May 14, 2021

Supreme Court rejects cases concerning gun ownership for non-violent criminals

The Supreme Court denied an appeal from three people who who sought to have their gun rights reinstated after being convicted of non-violent crimes in a decision that has frustrated Second Amendment advocates.

The denial left in place three earlier rulings that enacted a lifelong ban on each of the citizens involved.

In one case, a Pennsylvania woman convicted of lying on her tax returns was denied gun ownership. Another involved a man found guilty of smuggling counterfeit cassette tapes in 1987.

A third case involved a Pennsylvania man who was convicted of driving under the influence in 2005.

All three cases were argued in reference to Subsection 922(g)(1) of Title 18 of the U.S. Code that includes:

“It shall be unlawful for any person . . . who has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year . . . to ship or transport in interstate or foreign commerce, or possess in or affecting commerce, any firearm or ammunition; or to receive any firearm or ammunition which has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce.”

Adam Kraut, an attorney with the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) which represented two of the petitioners, stated, “While we are disappointed the Supreme Court chose to allow grossly improper lower court rulings to stand, FPC will continue our aggressive litigation strategy.”

The announcement comes following a string of noted shooting crimes in recent weeks. The most recent included a mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis by a former employee that killed eight people and injured several others.

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55 Responses

  1. Bad optics esp for the 3rd case: DUI.
    The other 2 questionable
    OK time for 2A Groups to unite on issues
    Or lose 2A

  2. When is the Supreme Court going to start doing their JOB??? We the people are paying their salaries. Maybe it’s time to make a change. They are not doing anything for the AMERICAN People.

    1. ELIMINATE SUPREME COURT. They are USELESS, OVERPAID AND CORRUPT BEYOND CORRECTION. Send them all Home. They are not working for the American people. CCP has infected and funded them. No Justice in This country! They are POS!

    2. Sue, it’s all in the plan, and I fear they are in on it. Let’s face it, the Big Boys even got to President Trump, but most likely by threats to his family. That explains why he didn’t fight harder in order to save the Republic, when he could have. He got “the word”. The entire system has turned crooked, and we are headed for full-fledged communism. Say your prayers and make sure you’re right with God.

      1. I disagree that Pres Trump did not fight hard enough. He fought for he his full term and during his nomination. He was”swamped” by the SWAMP and Deep State. He fought and is still fighting. He was undermined in everything he did. The Republicans for the most part did not help in the fight.
        I agree to pray and get right with God. He is our only hope.

    3. You are right Sue. The SCOTUS are not working for the American people because they are either too scared of the leftists or being paid off by the likes of Soros and his pals. It is all POLITICAL and desire for MONEY and POWER. They are a group of 9 at this point doing only what the Democrat leftists ask them to do. It is a deplorable time for America because people like Biden, Obama, Clintons, Pelosi, Soros, and many others higher up on the totem pole want control and in order to obtain that they are selling out America day by day. We, the people, should not allow them to get away with that.

    4. They did their jobs, they defined the rule of the law and now it’s up to the individual to use that interpretation to obtain their right to bear arms.

  3. This is part of the problem with the entire system we call the USA. Every state can have different laws, some amend them while others write new laws and never replace the old. This is also true of national laws. Personally I think we should have one set of laws national laws and rid ourselves of old laws still on the books from 1700 because they no longer apply. I’m not looking for a bigger national government but more uniform laws for a COUNTRY.

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    2. No! The U.S. Constitution is not outdated and the laws aren’t either. People need to stop with this idea. Laws are necessary. Each state is responsible for enacting its own laws. It is the citizens of each states responsibility to know the laws of their particular state. That’s the way it should be and should stay that way

      1. You are correct. But, for us to stay a UNITED country the US Constitution must remain the ultimate authority. Many states have been enacting laws that are in violation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. In the last 20 years this trend has accellerated exponentially. If the States are not going to recognize the US Constitution as the Supreme Law of The Land, then we have a grave conundrum. This was the peripheral argument that led up to the first Civil War. People “voting with their feet” the common phrase for moving to more “American” states, is only a temporary solution. The horrifying problem is, enemies of America and the US Constitution have taken over the Federal Gov’t. We are now past the PSR. America has been usurped. It is only a matter of time now until the 2nd Civil War….unfortunately 🙁


  4. Take away my guns you get the bullets first. Take away my guns and I will be the criminal. If you want to really solve the problem, take the guns away from the criminals. Until they do, I will not give up mine because I need protection against those who have guns and want to do bad things to me, my family or my property, PERIOD and end of subject!

    1. ake the guns from all the ILLEGALS flooding our country, who are killing our border cops, whose children are now motherless and fatherless. I guess illegals are EXEMPT?? Our patriots are being killed Daily by illegals; it never hits the news!

      1. I saw a few years ago that there were 580 murders committed in Southern California by illegals ! (It’s almost impossible to dig up current figures….they’re not releasing them !!) According to FBI stats….every one of the gun murders were committed with stolen or smuggled guns. You can make laws from here to the Moon and it won’t stop criminals from getting guns. The states/areas with the toughest gun laws have the highest gun violence.

    2. This is why gun control misses the point. We can NEVER stop criminals from having guns. Gun control disarms law-abiding citizens but does not and cannot ever disarm criminals. They buy them on the black market or they steal them.

    3. Yeah you got everything illegal pouring into our country not knowing who or where they are or any docs to be able to find them no names right. It makes my butt laugh if you think you’ll take away my only security, my weapons. And one more thing if the military has it, I too will have it.

    4. You are right!! Never surrender our guns because we will need them to protect ourselves in the future

  5. This is what you get when you put FOOLS in charge of things. It doesn’t matter what they do because they are always screwing things up and then deny, distract and blame others for their actions and polices. There is not one company that would ever be able to stay in business if it were run like the government. We need to run the government like a company. Lean, mean and profitable and not by taking advantage of the tax payors but by having policies that protect the tax payors from overreach and abusive politicians. We need to stop the stealing, stop the lying and stop wasting tax payors dollars. Start supporting our laws and our Constitutional rights and do what is best for America. If they insist on cancelling me from society then they can also stop taking my money / taxes to pay their salaries so they can abuse me and waste my taxes. We either need term limits or the right to remove them just like a company does. Personally, I would like to see their salaries tied to their performance and how well they do at supporting our Constitutional rights with their policies. God Bless America!

    1. John, agree 100%. Let’s be American not commie puppets !!🇺🇸🇺🇸👍❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸

      1. Its OK for ILLEGALS to have guns, drugs, commit crimes and childtrafficking in OUR country and they are uNSTOPPED, unvetted, expect us to provide translators because they don’t want to bother to learn English because they know eventually they will be predominant here and the language of the USA will be spanish. They can do no wrong and WE the PEOPLE have to support them. This MUST STOP!!! We have to take back our now-communist country

      2. We are now the slaves of the illegals, forced to support them because they decided to show up for the ‘Free Stuff’. Its only going to get worse. There is no control. Finish the Wall!

  6. I can understand the DUI not getting back his gun rights, but the other 2 seem to be way out of line. For me, a DUI is as deadly as a gun. A car can kill as easily as a gun and it’s a lot easier to hit your target.

    1. Here’s the only problem. You could have 2 beers. If that put you over the legal limit in that state, say by .01, the you could be charged with a DUI. BTW, I have never been chaged with a DUI.

  7. The Supreme court has decided to become NON essential employees who are gutless or compromised. We are a lawless country with no arbitraters of justice. .2020 voter fraud perfect example of that. Send them packing they are allowing corruption in our political system to continue unabated.

    1. You are right! The Supreme Kangaroo’s are not doing their Constitutional duties and should be relieved from their non do nothing to defend the Constitution duties! They are a disgrace to the country!!

    2. Yess!! Eliminate their position. There is no justice in the supreme court anyway. Why are we paying them to create a laughing stock of our court system. Their salaries could pay for the illegals joe is making We the People support. He refuses to deport them. States should refuse to take them like the Intelligent Iowa governor did. Send them to Joes house so he can have plenty to sniff.

  8. This decision is ridiculous. The point of gun legislation must be rational. Non violent crimes ought not be a reason for denial of the Second Amendment rights. There is no rational connection between the denial and facts.

    1. Thats why the democommies are instigating all these gun shootings; to get people to understand why they want to take our guns. Don’t give them up! Their whole agenda is to kill off the Americans (with vaccines, or gun battles) and replace us with compliant, obedient ILLEGALS.

  9. Looks like president Trump got mislead about the most likely nominees for his supreme court picks. I hope he’s keeping score with the biden criminal administration. That way the next time he writes an EO that the not so supreme court strikes down ( cancelling the illegal DACA ) he can tell them to pound sand.
    I support the states that have enacted unlicensed carry laws. That’s uninfringed and constitutional. Screw the feds and their superiority complexes….

    1. The 2nd. amendment is my right to carry i do not need a piece of paper to let people know this ,the criminals don’t ,so go for it.

  10. We have liberal Judges at the lower level that make laws in their decision that affect people’s lives.Than you have the Supreme Court that’s a part of the Brotherhood and there not going to make the lower court Judges look bad, good example was the election where the Supreme Court refuse to look at the complaint even when three Judges on the court wrote Opinions that that supported review the complaints of voter fraud.

  11. The Second Amendment is given to citizens in the belief that they are upstanding and responsible. Which means they are not felons. or other types of law brakers. The soul purpose of the Second Amendment is to give the American citizen the right to protect him/her self from Government invasion of their Rights and Freedoms, against their property, family, privacy and possessions. We have, until now, enjoyed Government by representation through our vote. Which means we have a choice. When the government takes away that choice we loose the Right to vote among many other Rights. That is not what our Framers of the Constitution intended by self government. The Dui is a danger to everyone, especially other drivers, pedestrians. It has nothing to do with the second amendment. There is no law referencing drinking and gun ownership. When we start doing that then we are really infringing upon the Second Amendment among other things. Nor can a drunken state be an excuse for the mishandling of a fire arm. If you are going to be a gun owner then you are going to have to carry you’re own being accordingly to continue to enjoy the Second Amendment. There are restrictions in place for drivers who drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. If we start crossing into other areas of Rights to take gun ownership away from gun owners we are heading for elimination of gun ownership and thereby taken self defense measures away from our citizens. Now, it is my understanding that any convicted felon can not own a fire arm legally. I see where there is a US Code being used to enforce the suspension of gun ownership. However, only two of those cases are or can be enforced by incarceration. the DUI is not enforceable by incarceration unless it is a third offense and the drivers license already revoked. None of those conditions are listed as being enforced first. Therefore, the DUI is not a Felony unless someone was injured and lost their life, again this condition is not mentioned. At least not in Maryland and I believe that is also the case in Pennsylvania, as well. Though I can not be absolutely sure. I do not live nor travel there much. Two of those cases are felonies, while the third may only be a felony if there is property damage and/or physical harm induced to others as a result of being under the influence. However, having being charged and proven to be a DUI driver in itself does cast a very dark shadow on a gun owner. But not enough to take away their Second Amendment Rights.

  12. Will you people wake up, WE are already at war, you have to remember when law makers break the law then there isn’t any, just the fight for survival, get armed and be ready for full outright war. See illegal immigrants for guns, they are bringing them in and selling for money.

  13. I wonder what if it had been one of the Trump children with a crack pipe in their mouth. God bless the Trump clan and keep them safe.

  14. After what Maxine Waters has desided to do by convincing the
    street thugs that there is no such thing as “Innocence before
    proven Guilty” citizens should fully prepared for what is
    about to happen in the streets of this Nation and in the places
    that millions of us call home. This will be the beginning of the
    civil war because people like Waters seem never to be brought
    to task now in the new Biden and Harris Communist Country.!!

  15. The Supreme Court is a joke. Also, when “pro gun” Trump was in office, he had plenty of time to reject the UN Small Arms Treaty, and he didn’t. He also endorsed red flag laws, and said, “Take the guns first, due process later.” And on top of that, he placed two anti second amendment ignoramuses on the Supreme Court. Still want to lick his boots, trumpers?

    1. The one thing that is for sure about the difference between
      Biden and Trump is that, “Trump never set out to make the
      city of San Diego into the new capital of Guatemala with
      the help of his VP Pence the Rino.!

  16. If the Conservatives gain control of both the House and the Senate, they can make an amendment to remove the court packing additions because they were added by an extreme group of Dems/Communist! They should revoke what the Dems did without the approval of every American Citizen instead of having a fair Election asking what the American Citizens want. The Supreme Court has not adhered to the Constitution even though they had taken an oath. All of the SCOTUS should have brought forward the illegitimate 2020 election where all of the Dems committed the Fraudulent election in order to remove Donald J. Trump.

  17. We need to get rid of the Supreme Court and Congress because they are not doing their jobs to protect the people or our Country. They haven’t done anything for our Country in decades. We need to get rid of these old farts and vote in younger people that cares about Our country including BIDEN and HARRIS. It is time for a Change. It is time to VOTE Honest people in both the Supreme Court and Congress that care about America and the people and ALSO VOTE PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK AS FOR OUR PRESIDENT. TRUMP FOR 2024, 2028 .

  18. Great, looks like we have to support 9 Judges for life when all they plan to do is rule on parking lot ticket violations.

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  20. What gross and inane comments, but what better to expect from the UnAmerican Digest sycophants. Right up Putin’s alley in effort to undermine our Democracy!

  21. Okay, here is a question that I would like answered. If a person convicted of a non-violent crime can have their gun rights removed, why are demokrauts pushing for violent offenders to get their voting rights reinstated? Does this make any sense to anybody?

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