June 30, 2022

Sturgis, South Dakota goes ahead with biker rally

The Sturgis, South Dakota city council voted 8-1 in June to host the 80th-anniversary of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this year, in spite of the COVID-19 epidemic in the US.

Anywhere from 250,000 to 750,000 people visit the Black Hills of South Dakota for the ten-day rally. Clarence “Pappy” Hoel started the annual event in 1938.

Of course, there is controversy over the massive rally in the days of the coronavirus, and some are worried that the rally could be a super-spreader event. Thousands of attendees are definitely in the high-risk category for coronavirus.

Apparently, attendees of the rally are willing to take a risk and escape the COVID-19 restrictions imposed by most states that South Dakota doesn’t have. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Many who rode their bikes into Sturgis on Friday expressed defiance at the rules and restrictions that have marked life in many locales during the pandemic. People rode from across the country to a state that offered a reprieve from coronavirus restrictions, as South Dakota has no special limits on indoor crowds, no mask mandates and a governor who is eager to welcome visitors and the money they bring.

While many Americans would consider the risk of getting coronavirus too great at an event like this, motorcycle riders, many of whom have attended the event for decades, are saying they’ll take their chances, which is what they do every time they ride a motorcycle, anyway.

The mayor of Sturgis, Mark Carstensen, is hoping that people will follow the CDC guidelines and use masks and hand sanitizer, but he is a rally enthusiast. He recently said that the best way to ensure a good turnout would be to tell bikers not to come.

“I’ve always said for ten years of being mayor… if we want the largest rally, the city of Sturgis should say we’re not having a rally. I believe that ignites the spirit of both motorcyclists and Americans. This country was built on rights and freedoms and motorcyclists certainly illustrate that every day with the way they live.

South Dakota’s pro-business governor, Kristi Noem, has gone on record declaring that she trusts the people of South Dakota to make their own decisions on how they handle the coronavirus risks. She welcomed the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally riders and the money they bring to her state.

We hope people come. Our economy benefits when people come and visit us.

The city of Sturgis stands to rake in around $1 million in tax revenue and the local businesses.

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Jerry Todd (@guest_1033555)
1 year ago

That’s not as many as all the queers out in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. And there the weather is warmer.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1033566)
1 year ago

Support South Dakota! Krsti Noem is awesome and its an outdoor event where bikers and public will enjoy fresh air and help their economy!

Eli (@guest_1033595)
1 year ago

It’s wiser to protect yourself and go on with your life, the best you can. The demonstrators had their time to rally, now it’s time for others. Time will tell, since some are immune and others aren’t, just like any other illness we’ve had. The testing hasn’t been fool proof for covid 19, since the Ohio Governor was told he was positive, then went home to quarantine, then found out he and his wife were both negative. People have had covid symptoms, but were never sick. The numbers were inflated, as they’ve included, those who weren’t covid, but died of other illnesses. The Communist mayors and governors need to let up on their harsh tactics.

Stell (@guest_1033956)
Reply to  Eli
1 year ago

I am curious as to if the commies know about the rally and what they might try to do. I think they are stupid enough to try something. The guys would have a great time wouldn’t they.

Dave (@guest_1033597)
1 year ago

This kind of crap is why the virus will never be beaten. YOU people will LOSE just like the Dems. We as pilots have canceled our many air shows, meetings, the huge Oshkosh Fly In, the big Lakeland Fly In, because we don’t want to spread the virus and YOU approve of this action for just 1 million in revenue? These fly in’s generate millions not just one million. You people deserve to get what you got. You STAY in Sturgis and keep your disease THERE!

Laura (@guest_1033602)
Reply to  Dave
1 year ago

Funny you have no problems with riots.Or do you?

kaka (@guest_1033623)
Reply to  Dave
1 year ago

Oh did someone take your candy ?

SGT Preston (@guest_1033757)
Reply to  kaka
1 year ago

Guess Dave needs to find his “safe space”

Patricia (@guest_1033647)
Reply to  Dave
1 year ago

A bike rally is dangerous but riots are O.K.??? You are nuts!!!!

jaybird (@guest_1033750)
Reply to  Dave
1 year ago

Look at the protest rallies, many are not wearing mask! I hope Antifa & the Marxist BLM show up in Sturgis for the Bike rally. They will get what is coming to them.

Erleebird (@guest_1033798)
Reply to  jaybird
1 year ago

Jaybird: Oh Boy! That’s something I’d love to see – and I’m a woman! I doubt, however, that the BLM’S and Antifa’s show up – they only pick on people they know they can beat!

Rick (@guest_1033848)
Reply to  Dave
1 year ago

Wake up. This whole corona virus crap is exactly that. It’s just the flu.

Stell (@guest_1033958)
Reply to  Dave
1 year ago

I agree to a point but these guys are stronger and tougher and we will see who comes out on top. also fresh air to breath. I wish them the best.

Brice M Bell Jr (@guest_1033665)
1 year ago

Real patriot loving Americans will always know what is personally best for them.

P Lightfoot (@guest_1033666)
1 year ago

Ride to live live to ride Ride the wind Ride on

Wiley Cawyer (@guest_1033695)
1 year ago

How much will the dumacratics spend to make the outcome of this look bad with the help of the fake news?

Michael McIntee (@guest_1033760)
1 year ago

Some people are stupid, and we all learned a long time ago that you can’t fix stupid. So these idiots will travel all across the country and expose themselves to a deadly killer. Value of life means nothing to them. So, if you are a resident of Sturgis, if you can somehow find the money to get lost out of town for 2 weeks, I would suggest you do it. For those who can’t, get stocked up on everything you will need and stay inside your home, do not open the door for anyone. Wait until those clowns leave town, and slowly and carefully venture out, but I would stay out of the meeting place that you know and I know will be a high concentration of the virus still present for a time. I wish there was enough money around to help those who can’t leave, so this will have to be handled the best way you can. God Bless the citizens of that town.

Denise (@guest_1033843)
1 year ago

OMG…That would be worth going to Sturgis to see.

1 year ago

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Janna (@guest_1033916)
1 year ago

Just call it a big protest and it’s ok !!! Have fun !!!

예스벳88 (@guest_1046092)
1 year ago

Best view i have ever seen !



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