May 23, 2022

Supreme Court to hear case of high school football coach fired over on field prayers

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear oral arguments in the case of Washington state former high school football coach Joe Kennedy who was fired after refusing to end his tradition of postgame prayers.

“The case surrounds high school football coach Joseph Kennedy and Bremerton School District in the state of Washington,” Breitbart News reported.

“Kennedy, a devout Christian who began working at Bremerton High School in 2008, was fired from his role as varsity assistant coach and as the junior varsity head coach after he refused to quit praying on the 50 yard line in full view of the public following games,” it added.

The court had previously turned down the several-years-long case. However, a new appeal has led to a fresh look at the case.

Kennedy hopes the new conservative court majority following former President Donald Trump’s term in office will lead to a favorable ruling.

The coach still has hopes to return to coaching, along with plans to restart his tradition of praying on the field after games.

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