April 18, 2021

‘Squad’ member Rashida Tlaib latest House Dem to reject party platform

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) iron grip on the House is growing ever-weaker. Far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is the latest progressive Democrat to proudly revolt against the Democrat establishment’s platform as the Democratic National Convention approaches.

Tlaib, a member of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) “squad,” tweeted on Saturday that she has cast her DNC ballot against the party’s stated platform because it does not include a provision for Medicare For All.

“Today, I cast my DNC ballot and voted NO on the proposed platform,” Tlaib said. “I constantly hear from constituents demanding we push for a single-payer system and away from this for-profit system that is leaving people to suffer and die just because they cannot afford health care.”

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), co-chair of the California delegation to the Democratic National Convention, also announced this week that he will vote against the DNC platform for the same reason.

“I will be voting ‘no’ on the platform because when we say that healthcare is a human right, we must truly mean it—and fight for it,” Khanna explained.

Joining Tlaib and Khanna are 750 delegates — some even pledged to Joe Biden — that say they will not approve of the platform until it includes Medicare For All stipulations.

This shocking revolt hasn’t received much press coverage, because it’s the perfect illustration of how fractured the Democrat party is currently.

Pelosi and her like-minded colleagues are certainly not moderate, but they have refused to espouse the socialist views of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and his followers — but that position is becoming ever more popular as far-left progressives infiltrate every level of the Democrat party.

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44 Responses


      1. Amen!
        It’s about time.
        Who do they think they are
        Making these sick demands.
        Killing little children execution
        This is satan running rampant!
        They need to leave our
        Beautiful country!
        Send them to Russia or Communist China
        If they are not happy here!
        I don’t care where they go as long as they leave.
        We’ve had it with all the BS
        Being shoved in our faces.

  2. The Democratics are eating themselves they will tear apart the party with these solstice ideas keep it up Democratics more power to President Trump

  3. This so called “squad” needs to be eradicated from our government. Look at them…who are they really? Just a bunch on no nothing upstarts causing big trouble..and who are these brainwashed people voting for them…time to get on about a good government and these 4 are not it!

    1. Not only that – they are NOT about the USA. They are dedicated to and ruled by their religion. Step back, folks, time for those of us who are TRUE Americans (and we know who we are) to take back the reins. Churches, synagogues, all matters of true faith? Where are you? DEFEND YOUR RELIGION. DEFEND YOUR FREEDOM. We are AMERICANS. We did not get here by an easy route. It took guts and glory to build this nation. If you consider yourself a TRUE AMERICAN STEP UP. This is exactly how it’s done folks. Little by little, they will turn us into something we are not. And the Democrats are helping them every inch of the way.

        1. And don’t let these ‘America – hating terrorists’ hide behind the name “liberals” – for that that they are not. All self-described “liberals” are actually power-mad totalitarians.

    2. There should not be any of these foreigners especially these Muslimes and squad allowed to be in Congress anyway. we need to get that law back from the 50’s about none of these type people are even allowed to participate in any government position from a city may, or to governor, to a senator, etc. etc. etc.

  4. I could not agree more!! Please ask citizens cover by Medicare at this point. Restriction of access is the rule.I should know…I am a medical provider. No one will have proper coverage just to have democrats gloat over their demands. They need to be totally cancelled or the hard-working people that have contributed all of their lives will have a very unpleasant surprise

  5. but, doesn’t her and the squad’s constituencies get covered under “Medicaid” or whatever their state welfare is called??? don’t mind for those truly in need, but the others need to get out and CONTRIBUTE for a change

    1. Oh I’m sure they get that, and who knows what other benefits they are afforded – because they’re masters at taking, not so much giving. Except to their churches who literally rule their lives.

  6. The Democrats are so frigging stupid. Medicare for all will bankrupt the US. Medicare is not free. Everybody that is on Medicare is paying for it

    1. The Democraps have gotten dumber by the minute. It’s hard to figure them out these days. They are having a hard time figuring them shelves out. The Democratic party is just about done. They hung their own necks. Keep hanging.

  7. Read chapter 3 of Micah, first 5 or 6 verses. Scary how accurate Micah describes the DNC, BLM and Anifa. Micah is a book in the Old Testament.

    1. You are right. Things talked about in the bible are starting to come true. It’s almost scary. I see more of it coming.

  8. The AOC is radical islam.only used Pelosi to help them further their agenda..trying to tear down our way of life in favor of islam..allah is their god and .they’re belief is either convert u to islam ,or enslave u,or be head u ..Obama is in on their bs and in with iran..

  9. There are still a lot of us people left. We proved it in the last election and one other thing I might mention being a Muslim is not a Religion, its a way of life. Muslims don’t have a religion, its a total way of life. Look how they dress and act. They are ruled by the Muslim Culture that they represent. They all need to be shut out of Congress. This is America, They want a Muslim Culture, then they need to go to a Muslim Country. That is exactly where they need to be.

  10. All the above posts are right on target! We MUST stand and fight, get rid of these people! They are anti American, they HATE us, and our country! If we don’t Vote them out, or impeach them, what ever it takes to rid our country of this scourge, we will loose our country! We are AMERICANS, we must keep our country free! Vote REPUBLICAN, in person at your polling places, with PROPER voter I.D.! Don’t
    Let your vote be stolen through mail in voting! KAGA!!!!

  11. Progressive is the name to cover up the real name–COMMUNISM—DEM’S should change their name to Communist Party….I think Americaa will fight back..despite the Marxist/communist media!!!

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