January 23, 2022

Supreme Court turns down Massachusetts health worker vaccine mandate case

The Supreme Court turned down a case on Monday to hear a Massachusetts health worker lawsuit to stop a COVID-19 vaccine mandate requirement.

Justice Stephen Breyer, the justice who handles emergency filings in the region, denied the request. No comment was given.

The case included “employees at Mass General Brigham who say the Boston-based hospital violated federal law by not granting them exemptions from the hospital’s vaccine policy,” according to SCOTUSblog.

Some speculated the court may be waiting on a larger case. Two religious-based challenges to the vaccine mandate in New York remain pending.

In addition, on Monday a federal judge ruled in favor of a Missouri case that offered a temporary injunction for health workers while its case is decided regarding the mandate.

The case makes Missouri the 10th state in the battle, one that could find a strong case at the Supreme Court level in the near future.

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