May 6, 2021

Supreme Court saves condemned killer at the 11th hour

The Supreme Court just blocked the execution of a Texas man who was condemned to death for the horrific murder of an 85-year-old woman over 20 years ago.

Ruben Gutierrez was convicted of stabbing Escolastica Harrison to death.

The New York Times reports:

The authorities said that Mr. Gutierrez tried to steal about $600,000 in cash from Escolastica Harrison, 85, after befriending her. They say Mr. Gutierrez, who was 21 at the time, and two accomplices went into the woman’s home and left with the money. Mr. Gutierrez, in his third statement to the police, said his accomplice beat, kicked and stabbed the victim, while Mr. Gutierrez took her money.

The Supreme Court delayed Mr. Gutierrez’s execution because the state did not allow his spiritual advisor to be in the death chamber with him.

“As a devout Catholic, Mr. Gutierrez’s faith requires the assistance of clergy to help him pass from life into afterlife,” his attorney, Shawn Nolan, argued.

Whether Mr. Gutierrez’s victim, Ms. Harrison, was allowed the assistance of clergy to help her pass from life into afterlife hasn’t been reported, but considering the brutal manner in which she died, it’s unlikely.

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64 Responses

  1. The scotus is no longer a valid branch of our government.. the scotus takes its marching orders from the democraps… so much for justice in America….. the end times are upon us.

    1. What are you talking about? Conservative Republicans control the Supreme Court by a 5 to 4 margin over Democrats. Try using a different excuse for your disappointment.

      1. Does this mean that it is time for patriots to get “locked and loaded”? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    2. Its like this the way as I see the way our laws gotten to where we see how they do not work today , 1st there is one set of laws , then their is the second set of laws that are put in place to help cover up for 1st set of laws , and they keep on going like that till they reach the highest point of the laws , by that time the laws are so screwed up no one knows what a person can be charged with , and could be why we see so many of those in politics alone , that should of been in jails a long time ago or back , and still running free today , like they never done anything crooked in their lives , and the laws gotten to a point to where those types of people with money power , want the working people of our country to do as they say and not as they do , and those that are to uphold our laws are in that same grove as the working people our country are , and could be why those that should of been in jail or worse , are still living free today .

    3. You are so correct real news isreal news, now the end begins and epoch news Christian broadcasting news 700 club

    4. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate some portions of our Constitution. I do believe term limits for Congress and SCOTUS should be introduced in a bill and voted on by the people of the US.

      1. Which Constitution are thinking of revising? The original one, or the Territorial one or the Municipal one?

        The Municipal one, Mr Obama BANKRUPTED just before he left office..did you know that? If not..thank the media… for not reporting it.

    5. As i see it he must of not been to much involved in religion or he would NOT of done what he did to begin with

  2. This is just wrong he didn’t give the lady he murdered a choice what if it were your family member

  3. The courts are no longer for the people. It’s hard to see our nation being destroyed by un-elected people.

    1. I agree. Revise that portion of the Constitution and have term limits for Congress and SCOTUS. All these people lie to the citizens.

  4. I guess our intelligentsia, both right and left, have come to suffer from the crappy outlook that having their noses up the rectums of the scum of the earth for most of their adult lives cause. For those whose only religion is abortion on demand, a grip on the public udder, and guilt for imagined sins of our forbears, no personal responsibility or punishment of actions is conceivable. God save us.

  5. The absurdity of defense legalities in this world today is ridiculous. The legal system protects and taxpayers pay for the criminals vs the families and the victims more than ever.

  6. No guys— the right of inmates to receive religious counsel as part of execution is enshrined by 100 years of tradition. The Supreme Court had to uphold that right, as part of the First Amendment. The request for a particular religious counselor should have been honored Immediately without forcing a Supreme Court fight.

    1. Whether he had a religious counselor present or not he will one day face the real Supreme Judge and there will be no appeal unless it is done before death.
      This country has come to the point where our legal system is a joke with no one having rights but the criminals. Surely end times are upon us.
      Susan; When did we change from being a nation of laws to one of tradition?
      For around 100 years we had Aunt Jemima syrup,which is very good, but it now has to go along with uncle Ben’s rice what happened to your tradition?
      The rice and syrup has to go because they have a picture of black people on them do we do away with wheaties because as the breakfast of champions they have a picture of white people on them, See how ridiculous this is getting?

    2. Thank you, Susan. No matter what heinous crime he committed, we should be praying that he confess and be reminded that, yes, even this crime is a sin that the Crucifixion of Christ paid for. No sin is too great-if there were sins to big to be forgiven, then how do we know we are forgiven? Jesus said, if you hate anyone, you are a murderer-do you hate this man? Sure sounds like many here do-so where does that leave us? I am all for Gutierrez to have the opportunity for confession and absolution from his priest. If he should be denied that comfort, then what keeps anyone from denying any inmate the same privilege of ministerial services, Bible classes, and visits from clergy. As awful as his crime is, he needs, above all things, the peace of forgiveness from God. God still loves him, as he loved the criminal that was crucified next to Jesus.

  7. How disgusting! No justice for the elderly woman who was killed by this man. All for money.!?? If he is a devout Catholic wouldn’t he know the Commandments that state “Thou shall NOT murder”
    Thou shall not covet thy neighbors property…” if we know without any doubt someone is guilty of the crime they should face their punishment right then! Let him live for how many years? He’s been getting room, board, fed….. Disgusting! What if this was their Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, Cousin, Sister??

  8. A life time appointment was so nobody could control the courts. Seem like the new court dosent believe this

    1. Exactly Don. Either sit in the chair or he can die the same way Granny did, being beaten and stabbed to death! Look, human life is precious but those who take the lives of others in a vicious manner such as this just to take her valuebles need to suffer the pain and terror their victum did. Maybe they will think again before they hurt others.

  9. He should have been given religious counsel and promptly executed. The bad law is one that denies religious counsel to those being executed.

    1. Was there any evidence he ask for a counselor? Or is that just something his lawyer,we paid for,came up with?

  10. I am sick and tired of hearing the term, “DEVOUT CATHOLIC”!! You constantly hear it from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, and others, including this barbarian, who chose his Catholic faith(?) to get out of what HE DESERVED! It’s past time for our laws to be concerned with the victims and NOT THE deranged criminals!! It’s time for all of us to band together and say it’s enough to the POLITICAL CORRECT nonsense that has caused the Dumbing Down of our nation and other nations!! It’s become obscene what we’re now calling LAWS!! The only protect the criminals!!

  11. The sooner we get more conservative judges on the Supreme Court the better it will be for America. The liberals are all nuts and their brand of thinking is lunacy! For instance the DACA issue and failure to take 2A issues. All of this is indicative of liberals because they will not do anything for the nation it is all to the nation. We can only hope there is enough decency left to finally overcome the lawless liberal left.

  12. I respect that prisoners have the right to see and talk to a spiritual adviser before execution, but the prisoner should have some record of participation in a church or temple, not just the words “devoted Catholic” stated by a defense attorney. Most of us Catholics don’t murder anybody, let alone, old women.

  13. Outrageous!
    The death penalty should be the death penalty. The person should not be on death row being supported by taxpayers for 20+ years. Especially in cases of this nature.

  14. This is the worst! I agree with all of you that posted!! He’s guilty! Be done with it! Why should he have any right to anything, he is an animal. Those on the Court that stayed is death should be removed for not protecting the innocent.

  15. Where was his care and concern for the victim when her soul was leaving her body. She was tortured to death. Screw this baby handling of criminals. Put him to death.

  16. Those who have been sentenced to death should be executed no later than 2 years fter being found guilty. Upon the verdict they get an automatic appeal, be it county or State. The minute that is upheld they get a Federal appeal which needs to be acted on within the year. Then the Death Penalty is upheld and carried out. No more of this 10, 20, 30 years or more on death row.

  17. I totally agree with all who replied. He should fry he shouldn’t get to live another day. I am so tired of the rioters, lefties, antifa, Demorats and all the other despicables . They are tearing this Country down.

  18. Sorry, sandy raymond! Let’s not mock the words “Devote Catholic” for I am one of many. My religion is not tied to my political beliefs. The convict’s attorney used the words for sympathy from the court. This man may be a Catholic or not, however, whatever religion he is if any at all, he still has the right to be accompanied by a spiritual counselor. “No Nasty Nancy” does not qualify! The individual that overlooked his right should be made accountable for the error. I hope he has a new date very soon.

  19. John Robets is a true pinko, he sides with the LBGT community on religious principles and now says the murderer needs his religious leader at his execution. The guy lived 20 more years for murder! why? Looks like the justices are now under the control of the DNC, get rid of them all.

  20. Wow as a Christian country what’s the Bible say about murders ! Send them on to the Father for judgement .

  21. Term limits should be a mandatory for supreme court justices. The OLD communist woman on the court can’t even tell you her middle name. These communists that are taking over our country are putting church goers in jail and turning the communist murderers alose on our streets. Haven’t y’all had enough yet,America!? Rise up!

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