May 24, 2022

State Dept admist leaked documents about Russian demands are accurate

The State Department stated on Wednesday that documents leaked regarding Russia’s demands to the U.S. are authentic as the two countries debate regarding increased tensions along Ukraine’s border.

“I have seen nothing to suggest these documents are not authentic,” State Department press secretary Ned Price told reporters, according to Fox News.

“We did not make these documents public but now that they are we can confirm what we’ve always said โ€“ we are untied with our NATO allies in our resolve to engage in an open, constructive, serious set of diplomatic engagements,” he added.

Russia has said it is not planning to invade Ukraine, though up to 120,000 troops have been moved along its border in a move similar to a 2014 invasion of Crimea.

Spanish newspaper El Pais first leaked the information.

“The U.S. and NATO have formally rejected # Russia’s demand for a guarantee that #Ukraine will never join the alliance, according to leaked documents,” according to Newsweek.

The tensions continue to grow as more information comes out regarding the potential Ukraine invasion.

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