May 12, 2021

Supreme Court rejects challenge of Trump’s census rule excluding immigrants

In a major defeat for Democrat activists, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday to end a motion challenging the Trump administration’s efforts to block illegal immigrants from being counted in the United States census. 

Fox News reported:

An unsigned opinion from the majority of the court concluded that it would be premature to issue a ruling because it is uncertain how the administration will eventually implement the directive to not count illegal immigrants from a memo President Trump signed in July.

Democrats erupted in rage after President Trump announced that he would move to block the counting of illegal immigrants in the 2020 census. The tacit hope was that counting non-citizens would give Democrats an edge in redistricting, but President Trump has ended that hope.

The conservative majority wrote in their rejection of the challenge to Trump’s ruling that:

We express no view on the merits of the constitutional and related statutory claims presented. We hold only that they are not suitable for adjudication at this time. At present, this case is riddled with contingencies and speculation that impede judicial review.

The liberal justices publically decried the decision, complaining that “The plain meaning of the governing statutes, decades of historical practice, and uniform interpretations from all three branches of Government demonstrate that aliens without lawful status cannot be excluded from the decennial census solely on account of that status.”

“The Government’s effort to remove them from the apportionment base is unlawful, and I believe this Court should say so,” wrote liberal Justice Stephen Breyer.

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49 Responses

  1. Illegal people should not be in this country period. If here, They do not deserve benefits that belong to American citizens.

    1. NOR do they or those who countenance or support their illegal presence be allotted congressional representation based on that presence. Such representation effectively denies equal representation to actual legal American citizens in other jurisdictions.

    2. I completely agree. I often wonder why do they not apply for citizenship when they first get in this country. No, we just cannot afford to support someone who is not a citizen. They have the opportunity to apply for citizenship so why don’t they???? If we gave money to everyone who slips in this country, we would certainly be broke completely. I do not know how the illegals come in and expect this.

      1. As far as I know, they cannot apply for citizenship if they came into the country illegally. If they try, they are subject to immediate deportation. To apply for citizenship, they must first go back to their home country and apply from there, and they wind up at the “back of the line” behind everyone who has applied the legal way. It could be more than 10 years before they are allowed to come back here. It usually takes years and lots of money, even doing it the right way.

      2. Because some of the illegal aliens have a criminal background from where they came from. And you can not apply for citizenship in United States of America if you’re a criminal from another Country.

      3. To apply for citizenship they must first show proof that they entered the country legally, which they cannot do.
        Illegals come to the USA and receive benefits because immigration laws are not enforced: Laws are not enforced because there are many powerful people who do not WANT the laws enforced.

    3. Amazing ilegal can get a hearing and Americans can’t did we have a just and fair elections Ray charles said he saw fraud we only care about illegals thats we democrats our veterans seniors and Blacks get a promise every time election comes around if you have a decision who to vote for republicans or democrats you ain’t Black

  2. Anyone in America illegally should NOT be counted in our census!! Liberals continue to want them included in the hopes they will vote liberals into office. That should not be legal, either!! I side with Trump on this issue!!

  3. What part of ILLEGAL do people NOT understand? American citizens are deserving of benefits befitting a citizen.

  4. If this court system doesn’t stand against illegal immigration. Then this country just stepped into the communist status. People that are not Americans will flood the agencies that are set up to help then in their needs. Will not receive it. Instead! The people of this country will be taxed to the moon to pay for them. Plus; what about the countries that will empty their jails and prison and dump them here. We already have problems with no police in our streets because of the communist demarates in office. All I can say now is! If the people of thi country doesn’t stad up now. We will be the new; UCSA! What does it mean? UNITED COMMUNIST STATES of AMERICA.


  6. These are not immigrants, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS! Immigrants sign paperwork and go through the legal prcesses to enter the country.

  7. My understanding is that all United States Citizens are to be counted for the Census. Illegal citizens should not be counted until they have gone through the proper vetting process and have become legal citizens. This takes a period of time and should not be rushed. Democrats want this so they can realign these areas to increase seats in the House of Representatives in their favor.

  8. Why are we placing more importance on non invested individuals in this country than ones who have invested their lives, and have gone through the legal avenues available for entry. This request has disenfranchised millions of vested citizens.
    The blatant disinterest in citizens of this great nation shows the ultimate self interest in our elected officials.

    If we can no longer count on our judicial system to protect our constitution and country. We no longer have one. People have throughout history sought freedom, and liberty. We have been the one country everyone has looked to as the model of such a great accomplishment. It is heartbreaking to see the complete disregard for our country’s accomplishments.

  9. Why as Americans do we have to pay our Taxes for Illegals to get free Health Care, Section 8 housing, Food Stamps, etc. They are here illegally and should not be counted, they are entitled to nothing from America, if you want to be an American then honor our Laws and come LEGALLY.

  10. They are illegals not citizens, They offer nothing but trouble for the country. They cannot be considered inthe census.

  11. I agree with Rich, they are illegals not Citizens!!! They are just trouble for our country. Send them back and stop talking our money.

  12. “The plain meaning of the governing statutes, decades of historical practice, and uniform interpretations from all three branches of Government demonstrate that aliens without lawful status cannot be excluded from the decennial census solely on account of that status.”
    Hey scumbag!
    There never was A birthright citizenship.
    Read the 14th amendment please.

    If someone is here illegally they are not
    “A subject of the jurisdiction thereof.”

    Illegals! Are in fact legal subjects of whatever jurisdiction or country they came from.

  13. When we as U.S. citizens can immigrate illegally to another nation and collect welfare, vote and get all the benefits of a standing citizen, then maybe we should extend those to those who come here illegally. but as long as we would be jailed and chained to the bed, I think that those who have come here in violation of our laws should be locked up and deported back to their country. Those who are caught here and are caught again should be imprisoned.
    Those who violate the law and are sent to prison should be in there and sent to hard labor, and when released there should be some method so that they make payments for their care while in prison.

  14. I agree with everything stated in all the above statements. Our United States census is set up to count United States citizens who are naturalized by being born in the United States or immigrants who came here legally, followed the system set up to become citizens, then worked for their living, pay taxes like we all do, making all citizens eligible for benefits, security, and privileges available to all United States citizens, such as voting in elections. Allowing illegal aliens privileges and benefits the same as United States citizens not only disenfranchises United States citizens, by putting illegal aliens on the same level as citizens, it makes United States citizens responsible for providing all said benefits – ” housing – schooling – medical – food ” – by taxing United States citizens, with no end in sight, as stated about every country in the world sending their people to the United States for ” free benefits. The United States ” can not – will not – should not ” become the supreme “welfare state” of the world.

  15. I agree with all the comments; however, all must be Republicans! No Democrats believe any of these opinions.
    As a matter of fact, they do not want to hear about it ! They keep on saying that all are lies and fake news!
    It is unbelievable! We so close of losing our country !!!! No more United States of America !!!

  16. I agree with all the comments; however, all must be Republicans! No Democrats believe any of these opinions.
    As a matter of fact, they do not want to hear about it ! They keep on saying that all are lies and fake news!
    It is unbelievable! We are so close of losing our country !!!! No more United States of America !!!

  17. We came here from England the proper way, our green cards were issued to us before we left to come here. I also object to the illegals being counted as we had to wait. True, when we came it was easier and a lot cheaper than it is now. This country has been good to us except in the Obama years so I guess we shouldn’t grumble.

  18. Gloria, The democrats caused this problem just to get votes or get in office. Look at M.S. Harris god only knows how many she has slept with to get where she is today.

  19. Those who cross our borders illegally are not aliens or immigrants. They are INVADERS plain & simple & should be treated as such! DEMONRATS who say otherwise should be removed from office for their traitorous actions & be tried & jailed as traitors they are.

  20. IT IS MY Understanding that “ILLEGAL” is against the law, the same as NOT LEGAL! This is NOT about Donald Trump, IT IS against anyone who thinks ILLEGAL is anything but against the law! The is only one thing that would make anyone think that ILLEGAL, is to be made legal by the fact that they are counted, when they are illegal to begin with, and that is: MONEY, or the “LOVE” of money! 1 Tim 6:10 KJV When things make no sense, there is money involved! “The TREES of society must, from time to time, be watered w/the blood of patriots!” I think this applies! This nation is doomed by our corrupt Demorat party! There is a way to take it back, but…….

  21. YOU mean, that IF I go into the W/H. I am president! Being born in the U.S.A. of an “ILLEGAL” (against the Law) alien does not constitute LEGAL, whether in the U.S.A. or not! When this happens it leaves the door open for corruption! THERE are laws to follow and they should be followed to be LEGAL! COME, be admitted Legally or don’t come! I liken this to going to your neighbors house. You knock on the door, and are welcomed in or not! Told to come back at another time or not at all, etc so, that is the way it is in nations, you are admitted according to the law and rules of nations or do NOT COME!! SEE taking in a person born illegally here just adds more of a burden to taxpayers like you and I, and I do NOT need that!

  22. No illegal should be counted in the census! They broke our laws by sneaking in, they have NO legal rights, other than to be treated humanely, and should be deported ! They are NOT entitled to welfare, housing, free education etc. they are NOT citizens of this country, we owe them NOTHING, and they should not be counted in the census, they should have to prove citizenship to be counted!

  23. The liberals have screwed this country up beyond hope. They’re currently trying to “win” an election by cheating like hell (openly cheating I should say since there are videos and eyewitnesses to them doing it). The court rules according to who they will be working for. Obviously they are putting their money on the democrats. “In 1830 there were 3,775 free black people who owned 12,740 black slaves (the media doesn’t like to talk about that). Again, not saying that American slavery was great by any means as slavery in North America, the Caribbean, South America, and Islamic nations were all brutal and demeaning. But, North America was the least worst destination enslaved Africans could be shipped to.” So why is it, we North Americans are to blame, if you listen or watch our media, for practically every crime against humanity there is? Because we’re relatively rich, compared to our neighbors in the South, liberals want to invite them (all of them) to come live here so they can count on their votes as democrats. It’s a remarkedly stupid plan that we can’t afford but the democrats could care less. It means the end of a two party state and the democrats will rule as a Communist Chairman.

  24. Even back in biblical times, you HAD to go back to your own country for the census.
    If you voted and were Illegal that voter should be found and deported.
    How were they even allowed to vote? They say they come here to get away from the communist take and the gangs, etc.. their country is in. But they sneak in like thieves in the night. And now have brought their gangs and
    violence to us. While we are supposed to clothe, feed, and educate them while we are scavaging for our own breadcrumbs.

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