October 6, 2022

Supreme Court oral arguments end – Trump tax return decision imminent

A divided Supreme Court presided over the final showdown in the long saga of President Trump’s tax returns – and in the end, they left the issue very much in doubt for onlookers.

The oral arguments are at an end. Now it’s time for the Court to make their final decision.

The justices gave mixed signals on the possible outcome. Reuters reports:

The court’s conservative majority signaled concern about improper harassment of the Republican president by Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives seeking Trump’s records. But questions by the conservative justices indicated skepticism toward Trump’s position in the New York case.

Of all the justices questions, one, by Justice Neil Gorsuch, got to the heart of the issue:

Gorsuch expressed concern about lawmakers abusing the subpoena process and hunting for unlawful conduct by a political rival.

“Normally we use law enforcement tools like subpoenas to investigate known crimes and not to pursue individuals to find crimes,” Gorsuch said.

Of course, that’s exactly what Congress is doing – fishing for scandals.

The entire duration of the Trump presidency has been a disgraceful episode for Congressional Democrats who seem to think that the legislative power is good for nothing more than an ongoing politically motivated witch hunt.

Let’s hope the Supreme Court puts an end to it – and soon.


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