August 19, 2022

Support for gun control has collapsed since Parkland shooting

A new poll reveals support for additional gun controls has decreased since the 2018 Parkland High School shooting, with many Americans siding with Trump in believing President Joe Biden and the Democrats are “doing too much” to add new firearm restrictions.

The poll, conducted by Washington Post-ABC Poll from April 18-21, 2021, noted “that 50% of Americans support passing laws to reduce gun violence, down from 57% in 2018.”

More than one-third of respondents, 32 percent, believed President Joe Biden is “doing too much” in his push for gun control.

The poll comes shortly after the president’s six initial actions to address the gun violence public health epidemic earlier this month.

Among the new Biden gun control measures is the order that, “The Justice Department, within 30 days, will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of “ghost guns.” The effort hopes to eliminate firearms that cannot be traced to owners.

A second gun control measure in development includes, “a proposed rule to make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act.”

This measure could instantly turn millions of law-abiding American gun owners into criminals overnight by outlawing a common gun accessory.

Americans oppose gun violence, but additional gun controls against Second Amendment rights have become increasingly unpopular. The latest poll affirms what many in the nation have already noticed — that gun controls are not necessarily the most popular way to respond to mass shootings.

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Wayne (@guest_1232781)
1 year ago

Give me liberty or give me death. I will not ever give up my guns!!

James Wills (@guest_1232809)
Reply to  Wayne
1 year ago

Unfortunately, Wayne, living in this country at this time means we must take a hard stand like yours in order preserve the freedoms and the liberties that have been ours for a couple of hundred years. It is very obvious that we cannot rely on the judicial system anymore because they have become corrupted by the left. Any protection for us and for our families must come from the American people themselves. We cannot depend on the government to do what is right for the people…………

Grandma (@guest_1232871)
Reply to  James Wills
1 year ago

I’m with you, James!!!

Putts42 (@guest_1233831)
Reply to  James Wills
1 year ago

Very well spoken, truth in every word. I would hope some of these democrats will see what harm their party has and are doing to our country and maybe vote for a free country. God bless America.

Lin (@guest_1232813)
Reply to  Wayne
1 year ago

Me either!let them try! They will not succeed!

moon (@guest_1233068)
Reply to  Wayne
1 year ago

no republican will.

The Redhawk (@guest_1232792)
1 year ago

A FEW MORE SPEECHES ABOIT NOTHING but SOCIA:ISM BY DEMENTIA JOE like he made to an Empty Congress and SEEN by 75% fewer people that saw Trump nad the SLIDE TO DEFEAT OF THE (D) FASCIST PARTY WILL BE IN FULL MODE !! and Kamala still is a LYONH INCOMPETENT DILETTANTE void of any Ability other than SYUPOINE on bed….

Kathie Dey (@guest_1232795)
1 year ago

President Biden needs to remember criminals or anyone who wants a gun for crime will find it and not worry about a law. Even his son Hunter knew the way around the law

Lin (@guest_1232820)
Reply to  Kathie Dey
1 year ago

He supports the criminal! Don’t let him fool you! Look at his administration! They are all crooks!

Hank Rearden (@guest_1232831)
Reply to  Lin
1 year ago

Not only are they crooks, if you add “Herman Munster Kerry” to the mix you can certainly call Bite-Me’s administration, Treasonous as well!!!

Putts42 (@guest_1233837)
Reply to  Lin
1 year ago

Biden filled every seat with Obumers people and the rest with traitors already in the government. Time to change things folks, we are 75 million strong.

Putts42 (@guest_1233835)
Reply to  Kathie Dey
1 year ago

Hunter Biden needs to be in prison, but then so does creepy Joe

Sam (@guest_1232807)
1 year ago

ALL US citizens owning guns is a deterrent to any government take over by any group. This can only be a good thing. Those loudmouthed jerks making the most noise about guns in the hands of citizens are the ones we need to be the most fearful of.

Michael C (@guest_1232812)
1 year ago

It is the typical Dems just trying to gain more power over citizens. All the proposed laws will do is jack-up the price of “illegal” weapons. It’s the old adage “if guns are outlawed, the only ones who will have them are outlaws”. ANY GUN is a weapon capable of harm. Guns don’t kill! Guns are under the control of people and if not legally obtainable, will be acquired through “illegal” ways. A car is/can be a “weapon” and has been used as such. The next thing you know, the Dems will require manufacturers to put governors on cars to limit speeds and power & household knives will only be able to be max 2″ long!

PhillIp Owens SFC (SS) Ret (@guest_1232834)
1 year ago

As a former police officer I know the time it takes police to respond to any emergency especially a shooting type the incident will most likely be over before the arrival of the police! It is impossible for them to be everywhere all the time and therefore it falls on the individual to be responsible for their own safety.
You and you alone can either prevent or permit the events that you become involved in, what you do at that time will determine the outcome and results.


Ally (@guest_1232867)
1 year ago

Americans who are not criminals or criminally minded don’t need government to interfere with self protection

horntex (@guest_1232872)
1 year ago

Means using both hands

Bob (@guest_1233055)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

I tought it meant hitting your target!

David (@guest_1232904)
1 year ago

It is a natural consequence of what is happening in this nation with it’s complete lack of real leadership!

We have escalating “peaceful protests” that turn into riots. We have more people demonstrating to defund the police with police under attack, more rioting and government officials saying we need more of this. The borders have been opened with more people, including violent criminals and terrorists among them now coming across.

Now instead of solving this problems the government wants to spending Billion$ on reducing our emissions, which are among the lowest in the world, while other nations are increasing theirs, they want to spend Trillion$ on an infrastructure bill that includes little infrastructure and they promote more ridiculous things like Critical Race Theory that teaches children to be more racist and that there is no hope of ever breaking this pattern.

People are realizing that we need to exercise out Right to Bear Arms to defend our families and ourselves, not try to take the weapons away from law abiding citizens while criminals can get all they want.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1232969)
1 year ago

Hooray, awesome indeed Bravo

Billy (@guest_1234067)
1 year ago

The Democrat’s do not want a war so they needto quit supporting Biden and Pelosi on their tear down of the Nation. I hope they do so.



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