May 24, 2022

Some Vermont regions offering ballots in other languages

At least two Vermont towns are offering ballots in foreign languages as they get ready to have their first local elections that will allow foreign nationals to vote, according to Breitbart News

The state capital of Montpelier and Winooski, located just outside of Burlington, are both looking to hold their local elections and city officials said that foreign nationals have registered to vote.

“In Montpelier, city officials said one foreign national has registered to vote while about eight foreign nationals have registered in Winooski,” Breitbart News reported, adding that “Winooski is ensuring that non-English speaking foreign nationals have ballots in their native languages” and is actively working to attract foreign nationals to vote.

WCAX3 News reported, “Julienne Mugisha moved to Winooski from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018. The Winooski resident is registered to vote and spoke to us through an interpreter.”

“She says she’s excited that this door is now open for her and other people who are not noncitizens [sic] and that it feels incredible to be able to vote for leaders and have support from the community.”

“Mugisha is one of just eight people who aren’t yet citizens but have registered to vote in Winooski so far. The city has an ongoing outreach program, including ballots in several different languages, to attract more people to register.”

Democrats in the state legislature approved the charter that allowed both Montpelier and Winooski to allow foreign nationals to vote in local elections as of June of 2021. 

While the state is allowing the residents to vote, Republican Gov. Phil Scott vetoed the plan for the state, which is the only reason it is localized to two areas, and The Republican National Committee (RNC) is currently suing Montpelier and Winooski.

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