May 17, 2022

Supreme Court rules ‘faithless electors’ must back popular vote winner

The Supreme Court just dealt a major blow to Democrat election plans in a Monday decision.

With a unanimous consensus, the high court decided on Monday that states can leave rules in place requiring presidential electors to back the state’s popular vote winner in the general election.

Many Democrats have voiced a desire to entirely do away with the electoral college — a victim of the system, Hillary Clinton, is one of them — but the Supreme Court just blocked the first step towards that goal.

Breitbart reported in May:

Chiafalo v. Washington … [is] a case involving three presidential electors in the State of Washington who were fined $1,000 after casting their Electoral College votes for Colin Powell rather than Hillary Clinton.

The electors challenged their fine and were represented by Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig — who ran for president himself in 2016, and tried to recruit electors to defect rather than voting for Donald Trump after the 2016 vote.

Lessig agreed that the states can ask electors to pledge to vote for a certain candidate, but cannot fine them for doing so, arguing that presidential elections are a federal function.

The arguments on both sides took an originalist form, as the two sides argued about the original intent of the Framers in setting up the Electoral College.

Liberal Justice Elena Kagan cited the 2nd and 12th amendments in her decision that states may instruct “electors that they have no ground for reversing the vote of millions of its citizens. That direction accords with the Constitution — as well as with the trust of a Nation that here, We the People rule.”

Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas agreed with Kagan’s conclusion but wrote that his opinion was based in the 10th amendment, which states that all powers and rights not expressly given to the federal government are reserved to the states — including the power to control electors.

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Peggy Belcher (@guest_1018620)
1 year ago

George Soro is trying to buy the house that should not be allowed this is a vote of the people not the crooked democrats which I use to be but went Republican if President Trump does not win America will be destroyed. they need to get rid of the democratic governors mayors for not doing their job Cuomo started this thing called Matildas law after his Mother how does he feel now after all the deaths he caused in the nursing home when President Trump had the ship moved in and didn’t use the facilities that was provided This is so disgusting. What has happened to our court system what are all these SUPREME JUDGES doing besides feeling good about themselves. All of you are a disgrace you have let the American people down. Shameful

Dorothy Linn (@guest_1018623)
1 year ago

Thank God for the Electoral College!
Otherwise, our presidents would be elected by California and New York , forever.

Norman (@guest_1018716)
Reply to  Dorothy Linn
1 year ago

Not only that but would make smaller states have less of a vote or say in the country.

Mushrum60 (@guest_1018743)
Reply to  Norman
1 year ago

They wouldn’t have any say

Phyllis (@guest_1018752)
Reply to  Mushrum60
1 year ago

That’s right. Only the largest states, with the most electoral representatives would decide the winner.

Sue (@guest_1018672)
1 year ago

These morons will do and say what ever to get power,thats what the democrats r all about. Power, lies. and filling there pockets. Look at the idiot in NY sending people with covid-19 in with people that didn’t . .Just vote Nov3,2020 TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

Mushrum60 (@guest_1018747)
Reply to  Sue
1 year ago

Vote straight republican

Elizabeth Naples (@guest_1018675)
1 year ago

I agree with the Supreme Court. We the ppl have the right to vote for our choice and it should never be taken away like Newsom cancelled we the ppls vote on the death penalty, why do we bother to vote if ONE MAN can cancel it. That vote should be reinstated. The fact that one man SOROS can donate 40 million and buy the election is outrageous. Why does he get away with that? And Bloomberg is trying to buy the vote by donating 18 million. I thought ppl couldn’t donate that much. We are a democracy doesn’t that mean we VOTE on issues and not buy the issues? ENOUGH US ENOUGH. IT’S TIME TO GET VOTING BACK TO HOW OUR FOREFATHERS WANTED IT TO WORK.

Victoria (@guest_1018719)
Reply to  Elizabeth Naples
1 year ago

Elizabeth Naples, you are so right (no pun intended). We need to go back to voting the way it was intended by our forefathers…go to your designated polling place, give your name and official ID to compare with voter registration books, & only then could you get your ballot to fill out in a private booth and then deposit it Yourself in the ballot box. This eliminates stuffing the ballot box or cheating in any of the inventive ways the Dems have engineered over the last several decades to steal elections at local, state, and federal levels. If anyone is so lazy they won’t go to the polling location, they can sacrifice their right to vote. This, of course, does not include our military serving overseas, the handicapped who are incapable, or the absentee ballots which have been verified by the County Clerk.

Bill (@guest_1018830)
Reply to  Victoria
1 year ago

Everything you stated, I agree with. I might add though, once the ballot is drop in the ballot box at the polls it is counted. But, ballot counters are overwhelmingly demonRat. Who says they will count your vote and not just shred it. The poll observers aren’t allowed to actually observe the count.
The ballot itself has no indication who it is that voted. Once separated from the envelope it can be replaced by a pre-filled out ballot. I believe the ballot must have the voter’s identity and signature. Each box checked is initialed. Way to many gaps for fraud.

Mushrum60 (@guest_1018746)
Reply to  Elizabeth Naples
1 year ago

They did the same with proposition 13 back a lot of years. The people voted against it but then they made it law

Dr. David McCoy (@guest_1018740)
1 year ago

It becomes more difficult to predict “the next Supreme Court Ruling” at every vote they take anymore. America really needs to get two more Supreme Court Conservative votes. Also in the Senate and Control of the House in order to finish the Swamp Drain. We will finally see the “Businessman Trump” that far too few have the capacity to envision once seated for his next term. Quoting an old Rock and Roll Song Line about “Money, no longer sounds as Sinful as it did a Half-Century Ago: “Now Money Don’t Get Everything, that’s True….. But What It Don’t Get I Cain’t Use – I WANT MONEY!” (Forgive me Lord – but a whole bunch of Servants Of The Devil will be reading this).
Dr. David McCoy, Professor Emeritus; Paris introduced: “Twenty-First-Century Renaissance Man.” (WHY ????????)

Deanna Benton (@guest_1018750)
1 year ago

What is occurring today with Soros (et al.) and his money is exactly the reason why Montana passed a law back in the early 1900’s. The Montana law forbid financial influence of business/corporation dollars towards elections. Montana’s government and people had learned the hard way due to years of financial bribery and payoffs via the filthy rich Copper Kings of Anaconda Mining. The Montana law stood until 2010 when the 5vs4 Supreme Court split-decision on Citizen’s United allowed corporations/unions to pour $$$$$ into elections and PACs. Cuz corporations are people too! NOT! The feds forced Montana into repealing the long-time state law because of the Citizen’s United case. Liberals at the time didn’t like the court’s decision, but now it looks like they have learned to use it to it’s fullest degree. There are several out-of-state liberal and “green” groups now throwing their weght and money around in Montana. Most of us are angry about it. Below is an excerpt about astounding influence of the Copper Kings. One can only hope Soros ends up as they did. The snakes ate each other!

“Clark’s [one of three Copper Kings in Montana] bribery and corruption made public in the senate hearings contributed to the populist movement to change the election of US Senators by the ratification [in 1912] of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution. This provided for the direct election of senators rather than their selection by state legislatures. Augustus Heinze [2nd of three Copper Kings] ultimately sold his holdings to the trust for an incredible profit but died bankrupt when he lost his fortune in the stock market controlled by players in the trust he had thwarted so long. Some have speculated his collapse was orchestrated through stock manipulations at the hands of his enemies. Montana’s early political landscape was a bit like the Jurassic ruled by interesting larger-than-life beings who were not afraid to throw their weight [and money] around. For more detailed presentations of this conflict I would recommend The War of the Copper Kings by C.B. Glasscock or The Battle for Butte by Michael Malone.”

William Lockridge (@guest_1018806)
1 year ago

Mushrum60, if anything stupid happens it’ll happen in California first.

Lydia Cummings (@guest_1018867)
Reply to  William Lockridge
1 year ago

William Lockridge –
I have been living in SoCal for the last 60 years and I can tell you – you are 100% correct! Still love it here though 🙂

Richard (@guest_1018970)
1 year ago

Chinafornia, may be a nice place to exist (live), but why would anyone want to die under a tyrant. Get out while the getting is good. Your voice is silenced if you disagree with the left. Chinafornication is your destiny.

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1028027)
1 year ago

Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.



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