrack’s Secret Puppet. What Scares me the most is who will be his running mate? I can see him (if he wins) stepping down in 6 mos or less to have his VP Take Over. That’s what Scares the Hell Out of ME !

Trish Lally (@guest_1015125)
Reply to  Sleepycat
1 year ago

The DemocraPs will not name a running mate for Biden, because they know it would scare the bejusus out of the American people to know that sooner (most likely sooner) than later we would have a Obozo/SOROS puppet in the White House.!!! They would have almost four years to finish what OBOZO started (bringing the US to it’s knees) and creating a Socialist/Communist government.!!! You could almost feel the sigh of relief from the entire US when Obama’s second term ended.!!! They would use their (OBAMA”S) pen and phone to undo every bit of progress made by Trump, and continue to pile on even more destruction.!!! If you think we have race and division problems now; just let Biden/Obozo win the election.!!!! I won’t even go into the rest of the steps they would take (healthcare, the military etc.) to totally ruin the US as we knew it.!!!!

William Browning (@guest_1014992)
1 year ago

Biden is not able to be president. Even if he were 40 yrs. old he is still not the proper one to govern the USA. He is a socialist.

MaryLynn Baxter (@guest_1014993)
1 year ago

He is certainly not qualified to run a country. The man is ILL. Why doesn’t some in charge admit that and put him in a place where he can function as is? The Demo party is getting more morons by the day.

MONTY VENHUIZEN (@guest_1014996)
1 year ago

Former VP Biden is most certainly not capable of the stress and decision making required to head up this Country. IF he does get elected it will be his VP and whoever is the leader of the House of Representatives who will be at the helm.
This whole scenario has the ominous feeling of becoming a totally socialist country.

dan moriarty (@guest_1015000)
1 year ago

He might as well be a toilet seat operating only when people sit on his face!

Meredith Weston (@guest_1015078)
Reply to  dan moriarty
1 year ago

Your comment Dan is cracking me up!!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1015087)
Reply to  dan moriarty
1 year ago

no hes not fit at all!! which means if he gets in by cheating, he will be a PUPPET for obama and the LEFT!

Trish Lally (@guest_1015100)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
1 year ago

AGREE 100%.!!!!!

Pat Gow (@guest_1015002)
1 year ago

Voting for Biden is like voting for Obama again. He is not mentally or physically qualified to be president and so he will be Obama’s puppet What a disaster..

R Meeks (@guest_1015086)
Reply to  Pat Gow
1 year ago

Obama was not fit to be President either but not for the same reason. Obama did not care about America and proved it in so many ways.

THOMAS (@guest_1015005)
1 year ago

Biden is a worthless Pile of Democrat Excrement … they can’t wait to use him to get the office of president so they can throw him to the curb … BIDEN IS NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL !

Ruben Hernandez (@guest_1015067)
Reply to  THOMAS
1 year ago

That’s an understanding

Horst Jung (@guest_1015009)
1 year ago

Biden and his whole Family are crooks like the Clinton`s .How can he talk to some President of other Countries ?.He can`t but few worst`s together no Way.Please save as from a big Disaster

LARRY GUTHRIE (@guest_1015010)
1 year ago


Margaret (@guest_1015056)
1 year ago


Tina Marie (@guest_1015077)
1 year ago


Marilyn Ann Boes (@guest_1015011)
1 year ago

Joe Biden’s cronies will tell him what to do and play him for a puppet. His wife should be ashamed and get him to drop out if she really loves him.

Nancy Saylor (@guest_1015101)
Reply to  Marilyn Ann Boes
1 year ago

I have said that statement several times for the past few years. She must want to live in the White House and travel with the perks. They certainly do not need the income.

Edward Molleur (@guest_1015014)
1 year ago

Why not? Hillary can return and perhaps advise women from the Afghan to shed their veils. She forgot about the part where you lose you head also, but who’s counting. Why fuss over the details. Go Joe!

Mark Ensley (@guest_1015018)
1 year ago

Biden is the true manchurian candidate, besides being a crook, a vote for biden may as well be a vote for xi Jinping.

Charlotte Gunter (@guest_1015019)
1 year ago

NO Biden is not able to run our country –
others will step and do what they want – sad

Tom wiles (@guest_1015065)
Reply to  Charlotte Gunter
1 year ago

I personally think that any body in their right mind that voted for Biden cares nothing about this country. Any body that sees him in these news conferences and listens to what he is Saying and thinks that he is ok mentally needs to have their own minds checked. I mean come on people REALLY. Don’t vote for your party vote for our country and remember the future of our country is our kids and grandchildren. WAKE UP PEOPLE WAKE UP. God Bless America and God Bless our citizens.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Wilbert (@guest_1015021)
1 year ago

Biden is not worthy of being president. Voting for him would be re-electing Obama

Marilyn Hamilton (@guest_1015047)
Reply to  Wilbert
1 year ago

I agree – Jill and the whole family should be ashamed of this charade! Why are they pushing him into this – he will en up being shunted out of the White House the day after his inauguration. Go home joe! (Or should I say “Stay home Joe”.

Robert D Mlls Sr (@guest_1015023)
1 year ago

Bidens like a dead man walking around. So sad he cant put two sentences together with out a e serious blunder. Not presidentional materual

Dappy (@guest_1015025)
1 year ago

If you elect Biden you elect the do nothing progressive Democrats and this country will suffer greatly in their hands we will lose everything we strive
for. He is even close to the energy that the president tirelessly show and do. So are Americans are damn that they still consider him? Trump works for the Americans to get our lives better. He is the type that does not sugarcoat and is transparent to say those things that matter to us all. You are not not electing person in Hollywood you are electing someone that does the job and give results. That person is our President. Trump 2020

Sue (@guest_1015026)
1 year ago

This is there plan all along. Look what they did to Sanders n then had others drop out this is what democRATS do… If they deside they want u in or out then that is what happens. We need to vote only republican all the way come 2020 TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

William Sullens (@guest_1015040)
Reply to  Sue
1 year ago

I must fully agree with Sue, that the Democrat Socialist party is a pay to play organization. They pre-determine who the want and who has the least offensive background and will take orders from the DNC and try to shove the down everyone’s throat. Fortunately we have a much better alternative in our current President, Donald Trump! Trump for President in 2020!

Jo (@guest_1015028)
1 year ago

Of course he’s not capable of running the Country, anyone with eyes and ears should know that. If he were to be voted in, believe me, he won’t be the one running the Country, but others beside him, like Obama, Hillary, etc.

Bessie Vest (@guest_1015029)
1 year ago

I really don’t know what their game is, but I think it’s a shame that they can stoop so low as to actually let him run for President. They should be ashamed of themselves. They are letting him run with a person that nobody knows yet, and if they happen to win, they will make that person President, the day after he is inaugurated! That is a real shame! JUST SAYING! A CONCERNED CITIZEN!

David in MA (@guest_1015037)
Reply to  Bessie Vest
1 year ago

The democrats don’t want or care about Biden, it’s the Vice President that they are lining up.
Will it be hillary or michael?

Nancy S (@guest_1015030)
1 year ago

We have to keep them out democRATS are bad people ..Vote 2020 TRUMP

Judy Smith (@guest_1015031)
1 year ago


David in MA (@guest_1015033)
1 year ago


Sue (@guest_1015034)
1 year ago

Nancy P. is sick and a nasty person she will run biden if he gets in these democRATS r a bunch of very bad people. vote 2020 TRUMP

MarievFratto (@guest_1015035)
1 year ago

He is demented. Not a good candidate for president. He will be an embarrassment for our country. The Democrats goal is he will be their puppet on a string.
He’s too stupid to figure it out on his own. Or he might have but has no pride. Sad !

AK (@guest_1015039)
1 year ago

Joe’s blm handler is working him .keeping him alive and feeding him.dont u die on me u old white pervert.we got to have a black woman vp and nov .is not that far away. Then u can croak.

Stephen Smith (@guest_1015042)
1 year ago

Biden not up to the task. Has given no platform or stated his position on any of the important issues of the day. He will be a puppet for the progressives who will call the shots.

Sue (@guest_1015043)
1 year ago

Slow moving biden is not physically or mentally ready to run this country. so vote 2020 TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

kathy Barrett (@guest_1015081)
Reply to  Sue
1 year ago

agree,TRUMP 2020!

Doug Tuttle (@guest_1015049)
1 year ago

It amazes me that people cannot see that Biden isn’t fit to lead anything, let alone the USA. If by some chance he did win I think most people know he wouldn’t be the one in charge. It seems like his family would be concerned about him more than what they seem to be. He had more than enough time to some good for our Country, instead he only helped his son. Oh he also helped one of the worst President’s that we’ve ever had. Biden needs to retire. Biden and the rest of the deep state need to put in prison for treason and other high crimes. Probably won’t happen though the rich and powerful seem to be above the law unfortunately.

Pat (@guest_1015053)
1 year ago

Biden is being used fir the puppet be is. The Dems don’t care this is a sick out of touch senile old man. His wife should be ashamed of what she’s allowing them to do to him. We are not being fooled. Maybe king Cuomo can find a nursing home for him. Pat g.

Janet June (@guest_1015054)
1 year ago

No Biden is not capable by any means mentally and physically able to be president. He is slow moving and thinks and talks like a person who has the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. Trump is 3 years younger and talks and walks a whole lot younger than Biden.

Andrew Olyphant (@guest_1015059)
1 year ago

No way Biden is smart as TRUMP he just doesn’t stand a chance !!!!!

Henry Cain (@guest_1015062)
1 year ago

I don’t think Biden is capable of dressing himself, much less running this nation

ED Pickhardt (@guest_1015063)
1 year ago

Biden is not capable mentally to be president.And even if he were, his far to the left ideals are ridiculous when he let’s a nut case like AOC and her “SQuad” lead the democratic thought? and or their socialist agenda.What ever happened to common sense? The democrats have not even said that anarchy,violence in our cities is not acceptable! This should be an eye opener for anyone thinking of voting democratic!

Esther (@guest_1015064)
1 year ago

I don’t think Biden ever had the brains to deal with world leaders. As president he would probably give away our whole country. As for him promising to have a woman as VP I think that would be catastrophic. I think a woman can be just as capable as a man but we can’t close our eyes to the truth, we have to be realistic. In many cultures women are not held in high esteem. If a woman VP made demands or tried to negotiate she would be scorned in some places. Just look at the contempt people have for Hillary. If she screeched at a world leader we’d be at war. Kamala Harris would be offensive with her abrasive and condescending manner. Those who thInk Michelle Obama will run, no way. As the truth is being revealed about Barack there is no way she’d step into that pile of scandal. She’s too vain. As for the rest of the VP candidates I don’t see nor have I heard any of them talking about the skills to be President. A president has to be a good will ambassador, a negotiator, able to see what is best for the country, in short, a business man. I only hope that all republicans vote.

flashy0ne (@guest_1015066)
1 year ago

It’s really a shame when the BEST the democrats can come up with is a toddering, wobbling old man — and I DO NOT say this in derision of Joe Biden — he is being “ridden” by a bunch of cowboys who could care less. All of us will reach ‘old age’ (if we’re lucky) and in the normal course of events NATURE tells us to let the young “bucks” do the heaven lifting — it’s NOT rocket science, it’s just common sense!

Ted Wissler (@guest_1015072)
1 year ago

Who are these people polling? Must be all Democrats …. sounds like 2016 all over again……



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