July 7, 2022

Spate of bomb threats targets college campuses nationwide

A bizarre string of bomb threats at college campuses over the past week has investigators seeking answers, though despite a resulting host of precautionary evacuations, no harm has followed any of the alarming communications, as the New York Post reports.

On Thursday, three additional top schools were the subject of bomb threats and evacuations, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), New York University (NYU), and the University of Southern California (USC), as the Washington Examiner notes.

Days prior, similar bomb threats – that ultimately proved fake – were received by authorities at Columbia University as well as fellow Ivy League institutions Brown University in Rhode Island and Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

As the Examiner reported, the threat received by officials at NYU resulted in an evacuation of three buildings, though all were reopened within a couple of hours once police determined the threat to be nonexistent.

A similar sequence of events occurred at MIT, with Cambridge, Massachusetts police having received a phone threat that was able to be declared meritless after just two hours. The threat at USC prompted the evacuation of three campus buildings, but they were all reopened within 20 minutes.

One day earlier, bomb threats of this ultimately unsubstantiated nature were also received at Ohio University, Miami University in Ohio, as well as Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, according to USA Today.

The Examiner noted that while none of the threats targeting buildings on any of these campuses were ultimately found to be credible, authorities connected to the case at Yale University indicated that the FBI was playing an active role in probing a person of interest and that the incidents may be linked.

In a bizarre twist, the Daily Beast reports that the bomb threat spree is suspected to be connected to an online intimidation campaign stemming from an infatuation gone wrong, in which a woman who claims to have been wrongly implicated in the bombing campaign by the jilted hoaxer says that the mastermind of the mayhem became obsessed with her while the two became acquainted online.

Hopefully, authorities will get to the bottom of what is motivating these costly, inconvenient, and frightening bomb threats and the person responsible can be brought to justice.

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