May 23, 2022

Supreme Court reject Republican’s challenge to North Carolina and Pennsylvania redistricting maps

One of the spoils of certain political battles is the right to redraw Congressional districting maps. However, some states have allowed the courts to draw the maps leading to GOP objections.

The Supreme Court has struck down Republican challenges to court-drawn maps in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, the Washington Examiner reported. They contend these maps unfairly benefit Democratic candidates. 

According to the lower courts, the states’ legislatures had drawn maps that were not legally admissible, forcing it back to the state courts for the task. However, the GOP sought to block those maps using the high court as a remedy against the overreaching lower courts.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court sided with Democrats to adopt the new maps in time for the 2022 midterm elections. Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch dissented when it came to North Carolina’s case and urged further rulings on the reach of state courts in federal elections.

“There must be some limit on the authority of state courts to countermand actions taken by state legislatures when they are prescribing rules for the conduct of federal elections,” Alito wrote in his opinion. Justice Brett Kavanaugh agreed in his opinion but objected to using an emergency order to achieve it.

Both Pennsylvania and North Carolina will hold their primaries in May with the new maps. Republicans in those states agree that Democrats now have an edge thanks to the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to overturn the lower courts’ rulings.

The House of Representatives and Senate are both majority Democrat majority. However, it’s a razor-thin difference between the two, and any advantage will have an impact on whether President Joe Biden will be able to pass any legislation he pleases.

The battle over free and fair elections is fought on many fronts, but it seems they often end up in the courts in front of unelected judges. Still, it’s the job of the candidates to give the most compelling arguments that will overcome any party affiliation.

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