September 26, 2020

Star of Fox Nation series diagnosed with Covid-19

Fox News fans just got the news that a network star has been diagnosed with Covid-19, after filming an interview for Fox Nation viewers in which she complained of early symptoms of the disease.

Marilyn Freeman, a star of Fox Nation’s new show “Covid Diaries,” who is also a registered nurse at a Long Island hospital, tested positive for the coronavirus during the filming of the show. Her experience was captured by cameras as the illness progressed.

Fox News reports:

“I just got home from my shift. Feeling particularly exhausted this morning,” said Marilyn Freeman, a registered nurse at Long Island’s Huntington hospital, in Fox Nation’s “COVID Diaries.” “I think just all of the emotional and physical exhaustion is starting to really set in.”

Soon after Freeman recorded that testimonial for Fox Nation, she lost her sense of taste and smell — a potential warning sign of infection.

Freeman works on the oncology floor of the hospital, treating cancer patients with compromised immune systems.  She is particularly careful to avoid becoming a danger to her own patients, so she decided to get herself tested.

The results were positive – a frightening moment for Freeman and her patients.

Thankfully for Freeman and her family, it looks like she’ll be ok – she’s even planning a return to work soon. For her and other frontline medical personnel, the fight will continue.

Viewers can see more of Freeman and other stars of the pandemic response here.

You can read more about Freeman’s experience here.

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