July 4, 2022

Superstar Quarterback Aaron Rodgers calls out “woke mob” over coronavirus vaccine

There was a time when medical decisions were left to the individual. Now it’s a national controversy to refuse a vaccination — and one NFL star simply won’t give in.

Aaron Rodgers said he has the “woke mob” after him for refusing the COVID-19 vaccines and opting for a different immunization strategy instead, Breitbart reported. Rogers made the remarks Friday on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

“I realize I’m in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now,” Rodgers, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, said. “So, before my final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, I think I would like to set the record straight on so many of the blatant lies that are out there about myself,” Rogers said.

The Greenbay Packers quarterback used his own protocol to build immunity after finding out two of the three vaccines developed for the coronavirus contained ingredients he’s allergic to. He said he’s “not an anti-vax, flat earther,” but just considers himself a “critical thinker” who believes in “bodily autonomy.”

Many have accused him of lying about being immunized, though Rogers insists he used a well-researched protocol — though not a vaccine — to build immunity that was carried out over several months. “I’m very proud of the research that went into that and the individuals I met with; we felt like it was what was best for me,” he said.

“That is what the media has been trying to do, they’re trying to shame and out and cancel all of us not vaccinated people, call us selfish,” Rogers said. “I mean, that’s the propaganda line, too, that you’re selfish for making a decision that’s in the best interest of your body,” he claimed.

The MVP excoriated the left for a sudden flip-flop on the vaccines from when they were developed under former President Donald Trump to when President Joe Biden is in office. “When Trump in 2020 was championing these vaccines that were coming so quick, what did the left say? And I’m talking about every member of the left. ‘Don’t trust the vaccine, don’t get the vaccine, you’re gonna die from the vaccine,’” he said. “And then what happened? Biden wins, and everything flips.”

He later added that asserting the vaccines are “a blanket for all that ails you, in my opinion, is wrong and reckless,” he said. “And for the media out there taking shots at me, if you don’t know my story, well, now you do. So, quit lying about me, and personal health decisions, in my opinion, should be private,” Rogers said.

The woke left has made it so that anyone who is the least bit skeptical is shamed and blamed for the pandemic. However, Rogers made a cogent argument for his position and his own decision — yet that will do nothing to stop the crusade against him.

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