May 24, 2022

Supreme Court smacks down case seeking to overturn federal mask mandate on airplanes

There have been many attempts to limit freedoms throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have been thwarted by the U.S. Supreme Court while one issue has been ignored entirely.

The high court refused to hear a case that would have blocked the federal mask mandate on airplanes, Breitbart reported. The brief, filed by the father and his autistic son, who could not wear masks and thus couldn’t fly, was sent to Justice Neil Gorsuch who rejected it.

Michael Seklecki filed the emergency petition that was denied Tuesday. He claimed his son’s condition medically prevented him from wearing masks and sought remedy with the high court, though the filing was not done through an attorney as is typical.

President Joe Biden had made mask mandates a central tenet of his administration, especially on public transportation. “And we are extending the requirement, both internationally and domestically, to wear masks for travel on aircraft, train, public transportation, through the winter months,” Biden had said in December and renewed this month.

The president thought it so important he made it an integral part of his campaign promises. “Wear your mask for just 100 days. It’s the easiest thing you can do to reduce COIVD cases, hospitalizations, and death,” Biden claimed.

“Whatever your politics or point of view — mask up for 100 days,” he appealed before taking over the White House. “Once we take office. 100 days to make a difference. It’s not a political statement, it’s a patriotic act,” Biden said.

Though the court has yet to take up the mask issue, it handed a big blow to the administration last week by striking down the vaccine mandate passed through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The landmark 6-3 decision kept some 84 million workers out of the line of fire from such a sweeping requirement.

The nation is nearly two years into the pandemic, and the efforts to mitigate the risk, such as masking and vaccination, seem to have had little impact. Though this particular case was not taken up, it seems these mandates are on borrowed time already.

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