January 19, 2021

Survey: Trump would have won in a landslide without media interference

It’s no secret that in the days leading up to the 2020 election, the mainstream media made what appeared to be a coordinated effort to suppress negative news stories with regard to former Vice President Joe Biden — namely the scandal involving his son, Hunter Biden.

According to the Washington Examiner, a bombshell new survey of Americans who voted for Biden revealed that they were unaware of many of the negative news stories involving Biden and going even further, indicated that they would have not voted for Biden had they been aware. The number of people who indicated that they would have not voted for Biden would have been more than enough to secure a second term for President Donald Trump.

Several recent polls proved that Biden voters were not only unaware of various scandals or other negative items concerning Biden, but were also not aware of a number of achievements by Trump.

A poll from Media Research Center that was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates indicated that 4.6 percent of those surveyed would have switched their votes from Biden to Trump had they been aware of Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling scandal abroad. That number would have easily secured victory for Trump in the 2020 election.

Another poll conducted by the Polling Company for MRC told a similar story, with 17 percent of respondents indicating that they would have changed their vote if they’d been aware of the negative coverage of the Bidens’ scandals.

That poll was conducted in nearly all of the must-win battleground states and like in the first poll, if that many people had switched their vote, it would have again secured Trump an easy victory.

Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell ripped the mainstream media’s apparent collaboration to sway the vote in their favor, saying “Had they done their jobs, Donald Trump won the election.”

As Rich Noyes from Newsbusters recently explained, millions of Americans who gather their daily news from the mainstream media were literally unaware of any negative Biden news and were keenly unaware of Trump’s accomplishments, which any reasonable person would agree could have a massive impact on the results of the 2020 election.

What we know for sure is that something needs to change in the industry. It feels like the 2020 election was a test to see just how much influence the mainstream media could have over the American population and, unfortunately for American democracy, they succeeded.

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69 Responses

  1. Strange that only the media knows things that the Bidens did. I was under the impression we had a Department of Justice with the FBI under them who’s job was and is to root out crime, especially with foreign nations. Guess not.

    A question I was curious about. All the private business trips Hunter Biden went on with his Dad on official government business on US #2, did Biden have to pay a fare…..for travel, lodging, meals, etc. ? Guess not.

    One other question, since there was never even an acknowledgement by the media it occurred, were the “pay to play” and “quid pro quo” deals with Ukraine, China, Russia ever planned to be investigated? Guess not.

    1. This obstruction of our First Amendment Rights by the Liberal “running dog” MSM needs to become at least a comment line in the presentation of Trump’s case to SCOTUS. Another key point is that the FBI, which is still as corrupt as the day Comey was fired, seized Hunter Biden’s laptop and then EVERYTHING WENT SILENT! The FBI is still playing politics and STRZOK is STILL WORKING IN HR AT THE BUREAU, HIRING MORE PEOPLE WHO THINK JUST LIKE HIM AND COMEY! You can’t”fix” a sick organization by firing just the boss! The corrupt top of all sick organizations select people to surround themselves who think the same as they do. BARR has done NOTHING to clean up the FBI and restore our faith in that organization. It will take nothing short of a TOTAL PURGE OF ALL POLITICAL ACTIVISTS ON THE 7TH FLOOR!

      1. All the alphabet agencies need to have a clean sweep from top to bottom. They are all staffed with corrupt Obama Biden devotees. They are all involved with the Benghazi cover up, Hillary emails and Clinton foundation money laundering. These people are all guilty of sedition and treason. That’s why Trump needs a second term to totally drain the swamp.
        God is not done with Trump, and He will make sure Trump has a second term.

    2. All of them are above the law. Not Trump. Even he’s the President, his hands are tight. He’s by himself against FBI, CIAs, Democrats and some Rinos. loyal and patriots like us as are the only ones who believes in him. God bless our President and God bless America!

    1. Hi Katydid, I understand your post. The name, “untouchables” is great for Biden families. They will not be “untouchables too much longer only if none of the Biden families did not ask the Lord for repentance and if they do not accept Jesus as their Savior, they will not be untouchables on God’s judgment day! They will not be untouchables as they are continuing to mess around with the communist country.

  2. This goes to show everyone needs to DEMAND fair and honest reporting from ALL msm outlets, and social media as well. This is ludicrous! Subverting the news, censoring twitter and Facebook subscribers by the companies should be against the law! This MUST be remedied post haste! Hold all ceo’s Of these companies liable of subversion! If they don’t want to comply, shut them down!

    1. Just get rid or rule 230 that was put in by the DemocRAT’s a few years ago which protects the MSM from any law suits from fake and dishonest news….

  3. It is disgusting that We as Americans should have to tolerate this B.S. THE DEMS ARE DO NOTHING DEMS AND NOTHING BUT FRAUDS!!! IT IS VERY VERY SAD!!!

    1. Are we going to be resigned to the present situation? Lets start a RESIST movement. Lets make their lives absolutely miserable.Stop buying their papers and patronizing the news outlets that made this happen.It is not that difficult isn’t it? it beats being sheeps and led to the slaughter house. It beats just complaining and doing nothing!!!!! Where is the real AMERICA?

    2. Amen Sherry you are so right we should not as American LEGAL citizens have to tolerate this BS. Voting should be ONLY WALK-IN NO WRITE IN [EXCEPT ABSENTEE. NO EARLY , LATE VOTING ONE DAY ONLT[IN VIEW OF THE CHINA VIRUS] TWO DAYS. VOTING WITH PICTURE ID ONLY

  4. Jill Biden knew her husband was in la la land..
    She didnt care he was making a fool of himself .. all she cared about was being
    First Lady !!! Shes full of herself !!

    1. Jill Biden wanted so desperately to be a First Lady that she would have probably sold her soul to Satan. She is a despicable, arrogant woman.
      I would like to know where Joe Biden got the money for his Six Million dollar ($6,000,000.00) house?

  5. Oh I wish I was in a country right now, in which turmoil doesn’t exist, and the Gov’t doesn’t go after their own people. The secure calm which I had as a child, that, I miss!

  6. It is very obvious that the dems are a stupid breed of crooks. The evidence that the 2020 election was rigged is overwhelming. Just by studying the statistics of the various voting patterns tells it all. So either the dems are totally stupid, or they believed that the American People are ignorant and will not notice the corruption in front of them. Everyone who was involved with the voting fraud should be charged with treason. Let them spend time in prison. Upon their release from prison, they should not have the American Right to vote.

    1. Treason used to be a death sentence by firing squad. It still should be to this day. And yet there are people who oppose the death penalty while cheering on the murder of the innocent unborn and born babies. They can claim pro-choice all they want, but murder is murder in the sight of God who gives life.
      Yes, there is coming a great time of judgement

    2. They are not stupid………they are criminals and we are allowing them to get away with our lives and our country!!!WAKE UP!!!!

      1. No they are not stupid however, we are also as we should have demanded they persecuted for all their corrupt behavior. They have never been made accountable for their actions do we remember Bengazi [sp] just one of so many.

    3. The penalty for treason is hanging.
      The Clintons, Obama, Biden and alphabet agencies and liberal media, George Soros, and social media oligarchs are all guilty of treason and deserve the penalty. Hang the high, let them swing.

  7. This is a DISGRACE, BiDen couldn’t get 12 people at a makeshift rally and now He gets 80 Million voting for him. Give me a Break . Trump received 12 Million more votes than when He won the Presidency in 2016. and that Biden received almost 17 Million more votes when Obama got in 2012.
    TOTAL FRAUD the Democrats must be stopped in the Georgia Runoff and in all future elections.

  8. It is too bad that we all can’t get together to put a lawsuit on all the mainstream media! Since we are not getting all the news we should be getting!

  9. They will stop at nothing,,,They try to destroy everything good Trump does for this country..if I had to guess..I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something to the new vaccines coming out just to have something else to blame our president for. For them,,, nothing is out of reach..

    1. Remember what Nancy Pelosi said “We will do everything it takes, even losing our positions, to get ride of Donald Trump”.
      I would like to know “what is the everything” they would do?

  10. So now what? Will the Supreme Court deal with issues? Will the Justice Department deal with the issues? OR? Do we the citizens suffer from a crooked President Biden. Hopefully, the democrats will have something to do with the false or cover-up with the media tied into the election so that we can get justice for President Trump and the United States citizens.
    Biden and co-conspirators need to be dealt with and Justice should prevail.
    God Bless America !!

    1. The dems are running this fraud they are in control of the msm. They are the swamp rat that Trump has talking about For 4 yrs.

  11. This is what happens when people don’t do research. If they’re working, they still need to take note and really look beyond some things to get to the truth.

    1. The real fact is that they all knew of all the corruptness that the entire Biden family is involved in.
      Biden is a piece of dog, horse and pig Sh_t. He was born a thief, lier, cheat, and con man, and he will die with the same traits
      God will punish his butt severely when his time comes, which isn’t far away. And the same goes for the rest of those SCUMS OF THE EARTH Demoncrat democrats. They must obviously all be atheist if they don’t fear GOD. But when all is said and done, their next lives will be horrific for themselves. How people that don’t do research on things that go on in their lives is beyond me. I research everything to make sure I am being told the truth.

  12. Alexis deTocqueville accurately predicted that as admirable as America was at the time of his visit, all democracies are doomed to failure due to the greed of the citizenry, resulting in fiscal collapse and the inevitable succession by dictatorship. He noted that the average life span of democracies is 250 years, so does 1776-2026 sound about right? Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…

  13. The reason Biden won is he got more votes than twinkle toes Trump, very simple. Sorry you people have tried to blame his loss on everything but that.

    1. you need to do more research . it’s been proved that the stacked ballets. It is in the courts because they have found irregularities on counting and the computers were messed with and didn’t let anyone observe. People are being threatened because they dared. To whistlblow. I hope you like when Biden takes your freedom. Some democrats said if they knew of the problems theyvwould have changed their votes.

    2. What planet are you from? Typical dead brain liberal! You couldn’t see the truth if it slapped you in the face! I feel sorry for you! You should move to Venezuela & see what life would be like if Biden gets in.
      Trump was the best president we ever had I’d rather have a twinkle toes then a senile liar like biden!

    3. Verne: The reason lyin’ Biden ‘thinks’ he won is because he ‘knew’ he got more fraudulent votes, along with votes that were The President’s fraudulently changed to make it appear The President got fewer ‘legal’ votes, increasing his ‘stolen’ votes. Sorry you’ve had your head stuck in the sand or on some other planet, showing your total and undeniable ignorance of God’s TRUTH ! ! ! Wake up and turn to HIM before it is too late – – all of this going on in our country is a sign that Prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes ! ! ! If you read God’s Holy Word, you would know that ! ! !

  14. God helps those Who helps Themselves .What that means to Me right now is We all need to prepare for War , plain and simple or talk to Our representatives in local , Parishes or Counties and Federal to make sure the correct counts of votes is done or everyone can get ready for communist rule which is not pretty .

    1. Once a Marine always a Marine thank you for your service. My husband was 31 1/2 yrs in the Navy as a Corpsman,

    2. For all to know if not a Fox news watcher! Last night they had a vid taken of a voting place that had cameras mounted! The workers sent all GOP counters home said they were done for the night. When they were gone and doors locked started pulling stacks of ballots out from under a big Black Covered Table. Where did they get them?
      Hope they all were ID d and have to tell it to a judge! Some who had worked there ID d some. NO FRAUD? WRONG! No workers knew about the cameras.

  15. Trump already won the election by a landslide, if he had gotten more votes they would have just scanned more phony ballots and transferred more votes from Trump to Biden until they got the number they needed

  16. I quit the mainstream media when Barack Obama was FIRST elected. I knew they were spewing mostly BS!!!! NOW, they are totally BS!! I wasn’t fooled back then and I’m not fooled now!!

  17. Makes me sick to think Joe Biden may become president by cheating. I am to the point I almost rather put up a fight and keep the bastard Joe Biden out of the Whitehouse rather than have the prick Joe Biden and Kamel azz Harris destroy America

  18. 1. Break Up the MSM Monopolies using Anti Trust laws.
    2. DOJ Investigation of MSM corporations for Subversion violation.
    3. Licensing Requirements for All Media Reporters to insure compliance with the Reporters Oath.
    4. No more Undisclosed and/or Anonymous Sources allowed.
    They brought is on themselves by their own behavior.

  19. Bozo Biden is a Low life Corrupt Crook, Very Greedy, will do anything to screw someone out of their money, and to top it off,, that is why the Communist Democrats like him.


  21. Since when are voters so uninformed? There certainly are a lot more sources of information other than the biased mainstream news media. And, if you are a voter, it’s your responsibility to know who you are voting for, especially in this scandalous, sickening and dirty cover up election. I did wonder why we didn’t see more ads for Donald Trump on the radio & tv. Every time I saw one of those “Biden” ads, the one thing that came to mind was FRAUD!! This guy is obviously not qualified to sit in the oval office. So what do we have here? A scam to put a man in as the figure head and let the DNC’s sick agendas take over. And exactly what is our justice department doing? Had Trump pulled half the stunts Biden did, he would have been impeached so fast it would of made your head spin. So who is covering up for whom? I don’t trust any of those in our government to tell the truth other than Donald Trump.

  22. That’s interesting that people can say they didn’t know about Biden or they wouldn’t have voted for him. That shows you how dumb some people can be. You have to do some research to find things out and learn. Not thru the MSM because they are the left and will tell you nothing. Read conservative news and article from bulliens such as this. Use your brain and we wouldn’t be in the situation we are today. We could be continuing on with the good work that President Trump has started and not get it all torn up by the radical left.

  23. HELLO AMERICA IT’S WAKE UP TIME !!! Well I tried 2 tell YOU (CITIZENS of AMERICA) for the LAST 6 (SIX MONTHS) that OLD SLEEPY JOE was a THUG (That being when MORE than 1 (ONE) Person in a FAMILY (Like Brothers, Father & Sons are into CRIME it becomes a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE) !!!! CRAMINAL ENTERPRISES are AGINST the LAWS of AMERICA (Don’t believe ME then ASK ANY LAWYER) !!!

    FOLKS; I am NO Great Mind, I JUST have a LOT a of GOOD COMMON SENSE !!! ONCE before in SEPTEMBER of 2007, I CAME to the CONCLUSION that the GUY from CHICAGO, BORN in KENYA, that became #44 was a THUG for he LIED, was in the MOB, CROOKED & a THIEF !!!!! But NO ONE would SAY I was CORRECT, So NOW what DO WE KNOW about HIM ( The SAME as SLEEPY JOE !!! NOT from a MAN with a BRILLIANT MIND but JUST GOOD OLD COMMON SENSE, From a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE !!!!!!

  24. I said myself long ago. Barr doesn’t look like he should be trusted. And same with Fauci I said, from day one he looked shifty. I really don’t think either should be trusted.

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