July 1, 2022

State legislators across the country part of ‘The Great Resignation’

Legislators across the nation are looking for ways to deal with the employee shortage that has prompted some employers to resort to extreme measures. 

According to The Hill, scores of states have been hit hard by the shortage, and in some cases, state legislatures are the places being resigned from.

“Across the nation, employees have had enough. Scores are telling their bosses they will quit at the end of this year, fed up with working conditions, low pay and fraying relationships,” The Hill reported.

“Only in this case, those employees are state legislators, and the bosses they are leaving are the constituents who sent them to make law in state capitals.”

Dozens of legislators have chosen to leave their posts in both large and small states, announcing exits and opting out of seeking reelection, with experts saying this change could reshape the political climate.

Thus far, At least 59 members of the Minnesota House and Senate have made the choice not to run for reelection this year, and in Connecticut, more than 1 in 5 legislators will not seek reelection.

Roughly 1 in 6 lawmakers in Washington state will be looking to return to their current jobs. In Pennsylvania, 32 members of the House and five senators will retire or run for another office. Kentucky is expected to lose 20 incumbents out of the 138 members.

“The tone has changed quite a bit, and it’s not just from the other side. In a city like Seattle, you get beat up a little bit on your own side sometimes, even if you’re a progressive politician,” said Washington state Sen. David Frockt (D), who will retire at the end of his third term. “I don’t think we’re immune to the anger that’s out there in the electorate.”

“It’s about the politics of personal destruction. That’s pretty prevalent on social media when you have keyboard warriors. That truly gets old when you’re trying to do the right thing,” said Kentucky state Rep. Jim DuPlessis (R), who will retire after his fourth term to focus on his day job. “I’m not going to miss that.”

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