May 24, 2022

Supreme Court pushes back on Christian flag case at Boston’s City Hall

Many Supreme Court justices spoke out in support of allowing a Christian flag to fly on the flagpole outside of Boston’s City Hall during oral arguments regarding the case on Tuesday.

The case involved the city’s refusal to permit the religiously-affiliated flag to be raised on the city’s flagpole that was requested for Constitution Day.

The city has approved 280 flag-raising requests over the past 12 years without a denial.

“The city, by an unbroken history and practice and policy, expressly declared that the flagpoles are one of its public forums open to all applicants,” said lawyer Matthew Staver. “In doing so, the city long ago crossed the line from government speech to private speech.”

“Is it consistent with the principles of the Free Speech Clause if you say anybody can speak, except we are going to monitor what is said and we’re not going to allow religious speech?” Justice Samuel Alito asked.

The court has yet to rule in the case, but the justices seemed to indicate strong support for the Christian flag as an example of First Amendment freedom.

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