July 28, 2021

Special Counsel John Durham reportedly still working at Crossfire Hurricane probe

Former President Donald Trump was subjected to many attacks from his opponents. The most enduring charge was about Russia’s collusion with the campaign during the 2016 election, but that narrative’s origins are questionable.

Former U.S. Attorney John Durham is still acting as special counsel investigating the origins of the Crossfire Hurricane counter-intelligence probe — despite recent speculation about his status by former President Trump. Durham is reportedly issuing subpoenas and continuing to investigate whether the operation was flawed in the first place. 

Despite years of digging, Robert Mueller’s report finally concluded in 2019 that while there was evidence that Russia had interfered in the 2016 election, it did not appear that the Trump campaign had anything to do with it.  Now, there are questions about whether the evidence used to justify a United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant to spy on the campaign in the first place was justified.

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz had already found that the dossier funded by Fusion GPS as opposition research and compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele was problematic. He charged that the FBI had more than two dozen “significant errors and omissions” in relying on the dossier to surveil Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Trump had pegged this probe against him as a hoax from the start and waited years to clear his name. Now, he’s becoming frustrated as Durham is slow to figure out how the dubious investigation began and whether there was in fact any intentional wrongdoing, Fox News reported.

“Where’s Durham? Is he a living, breathing human being?” Trump wrote in a statement. “Will there ever be a Durham report?”

So far, the only charge to come from Durham’s investigation was brought against former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, who doctored an email related to the evidence that launched Crossfire Hurricane. There were no conspiracy or other charges added to the revelation and Clinesmith received only a slap on the wrist.

President Joe Biden’s administration seems supportive of the continued probe, although it doesn’t make much of a practical difference now. Trump spent the first half of his presidency dodging media lies based on a questionable investigation into his campaign. Even if those who acted in bad faith are eventually brought to justice, the irrepareable damage was already done.

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62 Responses

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        1. Remember that western movie where the bad guy says to the good guy “I thought you were dead”. Well, some of us
          have thought the same about Durham. He is the”little man who isn’t there”. Ya think?

  2. Sure he is…fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
    We’ve heard that record before repeatedly, turn it over so we can hear the other side.

  3. When they prove the election was stolen, Biden should be removed from office. THEN Trump should start his FOUR FULL YEARS. After all, the bank robber doesn’t get to keep the loot. The car jacker doesn’t keep the car. The pedophile doesn’t get to keep the kid. Crime should not pay.

    1. I think that EVERY SINGLE PERSON that believes that should write a letter to the Department of JUSTICE to force them to do what is RIGHT and FAIR and HONEST!! I think that everyone that voted for Trump should have their signature NOTARIZED and mailed to The Department of JUSTICE Immediately stating that they voted for TRUMP!! After the way the DUMBOCRAPS have MESSED UP AMERICA ALREADY, it shouldn’t be difficult to shoo them out of office!! We ALL KNOW THAT THERE IS NOT A COMPETENT DUMBPCRAP SERVING!!! GIT ER DONE!!!

      1. Is the head of DOJ from the law firm that was Hunter Biden’s lawyer? So if you write to him, it is only a mark to find something to charge you with. Look at what they are doing with Jan. 6. The deal yesterday with the killing of the policeman they are blaming on Trump causing it. Look how they handle Portland, Whitehouse protest vs. Capital breakin and damages were done by BLM and Antifa I don’t think they were arrested. The guard that killed the military woman was not even a citizen and anti-Trump from Brazil. Will he be charged? Probably not.

    2. Hey Grin n barrett (Bare It) Does this thought process work with Hillary, or ANY OF THE SCUM THAT ARE PART OF THE MILLIONAIRES CLUB IN THE CONGRESS OR SENATE? How DO they do that on $175000.00 per year?

      Trump should be in the White House… He’s NOT a career bottom feeding Politician, like, Schumer, Comey, Pelosi, Feinstein, Sanders, Romney, Rosenstein, Brennen, Waters, Please feel free to add on… I’m so tired of adding on, and thinking about them and what they are doing to OUR COUNTRY, They ALL make me SICK.

    3. How in the world you can believe all of that nonsense about the election being stolen from Trump is beyond my understanding. You people scare me because you all will believe anything.

      1. You obviously don’t read much of the evidence and more coming out. If you don’t believe it, then look at the racist response to the GA. election integrity law. The black racist are all against it as they did stuff the ballot box and had people illegally voting as well as thousands of dead people voting as they have been for the past 14 years. It is an organized effort to subvert this country and they need to be charge and sent to jail, no bail for treason.

  4. Crime has been paying the dems and some republicans for years. This is how they get rich while in office.

    1. This is why they hate Trump so much, an outsider who LOVES AMERICA and is not compromised with ANYBODY!
      He is already rich, owes no favors, no quid pro quos.


    1. That’s NewsMax or some (Tucker) on FOX News.
      The new pinko management of FOX pulled the rug out from under the Conservative reporters there that night of the last stolen election.

      1. Hey Keith, have you not yet discovered OAN news? They are fighting for their lives but delivering REAL news after being attacked by all the other channels, including Fox. Their coverage is phenominal… check it out.

  6. Democrats are always above the law and Republicans are always held to the law, regardless! I love the law of the old west….



  7. If the Supreme Court had done its Job in the first place as to elections irregularities that occured and if the D.O.J. would have made any slight effort we would not have this mess we with The Absent Minded Professor in the White House.

  8. The lack of a report from Durham indicates that our Government is no longer capable of being unbiased. Politics are so bad now you have to be on the “winning team”.
    Gone are the days our Judicial system was impartial. Shame on all these folks that call themselves “LAWYERS”.

  9. Well said Gary, many of the people holding these crimes up, are the perpetrators of the crimes. No accountability ever! That is why the history repeats itself. The American people have not had an honest government for a long time. When someone wants to straighten things out? He was too abrasive and toxic! I will take a We the people President over all of them!!! Thank you President Trump!

  10. Investigation should take two months not two years. Only reason is that time heals all wounds. They should have thrown the book at Klinesmith. Shows you how far and how deep the Biden corruption criminals are working. Democrats shoot from the hip, what’s taking you so long Mr. Durham?

  11. Supreme Court doesn’t exist anymore for any government officials. U have Roberts who totally compromised with someone holding him hostage to comproming information. They don’t do their job. Never makes a decision of the case. Make very narrow decision that do not answer the tried essence of the case. Absolutely disgusting

  12. Grow some balls and do the correct thing that all real Americans want to have for the USA.
    Stand UP for us!!!
    No more BS, vigilanties may be needed like the wild wild west.

  13. There not called “Lawyers” their “LIERS”.Anyway the whole DAMN system is corrupt,from Prez on down.Sure we have SOME good one’s mixed in,but not enough to benefit “The People”,only the”elite”.And speaking of the “people”,their now “sheeple”-too damn ignorant or lazy or selfish to care enough to be informed voters,so we ALL get the government we deserve.This country is a mess.We HAD a great President Trump,and the demonrats couldn’t stand him and did everything to undo him and at America’s expense.So look what we’ve got now-a feeble minded puppet directed by communist outsiders,as well as communist’s rooted in every part of society. If people don’t start standing up for themselves we’re FKD.Everyone should stop paying taxes-DEFUND THE GOVERNMENT-why not,our money ain’t worth the paper it’s printed on.Soon to be like Venezuela. SAD END TO AMERICA !

  14. Durham’s investigation will never see the light of day. Like 99.9% of all government investigations his will drag out for a couple more months or years & some other issue will come up & it will be forgotten. It seems NOBODY in government can be investigate & testify UNDER OATH because neither party wants the American people to really know the dirt they have been pulling on the people, so the coverups continue. Look at the resent decision as to why Hillary won’t be sworn in to testify about her server & the Russian scandal. Politicians will continue to keep the American public in the dark & feed them a line of lies.

  15. Remember when your word was your bond? Remember when people could do a deal with a handshake and not have to worry? What has happened to honesty and one’s good name? Satan is alive and moving fast in our nation now. He has many helpers right now. Evil is dark and secretive, Good is truth and transparency. Wonder where the current administration fits in?

  16. Very disappointed with our justice system. Durham has had more than ample time to find information. Too many involved. Hope he is not covering up for the establishment.

    1. Am wondering where $300,000,000 went that Zucker spent on the election! Every darn dollar should have been audited!

  17. If it is proven that the 2020 election was stolen by reviewing several states ballots. Then Biden and Harris should be shown the front door and our Real President Trump should be sworn in. The people were involved should be tried and sent to Gitmo for the rest of their lives. Collect up all the aliens and deport them never to return. Anyone that has broken our laws should be sent home with all of their children. If they can prove that they are citizens let them back in after they are 21.

  18. If Biden is honest, with 100% integrity & a devoted catholic, he should ask President Trump to return to the WH !!!!

  19. The Bible is very very very clear Crystal clear it says you can be sure your sins will find you out and another scripture says what you sow you reap God is not mocked whatever you so that you shall also reap when these two scriptures these people that are doing the wrong thing that are in power will not get away with anything especially when the next world comes

  20. God Almighty runs this universe and he’s in charge of everything and he looks down and the Bible says his eyes go to and fro upon the whole earth be holding the evil and the good and God sees everything and he will reward people according to their sins and righteousness fret not they get away with nothing that’s why salvation is so important to turn to the Lord and be saved and have your sins forgiven that’s the only way to live

  21. You really got a wonder what is the Democrats have on-the Republicans
    With a lot of these Democrats actually committing treason and breaking the law not one Republican has done anything to stop it they should be Impeachment Proceeding Nancy Pelosi should be charged with abuse of power and apparently they have something on all the Republicans And God knows they’re trying to destroy our constitution

  22. Clinton and the Democrat party can not believe they lost but have tried since then to over turn a election ,noe Pelosi wants to overturn another election. Enough of this communist tries at the nation.

  23. Excuse me, article writer. While the Durham investigation has been too little and too late for President Trump, it is hardly too late to ensure justice is served to the guilty. A clear charge and a lengthy prison sentence will make the other crooks think twice.

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