September 30, 2022

Sinema ends Biden’s hope to pass election law

Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema quickly ended President Joe Biden’s hopes to pass a federal election law on Thursday, stating she does not plan to vote to end or change the Senate’s filibuster law to pass it.

“All 50 Senate Democrats would be needed to change the rules to get around a filibuster. But Sens. Manchin and Sinema still don’t support such a move,” MSNBC reported on Thursday.

“As Dems plot filibuster reform to pass voting rights, Sinema says via spokesman she still supports keeping 60-vote threshold “to protect the country from repeated radical reversals in federal policy,” Politico added.

Even if Sinema changed her mind, West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin would also remain opposed, leaving the left without the votes needed to make a change.

With the voting rights bill in jeopardy, and now the Build Back Better plan lacking votes to pass in the Senate, Democrats will likely head to the holidays without any key legislation passed in 2021 excepted the infrastructure bill.

The year has not been good for the left, but many Democrats are more concerned over the coming year as the GOP looks to take back power in the House.




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