June 25, 2021

Supreme Court dismisses emoluments clause lawsuit against Donald Trump

Democrats have been going after former President Donald Trump for several years with accusations of violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution by accepting gifts from foreign officials.

On Monday, the Supreme Court dismissed a case attempting to nail Trump on charges of violating the obscure constitutional provision, ending yet another Democrat-led crusade for good. 

According to the Associated Press, the high court will no longer hear arguments concerning the case because Trump’s departure from office renders the charges moot.

Trump was accused of violating the emoluments clause by accepting payments from foreign officials staying in his American hotels and patronizing his family’s many businesses.

The suits were brought by Maryland, Washington D.C., and hospitality services in New York and D.C. complaining of unfair competition from Trump’s vast empire of restaurants, resorts, and hotels.

Not only did the Supreme Court dismiss lower court rulings allowing lawsuits regarding the clause to proceed, according to the AP, the court also “directed appeals courts in New York and Richmond, Virginia, to dismiss the suits as moot now that Trump is no longer in office.”

The AP noted that this won’t be the first defeat Trump’s enemies will experience in the coming weeks, as the court dismisses similar legal challenges that are no longer relevant now that Trump is no longer in office.

The legislature may not be able to let Donald Trump go, but the Supreme Court is wasting no time gearing up for the new administration.

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76 Responses

      1. YES you are right……….Those DEMS/RINOS have never, NEVER, followed the Constitution……….Biden/Harris never have, and JB learned that from the illegal Kenyan muslim dictator……..

    1. “WE said “feel FREE to:
      steal elections,
      criminalize Constitution,
      demonize supporters,
      politicize “social” media,
      allow Fake News to convict and condemn without evidence,
      BUT we MUST have “scape-goats” for what WE, the left, will do to their
      “formerly free” Country, SO we draw the line at politically KI.LING HIM … WE still need the Conservatives to SUFFER!

      1. These democracts starting with biden. Need to fry for what they are doing to this country. These people specially the democracts are getting to comfortable in these seats. Time to throw them to the street.

        1. Illegitimate, anti-American, #1 LIAR, Baby Killer in Womb, Communist Lover who receives COMMUNIST DARK CASH, Racist, Trash, Stupid, Dementia biden and his Criminal DemoRATS, SHOULD ALL BE FLUSHED DOWN THE SWAMP DRAIN AND DISAPPEAR FOREVER BEFORE THEY COMPLETELY DESTROY THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, “AMERICA”.



        2. Why do Americans suppose the Communist Democratic Party ordered the military to shut-down the District of Corruption area? Because Americans know full well that the Office of the United States Presidency was stolen from the American people and they feared immediate retaliation! How long is the United States Supreme Court going to allow Democrats to subdue the sovereign Republic of the United States of America and the total destruction of the United States Constitution?

          USAF (RET)

    2. HOPEFULLY this will be one of the first of many wins for President Trump… who shouldn’t be facing Impeachment. It’s a disgraceful act by Biden, Pelosi, and a gang of over-paid, under-performing, Congressional leaders & members who are prime examples of why we need TERM LIMITS for Congress!

      God Bless & Protect America!

      1. Ben ,
        I totally Agree. Piglosi is only doing this Because of her hatred for President Trump . She Hates him because he is Honest and exposed part of the dirty swamp and because soooo many Loved him ! They couldn’t control him like they could others….he could Not be bought !
        I read where most get into Politics to get Rich . President Trump was the only President to actually lose money while in office and with that he even Donated his salary !
        This second Impeachment is a Fraud just like the first one and wasting Tax dollars !!
        If anyone knows How to contact Taylor Green or Huckabee , send them an e-mail telling them to Impeach Harris along with China Joe . Harris helped start the Minnesota Freedom Fund and was letting criminals out as fast as the Police put them in jail. One raped a 71 yr old Lady and another raped an 8 yr old little girl .I have been trying to get a message to them since the Impeachment of China Joe was first mentioned .
        After Impeaching Harris , then they can go after Piglosi !!

      2. My question is, why is it taking so long for States of the Union to generate the “Constitutional Convention?” My guess is that several states are controlled by Democratic governors who will miss their absolute power over the American people, and so will congressional and senatorial member’s gravy train at the expense of the American people. The pension system they voted for themselves after serving only one term in office must be put to an end!

        USAF (RET)

      3. I believe, while the Democrats riding the high horse now, they will get an awakening really soon, Donald Trump is not gone!

    3. What can We the people do for the next election? 1. Take your name off the voter rolls NOW. 2. Attend the local school broad meetings – each month. 3. Watch C-SPAN for thirty minutes a day at the committee level both in the House and the Senate. 4. Contact your local Republican party group. Attend meetings. 5. Register January 2022 to vote in the PRIMARY. 6. Call 20 people on the register rolls. 7. What are their five major concerns? 8.How can we have a clean, fair, and honest vote for every election? 9. Write your state legislatures and find out the current voter requirements. 10. What are the penalties for illegal voting? 11. Asked your state Attorney General office how many court cases were filed and prosecuted for voter fraud in the past 10 years? 12. We the People, are responsible for the way we are governed. We the people, need to open our eyes, clean out our ears and find out the FACTS of a problem. 13. We the People, need to take responsible for this “MESS” and start to clean it up.
      14. We the People, can clean the “Mess” up with God’s help. An angry, concern citizen of Mississippi and resident of Texas.

      1. I agree with all of it, except not voting. If you put your name back on the rolls later, so that you do vote, and removing your name is just a protest, no problem. But you must vote. Not to vote just plays into the leftists hands.

        1. WE HAVE TO VOTE! They’re hoping you don’t! Get out there and vote-make sure you family, friends, and neighbors vote too!

    4. I agree Amen. now our President is going to take these Bad Democrat’s to School. They think the impeachment is going to hurt the President. President Trump will get a lot of Air time with a very long trial. Can’s wait it should be great TV.

  1. About time the law,in this land went buy the constitution! Color of law,and law of the land!
    Not Admiralty’s law of the sea!!! Great britten’s law’s!!!!

  2. Totally…..”AMAZING”……There Just Might Be “SOME”….Hope Yet for the Supreme Court in my eyes and mind.!!! They Actually Turned on Their Smart Brains AND –> (Dismissed emoluments clause lawsuit against Donald Trump)……….

    1. Probably but the constitution is Law .plain and simple.not to say their next thing will be to complete crush of the constitution and our bill of rights ..REAL TRASH OUT THERE.

    2. No impeachment can take place. They plan to pack the Supreme Court with 6 more (unqualified, like Obama and Hillary) justices, with no purpose other than to protect the leftist agenda. Just what Roosevelt tried to do and failed.

  3. SCOTUS should stop this foolish kangaroo court of impeachment (all because the Democrats want to wipe President Trump from the face of the earth). I am certain this should be a SCOTUS issue. SCOTUS has been a BIG disappointment to the 74,000,000 Trump voters!! They should be trying to redeem themselves!!! If they can!! Once
    trust is lost, it is hard to regain it!!! You certainly don’t regain it by keeping your head in the sand, and all because you are not brave enough to stand up to the criminal findings!!! Martial Law would be one way to handle it, BUT the best practice would be fore the Supreme Court to step in. These justices know that there is no evidence for impeachment!!!

    1. That is why they are side stepping the impeachment trial. They know that there is no evidence for the impeachment just like they knew there was plenty of evidence of the voter fraud. They have made their political alliance known.

      1. No political alliance shown – just a respect and understanding of the role of the SCOTUS in these matters. SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts refused to preside over the second impeachment trial, even though the Constitution requires that he do so, because, if there is a conviction, the SCOTUS will have to determine whether the proceedings were Constitutional. Justice Roberts would then have a conflict of interest if he presided over the trial. He made no comment other than that he would not preside over the trial. However, it is my opinion that Justice Roberts believes that impeaching a president who has already left office is unconstitutional, which is correct. This is the position of Harvard Constitutional Law Professor Dershowitz, with which I agree. (FYI – I am an attorney who has practiced law for over 50 years in state and federal courts, including the SCOTUS, and have handled Constitutional and other types of cases.)

    1. That would be Adam Schiff…. The Bug eyed guy….. Reminds me of the Guinea Pig in Bedtime stories I watched with my kids so many years ago…. Side by Side, Separated at Birth!

  4. Democrats wasting our time & money on revenge again because they can not control their hate for Trump because he showed them all how to be a great President & stand by his campaign promises!!! I’d say the Democratic party owes the AMERICAN PEOPLE about 10 Billion dollars, cash only, I’m sure your check would bounce you idiots!

    1. Send bills to Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Schumer, and Nadler, for wasting our money. If I am not allowed to visit relatives in Great Britain this summer because of Obidens travel ban, I will be sending a bill demanding reimbursement of travel and housing expenses to the White House or a collection agency will called.

  5. Maxine Waters said what to do to the deplorables? Killing, looting burning down of business’ The take over of our streets Antifa , BLM’s Their promise’s to continue and” that there will be rest/peace” The way that the Demorats stated that they will not co-operate with President Trump.——– and they prevented OUR USA wonderful—best that we ever had -President Trump from doing his job (with no pay, I might remind all of you sickos) Just think of ALL of the GREAT accomplishments HE could have completed if he wasn’t going through HELL from the Commies and always needing to have to defend himself and the American people’s rights and the constitution. Sit back and watch the horrible destruction that is coming our way through their taking our Greatest President from the majority of USA who voted him and wanted and still want him.. GOD sees all!!! and the evil will always be taken down by the GOOD Read the bible JOE and all of his string pullers.

  6. Good… I am glad,I can’t see where he did anything wrong that any of the other presidents did………..Justice won….

  7. So True !! Those people could Not get him out of office so they literally Rigged Our Elections !! Now we have 4 years with Sickos in the White House who Hate America and our citizens and along with pelosi Schumer etc who are Evil !!

  8. Us Patriots are NOT through with these theves,we will take back America, one way or Another. PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP WILL RETURN WITH A VENGEANCE! MAGA 2020/ 2024


  10. Whoa, what about the gifts (jewels from Saudi Arabia) that Obama received when he was President and all the millions that the Biden Crime Family raked in while he was Vice President? Here we go again with the Democrat’s Double Standards! It’s time to overthrow this corrupt and treasonous government!

  11. When we are able to defeat the demorats next year it will be fun to bring charges for treason against the USA. They deserve any aggravation that’s coming to them.

  12. I doubt that Trump accepted any gifts from a foreign government or individual. But even if he did, why would it make him different from Hilary Clinton, the Secretary of State, who gave Russia 20% of our uranium and in return received at least a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation and a half million to slick Willy for a Russian speech. Then there is Joebama who, thru his son, raked in a million or more while serving as Vice President.

  13. Hallelujah
    ❤💥👍CHRISTrump and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  14. Its wonderful that the DEMS/RINOS are so afraid of President Trump………He has done a better job for the US than any DEM/RINO before him………..He was for the LEGAL people and the Constitution……….Those poor DEMS/RINOS have been wetting their britches ever since PRESIDENT TRUMP won the Oval Offices.

  15. Democrat’s need to remember what goes around comes around it will be their turn in the mid terms and after . They have tried to destroy the nation ( Hostage taking 9months by Pelosi) now they want everything their way or the high way. Enough of their total control of all of us. Time to take back our rights, not what they say they are by the Constitution .They want to read it their way not as written enough is enough.

  16. You don’t overthrow the Govt.
    You purge the commies.
    with a trial and convict the Dems. then throw then all in jail!

  17. What about the money Biden has gotten from China and maybe the Ukraine? It seems like some of those righteous other Lefts have also gotten money from other countries. There was nothing underhanded by foreigners using Trump’s businesses.

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