September 26, 2022

Supreme Court likely to issue a divided ruling on employer vaccine mandate case

Center for American Liberty CEO and civil rights attorney Harmeet Dhillon has stated the Supreme Court will likely offer a split ruling over the large employer vaccine mandate case.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Friday regarding two of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates. The case is among the widest-reaching of the many COVID-19 mandates by the federal government.

“I think there may be a split ruling out of the court. I think on the case…challenging the large employer mandate, it looks to me like we have five or six votes to enjoin that order,” Dhillon said.

“But on the one regarding medical facilities, because the order is tied to federal funding, I think there are some different arguments there and the justices seem more likely to uphold that OSHA mandate on medical facilities,” she added.

She noted that if the mandates are struck down, some blue states like New York will likely create their own vaccine mandates to extend the same restrictions at the state level. The new rulings would then lead to new legal battles over the limitations of vaccine mandates.

The battle takes on new importance as the most recent version of the virus has not been stopped effectively by the current vaccines.




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