May 24, 2022

Stacey Abrams apologizes over maskless photo with masked school children

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams apologized during a Tuesday interview on CNN regarding her maskless photo with masked school children.

“I approached the podium with my mask on. I followed the protocols. I told the kids I’m taking my mask off because I’m reading to kids who are listening remotely as well, and we were socially distanced โ€” the kids were socially distanced from me,” Abrams said.

“In the excitement after I finished, because it was so much fun working with those kids, I took a picture, and that was a mistake. Protocols matter, and protecting our kids is the most important thing, and anything that can be perceived as undermining that is a mistake, and I apologize,” she added.

The social media post has now been deleted, but not before many could highlight her hypocritical photo.

The situation is likely to hurt her campaign, as masks in schools have been a controversial issue in Georgia and nationwide.

Abrams was right to take responsibility and apologize, but it’s uncertain what impact the decision will have on her run for governor of Georgia.

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