October 2, 2022

Supreme Court orders lower courts to consider reversing earlier border wall rulings

Former President Donald Trump’s border wall was held up and challenged despite its obvious benefits. The prospect of it becoming a reality now is all but dead, even in the midst of an immigration crisis.

The U.S. Supreme Court has kicked the border wall issue back to lower courts β€œin light of the changed circumstances in this case,” according to The Hill. Organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union and Sierra Club had sued to block its construction.

Biden had signed an order banning its construction as part of his strategy to undo Trump’s legacy as quickly as possible. For this reason, the court determined that the lower courts should decide on the issue again now that a new president was not supporting the project or the tactics employed to fund it.

Besides thwarting the wall’s construction, relitigating the matter can reverse some of the limits the lower courts put on executive power. These challenges centered around how Trump secured funding and throwing out earlier decisions would mean these issues could be reexamined under the current administration.

Trump had declared an emergency to secure funding for the border wall. However, Biden’s reversal order meant the $3.6 billion would be diverted to over 60 other military projects. Adding to the funding issue is the need to mitigate the damage some assert was already incurred with the wall’s construction.

Some organizations contend that the border wall created a threat to animal habitats areas along the border that were disturbed with the digging on federal lands along the border. A portion of the project had also plowed under saguaro cacti, a protected Arizona plant species.

Still, it’s a pity Biden and his ilk were so eager to kill the wall that could have been useful to thwart the current migrant crisis at the border. The immigration system is overwhelmed with migrants making their way into the country without much to stop them as the administration attacks its own Borde Patrol agents for made-up offenses, Fox News reported.

The reason Trump rode to victory on the prospect of building the border wall is that Americans instinctively recognize the dangers off overwhelming out-of-control illegal immigration. Unfortunately, the Biden administration will not stop this because it only sees potential voters.




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