August 18, 2022

Study: Patients treated with hydroxychloroquine cocktail touted by Trump 84% less likely to be hospitalized

The mainstream media spent months ridiculing and discrediting Donald Trump for touting hydroxychloroquine as an effective therapy for COVID-19, but the findings of a new study may give Trump the last laugh.

The media relentlessly accused Trump of contributing to the virus’s death toll by pushing the controversial treatment — but a new study to be published in the December issue of the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents found that the anti-malarial drug effectively reduces COVID-19 hospitalizations and mortality. 

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko — along with two German doctors, Roland Derwand and Martin Scholz — conducted a study which sought to analyze the effectiveness of a triple-drug cocktail including hydroxychloroquine, a drug that’s been widely used for malaria and a number of other illnesses for decades.

Zelenko’s study analyzed the outcomes of COVID-19 patients treated with zinc, low-dose hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin in the early stages of the disease. 141 patients received the antiviral cocktail of drugs and a control group of 377 patients did not.

The Blaze reported on Wednesday:

The study found that treated patients were 84% less likely to be hospitalized than untreated ones. Of 141 treated patients, four were hospitalized, which was significantly fewer than 58 of 377 untreated patients who were sent to the hospital. Additionally, the mortality rate for treated patients was lower. Only one patient in the treatment group died versus 13 patients in the untreated group. The patient who died had a history of cancer and only took one daily dose of the triple therapy before hospital admission.

A number of other studies conducted since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic have returned mixed results in regard to the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, but Zelenko pointed out that his study differs from many others because his study treated patients with the drug cocktail early in their diagnosis before serious or life-threatening symptoms set in.

“All studies that used HCQ with rather contradictory results were in hospitalized and often sicker patients,” the authors noted. Derwand added in a press release:

What differentiates this study is that patients were diagnosed very early with COVID-19 in an outpatient setting, and only high-risk patients were treated early on. Unfortunately, we seem to have forgotten common medical knowledge – that we want to treat any patient with an infectious disease as soon as possible. Dr. Zelenko treated his high-risk patients immediately with the three-drug regimen to ensure sufficient efficacy. He correctly didn’t wait for the disease to further develop.

According to:

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Gilbert Boisvert (@guest_1080040)
1 year ago

Be scared, very scared! Of who will take over when they toss aside Mushbrain Biden. Those takeover people are being pushed by the “Black One”, into doing various nefarious unthinkable things to their conservative neighbors. They want to create the fire of the pit, here on Earth.

Our President, Trump needs all the help he can get, Fight the “Black One” with the power of prayers, and also keep on alert of your environment to stay safe.

Maera Montgomery (@guest_1080043)
Reply to  Gilbert Boisvert
1 year ago


Deb Mull (@guest_1080210)
Reply to  Gilbert Boisvert
1 year ago

AMEN … and we completely agree with you! God Bless President Trump and Vice President Pence!

Elsie Landon (@guest_1080217)
Reply to  Gilbert Boisvert
1 year ago

Amen to all of this that you said

Charlotte H (@guest_1080397)
Reply to  Gilbert Boisvert
1 year ago

I am trusting in the LORD to speak to HIS children and give them the person HE has chosen to be our President.

Maera Montgomery (@guest_1080041)
1 year ago

Way to go President Trump! You’re so smart and know a lot of things, even if you step on toes sometimes; maybe it’s well deserved. You’re a smart man and you have lived and controlled many big companies. And I believe that’s what gave you some of the skills to govern this big country. It’s such a shame that the Dems cast so much trouble for you as our president and especially at the last of your four year term with all the looting etc. You are a great president and if I could vote again or donate $1 million I would!!!!

Charlotte Harden (@guest_1080398)
Reply to  Maera Montgomery
1 year ago


Michael G Warren (@guest_1080044)
1 year ago

America’s only hope is four more GREAT years of TRUMP PENCE!! KAG!! Send Biden back to his basement to
read the book of “Palms.”

Linda arnold (@guest_1080045)
1 year ago

We will back him to whatever including riots it takes to stop this commnazisocontrol group headed by OBUMMER THE SON OF SATAN!

Laura (@guest_1080047)
1 year ago

I had COVID-19 in the spring. I was very ill and the doctors wanted to put me on a ventilator, I refused as ventilator patients died in high numbers. They gave me the hydrocloquine for five days as was standard.
I find anyone that dismisses a proven regimen has to have ulterior motives. What are they trying to do? Do they want more deaths?
Hydrocloquine has been used for decades with little to no side effects.
I still have after recovery health issues, but I can live with them.

Pat K Dietrich (@guest_1080048)
1 year ago

If Oboma would have had his records unsealed we would find out that he was born in Kenya & was an illegitimate president. He is the worst president ever & did not do any good things for this country. He is so in love with himself & is a narcissist. Most presidents disappear when their term is over, but he won’t go away! He needs hung from the nearest tree as the traitor he is. That way he can’t keep trying to bring this country down to his low level! People wake up & open your eyes to the truth. If the senile corrupt Biden gets in, It will be the ho & Obomba running this country!

Deborah Reeves (@guest_1080198)
Reply to  Pat K Dietrich
1 year ago

You are so right, obama is a Snake Oil Salesman that weddled his way into power and screwed anyone he could, and enough with the BS books, EGO much? He dares to call Our President names when he got nothing done but spout racists insults to The White population. I admit after he was in office 2 years I used the N word for the first time ever!

Charlotte (@guest_1080400)
Reply to  Pat K Dietrich
1 year ago

Well said…………

RT (@guest_1080050)
1 year ago

That has been the problem for the past 4-1/2 years. Some people believe what the MSM has to ssa about our president instead of actually reading and listening to other sources. President Trump has had so many accomplishments over the past 4 years, it puts Obumer and Joey to shame. All I can say is I hope President Trump’s lawyers are able to get the evidence to the high court and he is victorious.

Lisa (@guest_1080051)
1 year ago

I still believe I had covid in March. my symptoms included loss of taste and smell. That was too early to call them symptoms. Never got the pneumonia, stayed home, alone. My DD’s family gave it to me. Client got me a Z-pac with a refill and I used Collidal Silver to boost it. Took awhile to get my brain back, early summer. As far as I’m concerned, an old drug with known side affects is the best way to go.

paw paw (@guest_1080344)
1 year ago

If I’m unlucky enough to get Covid, this is the med. that I want.

Answierd (@guest_1080348)
1 year ago

If this is true, All the people who lost family members because they were not given this drug should go after the MSM channels who outright lied about its effectiveness and blocked doctors from reporting its usefullness.

Fed Up (@guest_1080388)
Reply to  Answierd
1 year ago

Right On! Someone should “pay” for all the suffering and deaths from this disease! Why won’t they give a person afflicted with it a chance to LIVE!

Charlotte H (@guest_1080401)
1 year ago


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