September 26, 2022

Suspicions grow as Biden admin delays release of ICE arrest, deportation report

With the southern border crisis among the issues on which President Joe Biden has taken a particular beating in the polls, it now appears that his administration is going to notable lengths to hide the true number of immigrant arrests and deportations that occurred during his first year in office, as Breitbart reports.

According to the outlet, it has been common practice – for at least 10 years – for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to issue a report at the conclusion of the calendar year outlining the volume of arrests and deportations of illegal aliens over the course of the previous fiscal year, a process with which former President Donald Trump’s administration dutifully complied.

Oddly, however, the year-end ICE report covering Biden’s initial 12 months at the helm has – as of Jan. 6 – not yet been provided to the public, a fact which is raising suspicions among those critical of the administration’s deliberate shift away from Trump-era immigration policies.

In the words of former ICE official Jon Feere, who now works with the Center for Immigration Studies, the current absence of reporting is “unprecedented,” adding that the data is produced each year “proudly because agents and officers want to show the results of their hard work over the last year,” as Fox News noted.

Feere continued, “…for the Biden administration political appointees to not want to produce this is really a slap in the face to the hard-working career officials, and more importantly, it’s clearly a political effort aimed at hiding the impact of the Biden administration’s policies.”

While Fox News indicated that according to an ICE spokesperson, the report is currently undergoing a final review and that it should be released later in the month, Feere suspects that something more sinister is likely afoot.

“They’re going to do their best to manipulate it to put the best light possible on their horrifically dangerous policies and that takes some time to do,” Feere explained.

In response to the delay in releasing the report, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) expressed the frustration he and others on Capitol Hill are feeling, saying, “During record-breaking levels of illegal immigration, DHS and ICE have taken steps to dismantle interior enforcement operations that keep our communities safe from criminal aliens,” adding, “If ICE is intentionally hiding their annual report from the public, then it’s safe to assume it doesn’t show any improvement; it shows failure.”

Try as the administration might to disguise the truth about the disasters wrought by Biden’s insistence on erasing highly effective Trump-era border policies, the president’s plummeting approval numbers are proof that those efforts really are too little, too late.




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