July 23, 2021

New study EXPOSES Biden’s plan to overhaul U.S. immigration system

A new study has found that Joe Biden’s immigration plan could result in an explosion of illegal immigration to the United States if implemented.

Biden has avoided discussing actual policy points throughout the election process, but researchers with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) didn’t let that stop them from exposing the real consequences of a Biden presidency.

According to the study, Biden’s immigration platform could add as many as 52 million foreign nationals to the U.S. population through a series of new visa and amnesty programs.

Breitbart reported:

Specifically, FAIR researchers project Biden’s proposed amnesty for roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S. would help balloon the rate at which foreign nationals can secure family-based visa categories known as “chain migration.”

Chain migration allows newly naturalized citizens to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S. On average, FAIR researchers note, each new immigrant brings about 3.45 additional immigrants with them.

The amnesty, coupled with the chain migration impact, could result in an additional 43.3 million foreign nationals arriving in the U.S., FAIR researchers project — a doubling of the current foreign born population.

Joe Biden’s plan opens the floodgates of illegal and legal immigration to the U.S. with no concern for the impacts on actual citizens.

In a time of unprecedented unemployment rates, the U.S. already has a problem with foreign nationals taking jobs from American graduates — Joe Biden’s plan wants to accelerate that pattern at an unheard-of rate.

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80 Responses

  1. With Biden’s plan the first program to GO UNDER would be Social Security and it would take the seniors with it, thus
    pleasing Mr. Evil Gates.

  2. Since when do we need a ‘NEW STUDY’ to know what Biden’s plans are.
    Copy Obama, fall out Kamala calls the shots. America goes to hell straight away.
    Besides, Biden has no plans anyway. Listen to his tough guy ranting. He’s going to do everything Trump has already done. Fat chance. Far as I can tell he apparently hasn’t had an original idea in at least 47 years.

    1. So Biden is going to do everything Trump has which is nothing, that is why this country is in a nose dive as Trump has more important things like golf and golf and golf, and screwing the county each time he golfs. Oh I almost forgot he has golfed, done nothing about COVID-19 he did say it would disappear , did he happen to mention the year? Oh we will wait while he golfs.

      1. Trump has done all he pledged to do except for when the Dumbacrats threw up legal hurdles. Let Trump fix social security and our country you pinko commies! 🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020+🇺🇸🇺🇸

      2. You must be living on a different planet then all the people here live on. Trump has done more for this country than any other previous President. Hate is a very BAD disease.

        1. yes he has and if Biden gets in we might as well learn to speak Chinese as he will give every thing to them and the illegals’ he he wants to bring in and amnesty to the ones that are here he care noting about the people that live here and born here the young people that need the jobs they are taking away from them and look at the Chinese were deported from our collages for for the bad things they have done

        2. Those negatives are:
          2.simply negatives
          4.total blindness
          5.total misinformation
          10. Need badly real information about what communism really is, not idiocy, which I see around nowadays. I lived it, so I know what I’m talking about.
          I would say hundreds of millions dying due to that era is enough!

          1. And those are just his “POSITIVE” qualities…..Running as OBAMA for third term CADAVER is the REAL BAD STUFF

        3. Trump has done more in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years. The one thing I firmly believe the only promise Biden would keep, is to increase our taxes. Taxes would be raised double than he promised. Biden has flip flopped on everything else, you do not really know where he stands. As for golf you must be confused between Trump and Obama. Obama flew to Hawaii regularly to play golf.

      3. Verne, do you have something against golf? In the first place, our President works 16 hour days for us. He should have daily physical exercise. He conducts business on the golf course with others. Some executives conduct business in the gym or other areas of exercise because they are too busy to stop and take time out to work out. How’s your life going? Do you have a full time job and then some? Do you take time to exercise for a few minutes daily to keep your body a functioning machine? If not, why not?

        1. obama did nothing but put our beautiful country in jeopardy!!!! and now he is sticking his big ugly face in every corner to try and ruin our president!! odumbo needs to be put in prison for some of the stuff he did and i hope trump puts him there!!!! i cant stand to even look at the commie!!!!

      4. You’ve been spending too much time watching Fake News. Trump has achieved more in the last 3 years than Biden has in 47. Look up his accomplishments!

      5. If you look at the numbers, obamaboy played more rounds of golf in his 1st 4 years than President Trump.
        Not sure what you have against golf. But you obviously don’t like all the good things President Trump as done for the Citizens of this Country. Sorry you are going to have suffer 4 more years, like I did watching obama/biden dismantle everything that was good about being an American. Suck it up buttercup.

      6. Your disgust for America makes me wonder why you choose to live in this free country, where your blessed with equal opportunity, to make your own decisions, work where you please, oh, apparently your a Democrat and choose to be supported by others, but why do you stay? Nothing here for you, if I felt the way you do I would not even complain about America, I would just get the hell out !!!

        1. He’s 10 years behind on his reading. Shows how dumb Democrats really are. In 2009 a penny showing obama playing golf was released.

      7. VERNE FLOOD, you should stop using your DemonRAT talking points. They make you sound dumber then you already are.

      8. Trump has not played as much golf in his lifetime as Obama played in 8 yrs. in WH. Look up your info before you speak. Trump doesn’t take a salary, has reduced the # of staff at the WH for both himself and Flotus. Can Michele claim that? Nope, how many taxpayer vacation did they take? Seems like every other month. And they were whoppers! Look up how much 💰the Obamas spent on vacation compared to Trump. Trump has done more for this country in 4 years than Obama ever did in 8. You, my dear, have drunk the delusional Koolaid of the Democrats. And Biden can’t speak w/o an earbud or a teleprompter because he can’t think. Period.

      9. Fyi. Trump golfs less than 1/4 of the times Obama did. And since he’s working for FREE and doing a great job, I say he’s earned it. When’s the last time you worked and gave everything you earned to the needy?
        Stop believing MSM. They are liars. Wake up!

      10. Look up trumps accomplishments if you’re going to print them out have five or six pieces of paper and then print out Vines accomplishments for 47 years you can use a post note piece of paper you’re one of the reasons Republicans laugh constantly at Democrats because you listen to misinformation and you don’t do any fact-checking yourselves because Democrats as a whole are lazy and want everything for free don’t want to work for anything they just feel they’re entitled also you’re the biggest racist in the world. I’ll start you off what’s a real easy fact check Biden just said Sunday at a press conference that 200 million people have died from covid-19 why don’t you start with fact checking that that would be more than half of America by the way in case you’re a true Democrat and can’t add. but you’re not going to hear the Press say he lied or he misinformed you because he’s got dementia and they’re not going to pick on an old guy with dementia

      11. You have Obviously lived under a Rock or in your Parents Basement to believe that, President Trump has done more FOR the US of A in a little under 4 years then Obama & Biden did in 8 years. To believe otherwise is just plain Ignorant, but then one would expect nothing less from Liberal minded loser.

        1. I would not think so due to what has come up recently in 2016 regarding General Flynn. Obama cannot be trusted. He needs to be held responsible for what his admin did to the General Flynn. What a corrupt party!!!

        2. As a Supreme Court judge obama couldn’t get up every and go to work. His teleprompter wouldn’t be able to slow down as would be required.

  3. This person has no business in the presidency! He has no idea what he’s even doing. I understand that everybody would like to live in AMERICA, but “CHAIN MIGRATION””? If he was in his right mind, he would not be even thinking like that! I think the people of AMERICA should have a big SAY in something that big!! Right now, we can’t even feed or house the poor & hungry!! ENOIGH IS ENOUGH!!!

    1. You are referring to trump in the first two sentences are you not? You also know Benedict Donald was the one getting us into this position, Nero fiddled, Donald golfed.

      1. You have to be one of the left that doesn’t live in reality. For you to vote Biden tells us how ignorant you are. She must be a CNN listener isn’t hard to figure out. I’ll pray for you

  4. Usa cannot support/feed that many people. Sad to think if he gets in office this will happen and it will no longer be the USA we know today. Vote Red people.

  5. Voting red all the way! Obviously Biden wants to see this country overrun with immigrants illegal or otherwise. Take a look at Great Britain today. Completely overrun. You can barely remember what a British accent sounds like!

  6. Bidens plan turns America into a 3rd world country. Cannot have this America can NOT AFFORD too take Care of every person in the world. Nor do we want them here. He is crazy, no wonder he is not aloud to speed for him self. The selfist Democrats want to ruin this country and give every thing our for fathers fought for and built to make us the best country in the world. That is why everyone wants to come here. I have gotten so I cannot stand the Democrats, I hope they never take over this country. What does Biden know, his son Hunter is nothing but a drug addiction. He will not rule this country his muslin friend will!

  7. Biden is too old to survive a Presidents roll and will die in his first year in office if Karma-Allah has a say, oops Joe, sorry you fell down those stairs twice. 🤔

  8. Someone needs to run that by the Harris and Barry. They can be seen in the oval office with stains on dress. I hope it was not a blue dress

  9. The solution is simple Vote Trump 2020 and the Democratics will lose their or should I say their Evil lieing minds President Trump will handle the problem with swift action. God will protect America as he had always done

  10. We are told that the US is a racist and oppressive country. Why do the Dems want to bring people here if the country is so bad? Do the Dems want to oppress people/immigrants?

    1. Nope Roger. We still have rodeo, bull riding and team roping. I’ve been to a lot of them and I’ve never seen anyone kneel. It is mostly removal of hats, hand over heart, stand at attention! God bless America!

  11. I blame myself for not paying enough attention to what had been going on in America during the Obama Biden years. I was working and not paying attention. But now I am Woke but not the way the liberals think. We all need to support President Trump and hope that the liberal left does not cheat enough to win this election. The Democrats are even stealing the signs from yards! (2 from mine so far!) So they have no respect for anyone’s property. You can’t talk to them because all they will do is start yelling. Their communication skills consist of a couple of swear words and they use them constantly. I pray every night for America and for our President and pray that Americans are not really stupid enough to let their hatred ruin America. I just don’t understand why the left doesn’t understand if they destroy the country, they have no place to go either. Someone explain it to me please.

    1. Good reply! I just am praying that the “Silent Majority” will step up to the plate and get out the vote with family and friends. Trump 2020!

  12. Who wants to bet that plan will be mostly Asian! To all Americans go to youtube and search for riding the dragon! It’s about Bidens 2014 trip to china with sone joe in tow as Obama put him in charge of China and what the son did to sell out Americans along with his father and family. not only did they sell out the jobs they sold out are military making them stronger and equal to ours! please as a ind voter watch it

  13. No, YOU are the idiot. It is only idiots that would care for another idiot and that is what obama amounts to. he cares only about himself, not the PEOPLE of the USA.

  14. TO LS: No, YOU are the idiot. It is only idiots that would care for another idiot and that is what obama amounts to. He cares only about himself, not the PEOPLE of the USA.

  15. All I ever hear from the left is HATE! I am so tired and sick of hate! No matter what you say to them, all you get back Is hate! And of your white, most of it is very racist! Can’t wait for the election! At least the right guy, Trump will be back in the White House and we can relax till it’s the to send the Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard after the Communist democrats!

  16. If our country is so bad, oppressive and racist, why would the Democrats want to bring anyone here? Hypocritical much? Or do they just want to oppress these down trodden illegals? Huh! Food for thought!

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