August 7, 2022

Supreme Court expected to decide historic cases on abortion, guns, religious liberty all by July

The United States Supreme Court is only three weeks away from the end of its official calendar and they are expected to decide 29 cases during that time, according to attorney Ken Klukowski who has served in the White House and Justice Department and is now a contributor for Breitbart News.

In those 29 cases are six major cases, half of which are expected to be historic decisions with massive impact on abortion, the second amendment and the religious liberty of American citizens.

Via Breitbart News:

“The Supreme Court’s term begins on the first Monday of October until the first Monday of the following year’s October. But even though the court’s term technically continues throughout the summer and early autumn – permitting the justices to rule on emergencies or do housekeeping matters – the court “rises” when all the cases for the current term have been decided. This typically happens during the last week of June.

What begins then is not vacation time. The justices might take a couple of weeks of vacation during this time, just like other Americans, and use the time for guest lecturing, travel, or perhaps working on a book. But the justices also spend time preparing for the cases they will be hearing in the fall and getting ready to vote on over 1,000 petitions piling up from lower courts asking the Supreme Court to review a matter. Their law clerks and office staff continue to work during this time under the justices’ supervision.”

The end of June is intended to be the end of the Supreme Court’s term, and final decisions will be handed down at that time, assuming one extension isn’t made. After this the justices will disappear from the public for a few months time, coming back in the fall to begin again.

The stark majority, 29 out of the 59 cases heard by the court this term, are still undecided, and that is even on the lower end of the number of cases. According to Klukowski, the court typically decides between 70 and 80 cases in a term, so this is a lot of decisions to hand down in two and a half weeks.

First Liberty Institute and the Institute for Justice filed Carson v. Makin, a case involving school choice in which the state of Maine discriminates against families who desire to send their children to Christian schools. Another case is West Virginia v. EPA, which concerns whether Biden’s EPA has nearly unrestricted jurisdiction to adopt broad environmental laws that have the potential to change the American economy.

The remaining key cases are so significant that at least one – and possibly all – will be historic, with a significant impact on the country’s future, including New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, which is about whether the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms extends outside the home.

“The only two major gun rights cases decided by the Supreme Court involved citizens who wanted handguns at home for self-protection, and now the court will consider how that right applies as citizens go about their daily lives,” said Klukowski.

And of course, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which is a challenge to the Mississippi ban on abortions after 15 weeks, is a ruling that could overturn Roe v. Wade in whether the constitution implies the right of abortion to women carrying children. Regardless of the decision, Dobbs is expected to be historic in its own right.


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