May 19, 2022

#IStandWithTucker goes viral on Twitter after woke mob tries to cancel him

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is one of the few major political pundits willing to stand up for American values and push back against the mob, so of course, the left is using the current social and racial unrest to try to unseat him.

After Carlson’s comments about the “Black Lives Matter” organization angered sponsors, social media exploded with calls to end his career. His supporters rallied behind him, however, making the hashtag “#IStandWithTucker” go viral on Twitter.

The woke mob has dominated the conversation for weeks, canceling celebrities and public figures with vicious abandon, and successfully bullied several of Carlson’s sponsors into yanking their support from his show after he called out the protesters.

“This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through, but it is definitely not about black lives and remember that when they come for you, and at this rate, they will,” Carlson said last week, sparking outrage.

Numerous mainstream media outlets picked up the story, labeling him a racist for questioning the motives behind the widespread protests in the US.

The backlash prompted major sponsors such as Disney and Comcast to cancel their sponsorships, sparking rumors that Carlson’s show could be canceled by Fox altogether since opposition to the protests and riots is now an unacceptable position to espouse publically.

However, Carlson’s supporters and fans came out en force, with prominent public figures such as Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), political author Brigitte Gabriel, and Congressional candidate Burgess Owens tweeting calls to support Carlson. The hashtag #IStandWithTucker went viral, earning thousands of retweets.

Fox News, to its credit, has stood behind Carlson, refusing to allow the pressure to cancel his show.

Do you stand with Tucker Carlson? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know!

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Bebita Eijansantos (@guest_1009540)
1 year ago

I stand with Tucker Carlson!!!!!!!

Linda Cardin (@guest_1011261)
Reply to  Bebita Eijansantos
1 year ago

I stand with our President

Susan (@guest_1009594)
1 year ago

I stand with Tucker Carlson he is one of the best new casters and the most truthful . He is very passionate and truly cares about truth and our country .

Ruth Mark (@guest_1009602)
1 year ago


Gary Ammons (@guest_1009956)
Reply to  Ruth Mark
1 year ago

I stand with Tucker Carlson.

Emanuel Azor Kennell (@guest_1009605)
1 year ago

I stand with Tucker Carlson

FW4752 (@guest_1009646)
1 year ago

I absolutely “STAND WITH TUCKER CARLSON”, he is among the few established Media personalities that truly believes in “WE THE PEOPLE”, regardless of the color of skin but he also believes in these United States of America.
Our MASS MEDIA, needs more people like him, who will actually offer information as it is, without his personal opinion guiding each and every word by offering true facts with interpretations so that any person can have an understanding of the issue as broadcast.

Cynthia Mershon (@guest_1009686)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson is brave enough to speak the truth, something we don’t get from liberal news stations. They disrespect our intelligence and blatantly report lies thinking they can blind everyone. My husband and I are brave enough to stand for Tucker and all reporters on Fox News!

OUIDA D. SAULS (@guest_1009692)
1 year ago

I stand with Tucker and I agree with him. When I first heard about black lives matter, being a black person, I thought that it was a good thing. But then they became something that had nothing to do with black lives; they became a political and violent origination that seems to be part of the Democratic party.

Alexandrina Mercus (@guest_1009694)
1 year ago

I stand with Tucker. 💯%.He is voicing each and everyone of us is thinking. That never ever will be cancelled. Excellent job,Tucker.God bless .

Maryanne Nichols (@guest_1009771)
1 year ago

Trucker is a True American, we all should honor him and stand with him regardless of .race, religion or ethnicity . We are first. And for most Americans. United we stand and Divided we fall. Let’s Unite and care fo each other. Maryanne N.

Sharon Roberts (@guest_1009818)
1 year ago

Go Trucker! We are on a roll and we will roll them over!!! We the people think you are great!!! Keep up the good work

Alan Munder (@guest_1009970)
1 year ago

Tucker’s discernment of right and wrong, good and evil is a refreshing volly of sound bites not heard, unless it is being revealed from the biblical narrative. I would like to see a follow the money scenario such as these organized protest groups who travel in such a timely manner. What part BHO’s Organize For Action has to do with it if any. And George Soros, Hon FBA is a Hungarian-American billionaire investor and philanthropist – a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes, As of February 2018. Oct 24, 2018 · George Soros donates a lot of money to left-leaning politicians. The Washington Times – Saturday, January 25, 2020
George Soros is 89 years old, but by gosh, before he dies, he’s going to see to the internal destruction of America. If all of us as son’s and daughters of the Living Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. my people. We should always call upon the Lord to fix what we cannot.

Rosanne Culbertson (@guest_1010355)
1 year ago

I definitely stand with Tucker Carlson,
One of the few who speak the truth and tell it like it is. !! ❤

Ron Jackson (@guest_1010359)
1 year ago

If all men/women are created equal………..HOW CAN ANY NORMAL, (average six (6) year old) INDIVIDUAL PROCLAIM BLM? God made everyone. WE are all children of OUR LORD, LIKE IT OR NOT. You will be judged like everyone else and JESUS will sort you out if that is YOUR PREFERENCE. AMEN!! Meanwhile, we would like to enjoy our remaining days here then you can make that FINAL CHOICE. Tucker Carlson speaks from the heart and being of average intelligence, isn’t that difficult to understand. Is that clear now? GROW UP AMERICA, YOU HAVEN’T MADE MUCH SENSE IN A LONG TIME.

Jean Funderburk (@guest_1010679)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson is a great Fox Host! He has the guts and confidence to speak up. We need more people in the US to speak up against all that is going on in our nation. It is not right. The Democrats have gone CRAZY along with all these other people. The have uprooted the whole nation because of their demands. I think Tucker is a great asset to the FOX News Hosts! I would never watch a fake news host anywhere else like CNN or MSNBC!
All men and women are created equal not BLM! It should be everybody is equal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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