September 30, 2022

State Supreme Court throws out conviction of mother who killed five-year-old son

The New Jersey Supreme Court threw out a 2016 ruling on Tuesday against a Florida mother for killing her own son in 1991, claiming there was not enough evidence to convict her of murder.

“Michelle Lodzinski has been serving a 30-year sentence without parole for the 1991 killing,” according to the Associated Press. She had already served several years in prison.

“This is a great day for the rule of law and for the proposition that convictions have to be based on evidence, not on speculation or emotion,” Lodzinski’s attorney Gerald Krovatin said.

“[N]o reasonable jury could find beyond a reasonable doubt that Lodzinski purposefully or knowingly caused Timothy’s death,” Justice Barry Albin wrote in the majority opinion.

He added that “no testimony or evidence was offered to distinguish whether Timothy died by the negligent, reckless, or purposeful or knowing acts of a person, even if that person were Lodzinski.”

The surprising verdict will allow Lodzinski to walk free, now able to serve as a mom to two other children she now has with her new opportunity.




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