May 28, 2022

Supreme Court blocks Alabama ruling to create additional minority focused district

The Supreme Court rejected a lower court ruling on Monday that would have forced Alabama to create a second congressional district favorable to Democrats.

The 5-4 ruling allows the current GOP-heavy congressional map to stand, likely meaning six Republican House members and one Democrat will be elected in the state.

“When an election is close at hand, the rules of the road must be clear and settled,” Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in the concurring opinion.

“Late judicial tinkering with election laws can lead to disruption and to unanticipated and unfair consequences for candidates, political parties and voters, among others.

“It is one thing for a State on its own to toy with its election laws close to a State’s elections,” he added. “But it is quite another thing for a federal court to swoop in and re-do a State’s election laws in the period close to an election,” he added.

The decision has been viewed as a racist move by some Democrats. However, the decision was made based on timing as well as other factors rather than race, according to the ruling.

The case will likely make the difference regarding one House member during the midterms, something Democrats fear as they see their hopes to keep a majority fading as November nears.

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