September 29, 2022

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor dismisses infant pain in abortions, callous rhetoric enrages Americans

The left ridicules conservatives as anti-science rubes. However, it is they who reject some of the most basic, fundamental facts of life.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said it was a “fringe” notion that fetuses can feel pain before 24 weeks gestation, the Daily Caller reported. She made this outrageous claims during oral arguments in a pivotal abortion restrictions case Wednesday.

The high court has taken up the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case that challenges a Mississippi law restricting abortion after 15 weeks gestation. This is an important sticking point because it calls into question viability as a measure for abortion legality as outlined in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

During oral arguments, Mississippi Attorney General Scott Stewart asserted that it is commonly understood that fetuses can feel pain before the 24-week viability benchmark and that it should influence the legality of the procedure. “I don’t see how that really adds anything to the discussion, that a small fringe of doctors believe that pain could be experienced before a cortex is formed,” Sotomayor shot back.

Stewart also pointed out that fetuses respond to pain stimuli, often attempting to evade sharp surgical instruments at very early developmental stages. “I don’t think that a response by a fetus necessarily proves there’s a sensation of pain or that there’s consciousness,” Sotomayor said, dismissing it by further asserting that even some legally declared brain dead individuals have pain reflexes.

Scientists and pro-life advocates alike took umbrage with Sotomayor’s erroneous claims. “Modern research is revealing that unborn babies do feel pain at an early stage, and we see that science in action, and regularly during fetal surgery, in which doctors apply analgesia in utero to prevent the suffering of the unborn child,” Dr. David Prentice said in a news release to set the record straight.

Prentice is an expert on stem cell research and serves as vice president of research at Charlotte Lozier Institute. “Respectfully, we suggest that Justice Sotomayor follow the science, which has not stood still since Roe was decided in 1973,” Prentice added.

Live-Action president Lila Rose also weighed in. “Justice Sotomayor’s calloused disregard for the preborn is matched with stunning disinformation as she denies the fact that babies in their mother’s womb can feel pain,” she said.

Like many on the radical left, Sotomayor will perform feats of mental gymnastics to get around scientific reality. Unfortunately for her, a majority on the court may disagree with her and side with life.




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