May 23, 2022

Supreme Court allows state secrets to continue

William Barr spoke out against the Supreme Court as two new decisions continue to leave in place “state secrets.”

The two cases “leave intact a legal maneuver that since 1953 has permitted Uncle Sam to block any legal action that might reveal evidence the government does not want to be made public, even if for no reason other than to avoid embarrassment or if the information sought to be disclosed has already been made public,” according to the Daily Caller.

“Unfortunately last week, not a single Supreme Court justice was willing to lend their name to such an opinion, with all nine opting instead to continue extending carte blanche to the FBI (the agency that had conducted surveillance of the individuals in alleged violation of FISA more than a decade ago) and other federal entities, to carry out surreptitious electronic surveillance regardless of whether the surveillance was alleged to have been unlawful,” the report added.

One case involved a case brought by three Muslim men that alleged could “harm national security,” CNN reported.

The cases show there is an overwhelming level of protection for government agencies that leave little room at times for accountability.

Every government has its secrets, but the recent report shows America’s secrets are growing to the point of hurting rather than helping the nation.

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