July 4, 2022

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem announces her 2022 reelection campaign

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has announced that she is launching her reelection campaign hoping to win another term in 2022, according to The Hill

Noem made the announcement on Friday afternoon via a video posted to YouTube where she assured the people of South Dakota that she would continue to pursue creating an environment where citizens could exercise their constitutionally protected freedoms.

“Three years ago, I asked you to trust me in our state as your governor. I have worked every day since to make our state safer, stronger, and healthier for our kids and our grandkids. It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve you,” she said according to The National Review. “Together we’re setting an example for the nation.”

Noem, along with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), have both announced their reelection bids and have both become iconic governors for those concerned with the revocation of freedoms during the coronavirus lockdowns and other related restrictions.

“Both rising stars in the movement have earned praise from Republican lawmakers and constituents for taking a hands-off approach to the COVID crisis, leaving individual liberty largely intact and allowing families to make their own health decisions,” the National Review reported. 

Both DeSantis and Noem initially complied with the shutdowns for their states but later backtracked, saying and creating executive orders that indicated they believed the federal mandates were excessive and unnecessary Noem touted South Dakota’s emphasis on freedom following the revocation of the lockdowns.

However, not all Republicans are delighted with Noem due to her unwillingness to ban transgender individuals from sports not aligned with the gender on their birth certificates. 

The Republican’s distinctly Libertarian leanings have caused conservative backlash, which caused Noem to excuse her actions saying she wished to save the state from the cost of having to cope with retaliation from originations such as NCAA. 

In another decidedly hands-off governing approach the governor vowed to not prohibit companies from requiring shot as a condition of employment, citing her beliefs that the government should not interfere with the private sector. 

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