August 18, 2022

Supreme Court to consider taking up prominent election lawsuits

Democrats thought that President Joe Biden’s installation in the White House would mean the end of any probing into their election misbehavior — but the game isn’t over yet.

The Supreme Court has agreed to consider several crucial lawsuits regarding the November election, including a suit led by pro-Trump lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, as well as Republican Rep. Mike Kelly’s (R-PA) lawsuit against his home state.

Though the high court denied requests to take on the cases ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration — to the extreme disappointment and displeasure of Trump and his supporters — it’s still critical that the court work through the challenges due to the potential of far-reaching impacts to future elections.

Trump lawyer John Eastman told the Washington Examiner on Friday that his PA election lawsuit — which concerns mail-in voting provisions that are alleged to have been a ploy to manipulate the outcome of the election — “remains important and in need of the court’s review.”

Kelly’s lawyer Greg Teufel confirmed to the Examiner that the Pennsylvania Rep. has no intention of dropping his lawsuit either.

However, supporters of the SCOTUS challenge will likely have to wait months before any meaningful arguments or decisions will be made, as the court still must vote in February to take up the relevant cases.

If the court opts to do so, the cases will likely not be heard until October of 2021.

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Fact+Truth=Justice (@guest_1123783)
1 year ago

Our Justice system & Military should have stepped in.What has transpired in the November 3,2020 Presidential Election was flat our FRAUD !! And for the Media News outlets to not cover the evidence with Proof and written accounts was conspiring with the crimes perpetrated .It was a Domestic & Foreign interference in the Elections and the perpetrator’s along with the misconduct in Official’s by not investigating it,Was a complete injustice and a Treasonable offence against Our Country and We The People of our Nation.The TRUTH of it all WILL PREVAIL.And the individual’s who orchestrated the BIGGEST HEIST in the Election will be brought to Justice,Either by the Laws set in place or by We The People who WILL hold them accountable for their Treasonable Traitor’s Betrayal.

Danuta (@guest_1124019)
Reply to  Fact+Truth=Justice
1 year ago

I think only WE, THE PEOPLE can bring justice to all traitors in American government. Supreme Court Justices were afraid to do it. They remember death of Scalia. Also Pence was scared to death. Fascist rules work for liberals.

Gary Hull (@guest_1124391)
Reply to  Danuta
1 year ago

Agree, Scalia’s was never fully investigated which should tell you the highest level in government was involved. You are right who is to say it won’t happen again.

Sarah Chisenhall (@guest_1124085)
Reply to  Fact+Truth=Justice
1 year ago

I Agree

Margaret Wahrer (@guest_1124327)
Reply to  Fact+Truth=Justice
1 year ago

Beautifully said! WWG1WGA! GOD WINS.

Matilda Crawford (@guest_1124338)
Reply to  Fact+Truth=Justice
1 year ago

I agree n I just don’t get it why President Trump didn’t call for Martial Law can anyone explain why he didn’t ,I have my own thoughts on this but as the Commander& Chief of the the Military n this Nation under oath to protect n preserveAmerican for such times as we see ourCountry is being taken over by the left n it will be changed for ever new will never get it back to where it was unless God intervenes ,this is a fraudulent government!

Joseph Dan Marshall (@guest_1124575)
Reply to  Matilda Crawford
1 year ago

We didn’t until now. It will be rough out and i hope the Military takes this it on. We have already seen what the Supreme Court will do. They have shown they are afraid. Send them all to Gitmo. This is treason can be a death penalty Case if convicted. Please don’t wait until November.

Theresa (@guest_1125325)
Reply to  Joseph Dan Marshall
1 year ago

If they wait til October/ November China and the great reset will be in our country. It looks to be happening any time now.

Douglas (@guest_1126210)
Reply to  Joseph Dan Marshall
1 year ago

I agree with you it needs to be tried in the military courts because the Supreme Court Justices will rule for the Democrats and that’s totally wrong. All the Democrats need to be tried for treason and election fraud . Everyone of them need to be prosecuted and sent to prison. Also We need President Trump back in office he never committed any crimes whatsoever and he didn’t incite the riots. Impeach President Biden and Vice President Harris and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and cronies!!! DRAIN THE SWAMP IMMEDIATELY!!! RESIND ALL OF PRESIDENT BIDENS EXECUTIVE ORDERS AND REINSTATE ALL OF PRESIDENT TRUMPS EXECUTIVE ORDERS!’BIDEN is trying to destroy the United States of America and WE THE CITIZENS OF THE United States OF AMERICA MUST REQUEST THAT THIS CRAP STOPS NOW!!!

Helene Barton (@guest_1127682)
Reply to  Fact+Truth=Justice
1 year ago

We will let down and lied to again and again we are with Bill Barr?????!? Let’s hope the Supreme Court can see through this Fraud

Pollty (@guest_1123812)
1 year ago

Well better late than never.1God is moving people keep praying and watch God wanting justice

Cheryl Bennett (@guest_1124521)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago


Leslie w shell (@guest_1123831)
1 year ago

Impeachment is THE favorite tool of the Democrats, Use for the GOOD of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. JOIN WITH REPRESENTATIVE GREENE AND CALL YOUR RESENTATIVE, encourage them to support her with the Impeachment of Joe Biden & his “VICE” and a few more. Take back our Country.

JIM (@guest_1124084)
Reply to  Leslie w shell
1 year ago

The whole democrat party and their enablers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for numerous crimes.

Gloria VanAtter (@guest_1124526)
Reply to  Leslie w shell
1 year ago

Amen to that Leslie W. She’ll.

Charles (@guest_1125245)
Reply to  Leslie w shell
1 year ago

I agree 100% !

Rosemarie (@guest_1123848)
1 year ago

Time to drain the SWAMP ! Jail time for all the Treason they have committed . Good bye Biden , Harris, Pelosi , McConnell, Schumer, Clinton’s. Obama’s, Bush. The rest of the Rino’s and Democrats ! Bring back our President Trump to clean up the mess !

Lon Brumbach (@guest_1124316)
Reply to  Rosemarie
1 year ago

amen bring back our best president ever

Megland (@guest_1123880)
1 year ago

We all knew it was fraud! Too bad it was let go until now. I’m in PA and glad that our former Attorney General, Boockvar, resigned. She was in on the fraud. It is a crooked government here. God is in control!

Trudy (@guest_1123953)
1 year ago

It’s about time they start to check into all the FRAUD! PA had 202,000 more votes than voters! WHAT? They certified that their numbers were a correct count. Not that they needed to match or anything, just YES the numbers shown are true and correct.

Linda (@guest_1123965)
1 year ago

I wish the Supreme Court would just get it done. If Biden has his way by October the Court may not exist as we know it today. What takes them so long to do, what they should have done to start with?

Judy Owen (@guest_1124135)
Reply to  Linda
1 year ago

Yeah the Supreme Court maybe sorry for the decision they made. It could be the end of some of there jobs Which wouldn’t bother me at all a disgrace to America

JayJay (@guest_1123968)
1 year ago

I am frustrated that the SCOTUS and DOJ refused to take this up in a timely manner. The biggest issue even if all of the fraud is seen understood etc. What would the REMEDY be? How do you undo the Biden/Harris damage. There is so much riding on all of this who really wants to piss off half the he nation etc.

Mark Longacre (@guest_1123998)
1 year ago

MSM misinformation, censorship, blatant lies, impeachment by the Liberal Commie left, Capitol Riots perpetrated by the left on the day possibly decertifying the fraudulent votes by paper ballots, and Dominion voting machines, while Beijing Biden campaigns in his basement, biological warfare attack (Covid-19), on the World, the left encouraging rioting looting, burning property, killing innocent people including children by lawless people, judges and politicians refusing to hear evidence of such things all the way up to SCOTUS…all these TREACHEROUS EVENTS one right after the other is BLATENT yet calculating to one purpose… Achieving Power to Control Americans, and the World through Globalism, Fascism, Communism.

“To everyone who ever called Trump a dictator –
A dictator can’t be censored.
The one doing the censoring is the dictator.”

– Edward Rami –

Brad (@guest_1124324)
Reply to  Mark Longacre
1 year ago

And King Biden said himself that a dictator signs a bunch of executive orders. Well, that is all he is doing. He is above signing more than 40 of them in less than 3 weeks. I guess him and the far left are the dictators. Not Trump.

HENRY D. (@guest_1124023)
1 year ago

Stop the complaining and the criticism. This is a “major victory” over the past rejections. We the citizens should be thankful that there is some positive movement with the SCOTUS. I was brought up with the saying “Time Heals All Wounds”! Let’s not complain and open a Pandora’s Box. Letters of appreciation to the powers to be for any support and hope to fix what was broken. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1124039)
1 year ago

If republicans could grow a spine alot of this would not be happening now. All dems have to do is call racist and all republicans start saying sorry for being. Get on board with americans that care about this country. Save it from the sewer hole we are going down. If not alot of changes coming in next elections. Someone worth a damn can easily do what you are doing. We the people are still here waiting for your help.

raymond lombardi (@guest_1124046)
1 year ago

I’m glad someone is doing something because the election was rigged!

Roger D. Mann (@guest_1125373)
Reply to  raymond lombardi
1 year ago

I have video proof it was!

constitution (@guest_1124049)
1 year ago

It is obvious the Supreme Court, the Judges, Governors, DOJ where all threatened. Remember Flynn saying he lied to save is son from the hands of the commy FBI hoods. Like a wind that frightens everyone and blows there roof off, will fix there roof and put the trash in the dump, a big hole.

AMERICAN PATRIOT (@guest_1124159)
1 year ago

DO It!!!!!!!!!!

Tom (@guest_1124174)
1 year ago

I think “we the people of the USA” should file a lawsuit with SCOTUS FROM ALL ACROSS THE NATION! Challenge the election process and demand accountability for those responsible for violating US CONSTITUTION by violating their state voting law… goodbye GA, AZ, PA, MI, as they blatantly violated their state election laws. Not to mention illegal votes… voter rolls, mast ballot mail out…etc.

Jan (@guest_1124306)
1 year ago

I agree with all, especially we the people of USA filing a lawsuit with Scrotus all across the nation and get our Country back!!!!
Great idea Tom!

Mary (@guest_1124418)
1 year ago

Common sense! Democrats tried for four years to impeach Trump. Schiff lied over and over-collision. Trump -acquitted. Everything they tried failed. Now we have Biden who is slowly runining our country. Fix immigration and fix the homeless situation. Stop wasting more taxpayer dollars on another impeachment. 40 million the fist time how much more money that we don’t have!!

Brenda Whitney (@guest_1124542)
1 year ago

Yes the election was rigged, but to not start the process now is wrong. One of our problems with our justice system is the lapse of time. Treason should be swift. We have lawyers crawling over each other. A rigged election calls for swift justice.

Jeanne R Stotler (@guest_1124547)
1 year ago

Article 4, section 4 of the CONSTITUTION, reads “The United States shall GUARANTEE to every STATE in theis Union a REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT, an shall PROTECT each of them against invasion; ” and on application of the Legislature, or of the Executive ( when the Legislature cannot convene) against DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, seems this needs to be looked into, and executed.

Patty (@guest_1124550)
1 year ago

All above posts are right on target! We, the people all across this country need to file a lawsuit with our state supreme courts, the carry it to scotus! This farce has to end! The election was figged, Biden is illegitimate!

James Bigley (@guest_1124655)
1 year ago

We need to get Trump back in office and drain the swamp prison for all involved including some in the Supreme court, The Obamas, Clintons, Pelosis, Bidens and many many more, the FBI, CIA, the list goes on and on.

Billy Wilson (@guest_1124852)
1 year ago

If they agree it was by fraud does that over turn the Election for Trump? I bet they find it took to long to fileor any other reason not to overturn the election.

Louise Shelley (@guest_1125971)
1 year ago

YEAH; it’s about time. Perhaps, if proved that the election was rigged and therefore illegal, we could get our president and America back again.

James Warren Scott (@guest_1128657)
1 year ago

Bill Barr said there was no “wide spread election fraud “. No one thought to ask him to define “wide spread”. To me that’s at least 50% of the states. It wasn’t wide spread, but it was 4 or 5 states, 10%. That was enough to steal the election. Our GOP leaders are to stupid to ask the right questions.

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1 year ago

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