October 5, 2022

St. Louis mayor unfazed by the sound of gunshots interrupting her press conference

St. Louis, Missouri Mayor Tishaura Jones was unflinching when gunshots were heard at a joint press conference with Kansas City Mayor Quinton Louis on Friday while the pair spoke to reporters about public safety. 

The conference was interrupted by the staccato shots as community leaders and the Department of Justice in Dutchtown, but Jones was unfazed and continued like nothing had happened, according to Fox 2 St. Louis.

When questioned about her lack of reaction to the shots, she told reporters that it’s something she’s used to in her own neighborhood: 

“I don’t flinch when gunshots ring out; my son and I often fall asleep to a lullaby of gunshots,” writes Mayor Jones on Twitter. “Mayor Quinton Lucas, Alderman Shane Cohn, and I joined survivors and The Justice Department for a neighborhood talk and walk to see community violence intervention programs up close.”

The seemingly everyday occurrence was still of some concern to the citizens in there constituency, and Jones promised to continue her work with community leaders and programs to assist in decreasing gun violence in her city.

“This is the sort of thing that happens in too many American cities, part of why I’m in St Louis (Friday),” Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said. 

“This community is working to do better for our babies like the tour we just took, and the neighborhood activist(s) who are saying maybe things have been always for generations, but we are committed to doing better.”

Mayors Lucas and Jones had a two-day tour of St. Louis to talk about solving important issues for both their cities, looking to put the focus on collaboration and cooperation, including a roundtable discussion at the Cure Violence Headquarters on Meramec Street.

According to a report in The Daily Caller St. Louis is struggling under a homicide rate that was 30% higher in 2020 than it had been in any of the past 50 years. 




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