June 11, 2021

Supreme Court issues ruling on removal of ‘resident aliens’

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a landmark case that could impact thousands of immigrants who seek to avoid removal from the United States. 

The 6 to 3 decision split conservative and liberal justices in a decision involving Agusto Niz-Chavez. Niz-Chavez sought to cancel his deportation due to the length of time he has lived in the U.S.

Niz-Chavez, a Michigan resident, entered the country illegally in 2005.

“In this case, the law’s terms ensure that, when the federal government seeks a procedural advantage against an individual, it will at least supply him with a single and reasonably comprehensive statement of the nature of the proceedings against him,” conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in the ruling.

The court’s three liberal justices joined Gorsuch in the decision, along with Justices Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett.

According to a Reuters release, “In a dissent, conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh, joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, said the ruling was “perplexing as a matter of statutory interpretation and common sense.”

Under current law, immigrants without lawful status may apply to have their deportation cancelled after 10 years. The question in the case was regarding whether multiple documents were sufficient or whether a single document was required for the case.

The ruling comes as immigration continues to serve as a major challenge for President Joe Biden. The president’s immigration policy changes have led to an influx of new immigrants that have led to controversy from Republicans and some Democrats.

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33 Responses

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      1. This notation really gets me going! Not in a bad way,,,but in a way that these people do not understand. They are setting themselves up for a visit from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS won’t contact them directly,,,but the agents will check their bank records to see just how much they earned from their “GOD SENT TREASURES”! ANYTHING THAT GOES ON-LINE,,,GOES AROUND THE WORLD IN 8 SECONDS,,,and LIKE THE YOUNG PEOPLE THAT POST PHOTOS OF THEMSELVES THAT THINK NOONE WILL FIND OUT WHO THEY ARE<<<<<<SOON GET EMAILS FROM ALL OVER, AND DON"T UNDERSTAND WHY OR HOW"!??'' SORRY PEOPLE, WHAT YOU PUT ON THE INTERNET REMAINS THERE FOREVER!!! USE YOUR SMARTS,,,NOT YOUR DUMMIES!

      2. I hate to say it but they did not uphold the law. You had 6 justices who voted to allow the illegal immigrant to seek to have his deportation cancelled, with three justices who entered a dissent to the case.

      1. Not clear, but I have a feeling the ruling was 8n favor of the illegal with that bS about the 10 year crap !!

    1. RIGHT ON ! The Supreme Court needs to proffer solutions to problems which are CLEAR and not the “gobble-di-gook” that they came up with on this question!

  2. the point is USA law, rules and regulation were mocked with disrespect.
    anyone in the country illegally must be returned home at their own expense.
    those who want citizenship must be given preference.
    the person in question had plenty of chances and opportunities to seek legal status,
    he did not care to do it! I say: kick hum out!

    1. They should be returned to their own country. If they want to live here then do it the legal way. I have no issues with anyone wanting to live in the US. Just do it the legal way.

  3. Well I feel that if someone has been in this country for a few years and has not even worked for citizenship then pack your bags and leave. A lot of these people are a lot better though than a bunch of the worthless WOKE generation who are citizens and do nothing for the good of the country and should be thrown out. Many immigrants do work and contribute to our great country and deserve a chance.

  4. Ok after reading this article it still doesn’t say in plain English what the verdict is.

  5. Kick every illegal out of America, children too!! This is how an American would be treated in any other country if found there illegally, or be placed in prison first, and then kicked OUT!!!!

  6. Something tells me that when he had his deportation hearing the court gave him a single and reasonably

    comprehensive statement as of the nature of the proceeding against him. He was in the country illegally and he

    needs to leave. What ever happen to common sense and logic. Its amazing to me that this country is so willing to go to such great lengths for someone who is in this country illegally. It all seems so simple.

  7. At least if they are not deported it gives a lot of Americans
    a bright future in the field of corrections with the advent for
    a greater need to build more prisons and jails because crime to
    most of them is considered an occupation
    they just can’t make it on welfare alone.
    It is a fact that this is the only Country in the world that you can
    stay home and sit on your azz and get paid for doing it…

  8. This clown should be thrown out of the country. This is the big problem they want to come here to make the big bucks, but don’t want to be citizens. This guy has been here for 16 years and has made NO ATTEMPT to become a citizen. As far as I am concerned out you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Any and all who entered here illegally should be sent back. They want to come here do it the right way.
    This case the man has had 15+ years to make things legal and he did not bother to. Send him back.
    All these people invading our country now should be refused entry and sent back to where ever they came from.
    Taxpayers should not have to be responsible for taking care of these people. We have enough homeless and hungry children here in this country along with homeless vets, These are the people that the government should be taking care of not illegals spending billions of dollars supporting on tax payers. Government is suppose to protect American citizens not putting us in danger of drugs, disease and criminals. This whole administration is destroying America in record time. They need to be replaced ASAP

    1. Amen. Send all 17 million back to where they came from. Adults & new borns….they’re ALL ILLEGALS. period

  10. My parent’s parents came here legally after waiting in Canada and Germany. I totally disagree with illegals being given the Right(?) to stay here. Those are not the immigration laws. Spelled L A W S. If they break the law getting here, they’ll keep breaking the law by using stolen SSNs, birth certificates, and whatever other means they deem their right? That’s BS. Deport them all.

  11. Anyone who breaks our immigration laws deserve to be sent back to where ever they came from at the other countries expense. Do it legally I have no problem, that way we Americans are able the check them out before letting them into OUR Country.

  12. Why should the illegals do it legally when their freedom makers(dem-commies) say it is okay!!!!

    1. Yeah!😡 Double standard s and they are above the law..they cannot be touch !😡🥜🔩

  13. They are law breakers and need to be treated as such and shouldn’t be a heavy weight on the hard working taxpayers who need their money instead of the government giving our taxes to lawbreakers. Our government doesn’t give a dam about the American people or the people they send to die or become disabled all they care about is these can be given the right to help win an election along with their pocket books getting bigger and bigger.

  14. He did not seek to become a USA citizen within time limit so he should be forced to return to his own country wait 7 yrs then come back the right way and become a citizen. These immigrants who come here illegeally should be forced to go back home at their expense or the expense of those that brought them here. Come here the right way with your papers and no crime record you are welcomed. Other wise not wanted in our nation go home.

  15. I agree with illegals being deported. My great grand parents got the proper paperwork while waiting in Lithuania and Canada. Send them Back they are here illegally!!!!!!!! No if and or butts. Why should We keep paying for them.

  16. All Illegal immigrants should be removed from the united states of america they are breaking our law’s therefore they should not be able to even cross the border come on people what don’t you understand about the law. Oh yes it’s the democratics that doesn’t understand the law. I can’t stand the whole Democratic party they are hypocrite,liers, deceitful, EVIL, unamerican and communist bastards especially JOE FRAUDEN ILLEGALMET PRESIDENT VOTER FRAUD MOFO. I HOPE THEY ALL ROT IN HELL!!!

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