June 29, 2022

Supreme Court approval rating drops significantly

The United States Supreme Court is falling out of favor with some Americans according to a poll released by Gallup on Thursday.  

Likely voters were polled during the first two weeks of September, which was around the same time the court declined to hear a case from Texas that restricted abortions after heartbeats were detected.

At that time, about 53 percent of Americans said that they disapproved of the Supreme Court, which indicates a slight majority is taking issue with the nation’s high court, considering the margin of error.

According to The Hill‘s analysis of the poll, it was also taken around the same time the court was deciding whether to assess a case allowing college vaccine mandates to continue.

“Americans’ opinions of the Supreme Court are now the worst Gallup has measured in its polling on the institution over the past two-plus decades,” Gallup said.

“At this point, less than a majority of Republicans, Democrats and independents approve of the job the court is doing. Barely half of Democrats and independents are confident in it, while confidence is slightly higher among Republicans.”

This survey found that Americans have declining confidence in the Supreme Court, likely due in part to the constant fear being pushed by Democrats who don’t appreciate the conservative majority that now predominates the court.

Of the 1,005 random adults Gallup reportedly polled, 40 percent of respondents said it was “too conservative” while 20 percent said it was “too liberal,” and 37 of the remaining 40 percent said they felt the court was “just right.”

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