August 8, 2022

Supreme Court says throws out to effort to force Hillary Clinton to testify about email server

Hillary Clinton has wriggled her way out of trouble again. The Democratic presidential nominee will not have to testify about her email server, and this time the decision came from the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal from a conservative watchdog group to compel her to testify about using a personal email server while serving as secretary of state, Breitbart reported. The unsigned order was submitted without comment and shut down efforts to make her answer a deposition.

Judicial Watch hoped to overturn a previous ruling from last August that similarly excused Clinton from legal scrutiny. The group wanted to depose Clinton and her former aide Cheryl Mills as well as other potential witnesses about what was kept on that personal, unsecured server and whether it included classified information.

“Hillary Clinton ignored the law but received special protection from both the courts and law enforcement,” Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president, said in a statement. “For countless Americans, this double standard of justice has destroyed confidence in the fair administration of justice.”

The watchdog group had been working on getting Clinton to talk since 2014, charging that she was trying to hide emails from Freedom of Information Act scrutiny, Fox News reported. In particular, Judicial Watch was interested in emails surrounding the 2012 attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi. At the time, she and others in the government were advancing the narrative that the attack happened over an obscure video, a story that subsequently unraveled.

The scandal over Clinton’s email server became an integral part of the 2016 presidential campaign. She was investigated by the FBI but no charges were ever filed despite then-FBI Director James Comey calling her “extremely careless” in July that year.

Former President Donald Trump capitalized on the massive controversy during one presidential debate.  Trump rightly pointed out that her team “destroyed 33,000 emails” although the timing was called into question, The Washington Post reported.

Clinton broke the rules by using her personal server for government business. To date, she has not sufficiently paid for that action — except that she lost to Trump — and it looks like she will not be answering for it for the foreseeable future.

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Thelma Johnson (@guest_1191065)
1 year ago

The fact that only three of the justices ( Thomas, Alito, and Forsuch) agreed to even listen to the fraudulent evidence concerning the 2020 election, let us know everything we need to know about them! It would only have taken one more to reinstate our REAL president because the evidence was so overwhelming! Therefore, the other six wimps have forced us to accept an illegal president, who is totally destroying our country! If those six are unwilling to do their job, they should step down immediately! Aside from Hillary, and all her unlawful shenanigans, they should also have ruled on Brennan, Comey, the FBI, etc. and all the other dishonest people in our government! The Constitution was written to punish crooks and prevent a cesspool in American government!

John greenJ (@guest_1191078)
1 year ago

What is the threat being held over their heads? It would have to be DEATH to be threatening enough. That’s a tired shame, their just BYEDONE their time, awhile OUR great nation gets burried.

Ken Huffaker (@guest_1191130)
1 year ago

Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord!
Hillary is getting away with nothing! Same goes for her husband and all the other narcissistic, power hungry loser’s causing the people so much pain. Trust God to handle these people, he always does, but keep your nose clean and trust Him!
The rope is getting very long for the hanging! We don’t have to be eyewitnesses for true justice to be done.

mike (@guest_1191260)
1 year ago

The Jesters Court strikes again

Joseph (@guest_1191297)
1 year ago

It is time to get people in the supreme court system that is going to do America right. And bring to justice back to America.

Terry Bell (@guest_1191334)
Reply to  Joseph
1 year ago

STOP THE LIFE LONG APPOINTMENTS !!!! That is WHY the half breed muslim nigger wants a job there.

Billy (@guest_1191298)
1 year ago

We need to replace the supreme court they don’t care about America or justice

Terry Bell (@guest_1191355)
Reply to  Billy
1 year ago

So very very true. F*CK!em !

Jerry L. Peck (@guest_1191299)
1 year ago

I have lost ALL RESPECT for the SUPREME COURT. I feel that they have been bought off by HILLARYS GROUP OF PURE TRASH.

Andrea Marino (@guest_1191404)
1 year ago

Utterly disgraceful. SCOTUS in on the destruction of America for money. My consolation is GOD SEEING ALL. These justices ‘sell out’ even their own children and WILL get what they deserve.

BC (@guest_1191421)
1 year ago

I think all see where this country is heading and believe me it isn’t good. The DemocRATs have trashed everything this country stands for and only the people stand in there way of COMPLETE POWER which is what they want. COMMUNISM–there I said it and the DemocRATs want to abolish this country like OBAMA and his father wanted. Americans have been dooped by these PIG-headed Politicians who cheated their way to the top. Glad I am OLD as I won’t see the end which isn’t far away.

Renee Moore (@guest_1191432)
Reply to  BC
1 year ago

You will see the End but you will be on the Winning Side! God has come to me many times and for the good. I will not preach because some do not like it, but a Higher Power is definitely out there, too bad some have no idea what I speak about or will enjoy someday.

Renee Moore (@guest_1191429)
1 year ago

We are getting a lesson on who are above the Law, and is sealing our Fate. We as Americans need to do something instead of talking and complaining. The Democrats stole an Election, maybe we Republicans need a lesson out of their Play Book. God gave us Christians a Brain, we better start using them or we are in deep trouble.

robert (@guest_1191544)
1 year ago

remember God’s curse on cain (you will rule over evil) well that’s the curse of our supreme court. They are not going to find a high demon guilty of anything. Don’t think this accusation makes them mad, they are very proud of this.

Sharon (@guest_1191549)
1 year ago

Thanks Supreme Court you just let the Biggest criminal go free to continue on a crime spree, karma

ICE (@guest_1191558)
1 year ago

Well Well if the people would stop and realize that HILLARY is DEMOCRAT they would understand why she does not have to testify. A DEMOCRAT LIKE HILLARY, BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER etc could stand in front of a JUDGE and 12 Jury members and commit murder and they would walk on the charge because DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS CAN DO NO WRONG !

Jim (@guest_1191622)
1 year ago

What the heck you mean by an “unsigned Order”? Since when does an unsigned order count? Does that mean some unauthorized hack clerk for a liberal Justice wrote it up herself? Sorry but that doesn’t sound like a real SCOTUS Order to me!

Trish (@guest_1192575)
1 year ago

What kind of garbage is this? That woman needs to be held accountable for her past deeds. What is the problem, just say yes, and Americans may see hope for the legal system.

Submit Link (@guest_1212723)
1 year ago

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Ekonomia (@guest_1215413)
1 year ago

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