September 30, 2022

Brian Stelter: Napolitano overshadowed on Fox by ‘sycophants’ like Pirro

During a recent segment on his CNN show Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter argued that when it came to the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, Fox News senior legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has been making stronger, more persuasive arguments than the pro-Trump voices on the network.

However, Stelter lamented, the supposed wisdom of Napolitano has been consistently overshadowed on Fox News by the likes of pro-Trump commentators such as Jeanine Pirro, as Breitbart reports.

Stelter slams Pirro

“Let’s look at where Trump is getting his legal advice,” Stelter began, pointing to a graphic that featured multiple conservative media personalities.

“His actual lawyers are joined by these players in this elaborate pro-Trump media universal, many of whom keep saying that the legal process is an illegal coup,” Stelter continued.

He went on: “And the dissenters in this galaxy, the commentators who are right-wing but not reflexively pro-Trump every time, they are drowned out by the sycophants.

“Maybe it’s a tale of two judges,” he added. “Two Fox News judges, Jeanine Pirro, who was a judge for three years back in the day versus Andrew Napolitano who was a judge for eight years.”

Side-by-side comparison

But he wasn’t done there. “Fox viewers love Pirro because she is so aggressively pro-Trump. She was at the White House two days in row this week. She was spotted at the ceremony for Conan, the hero dog from the al-Baghdadi raid, then she was hanging out in the Oval Office getting her picture taken with the president and the VP and Conan,” the CNN media critic stated. He went on:

Napolitano on the other hand, is a thorn in Trump’s side — a target of Trump’s ire. He says Trump’s conduct with the Ukrainian president is clearly impeachable. In fact, Napolitano says Trump has admitted to criminal behavior, and says there’s plenty of evidence of that. So just compare and contrast the two judges for me.

Stelter then went on to play clips of Napolitano and Pirro side-by-side. In the clip of Napolitano, the judge suggested that the evidence uncovered by Democrats would “justify about three or four articles of impeachment.”

On the other hand, Pirro could be heard in her clip declaring that “Adam Schiff and his gang of political malcontents failed miserably” in their effort to get incriminating evidence on the president.

“If you’re the president, you’d obviously much, much rather hear from Pirro. But it seems to me that Napolitano is the actually providing reasoned, legal arguments,” Stelter declared, according to Mediaite.

Impeachment support drops

However, while Stelter may feel Napolitano is making a solid case for impeachment of the president, much of the public seems to disagree.

An Emerson poll published late last month found that support for impeaching Trump “has flipped since October.” It revealed that 45% of respondents are now opposed, compared to 43% in favor. It also found that “the biggest swing is among [i]ndependents” — a group that Democrats will certainly need if they are to win in 2020.




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